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NO: 04 SEP 80 Brady's Liverpool

In support of Skafish.

An article from a fanzine review of the show recently resurfaced.

Setlist from there was recorded as:

Dreams Never End
In A Lonely Place

There was one other track, which was probably Ceremony.

NO: 05 SEP 80 Scamps, Blackpool

Gig was about 32 minutes long. According to "Erik", this was taped by Larry Cassidy of Section 25 fame.


BS: "Thank you for coming here tonight....the guitar. Through the foldback. And stop the Joy Division chanting."

While he's speaking, Stephen Morris talks!!


SM: "Terry(?)...a bit more vocals on my side."

TM: "Okay."

There is so much echo on his vocals that I'm amazed he even bothered to even sing.

lyrics: "Oh, fucking strange day...such a stupid day."


PH: "A bit more light."


Bernard yells for "lights" during the middle of this.


Bernard plucks the guitar twice to get the attention of the crowd.

BS: "I like to explain this for the benefit of everyone who's paid to come here...the guitar...the bass amp has packed it, so... me and the drummer are going to improvise while he...he fixes our bass settings...[few more words]."

Somebody else is talking at the same time, on-mic.

[Mark Johnson has "...to come in...The bass amp's packed in, so... me and the drummer are going to improvise--right, Steve?"]

They play an short instrumental version of the Velvets tune.


BS: "Walk upright(?), cuz we got the bass amp back."


TM(?): "You ready, boys?"

PH: "Yeah."

BS: "That's why this one will knock the spots off of ya. This is our new single."

Hooky plays the intro notes on the wrong string!

PH: "Sorry about that."

A couple of volume drops/cutouts before the second verse of the song.

PH: (at 0:45) "Plug it down to the foldback."

Another fine Morris vocal.

NO: 20 SEP 80 Maxwell's - Hoboken, New Jersey

From WIM forum:

setlist: "ialp - c&w - ? - procession - truth - mesh - ? dne - ceremony"

xx: "...featuring the only (known) performance of 'in a lonely place' using a drum machine (and presumably steve on synth)"

Some skepticism due to the bit in Mark Johnson's book saying Procession wasn't written until October 1980. The individual apparently stepped up to the plate and provided a snippet of Procession:


There's also a question of whether this was the 20st or the 21st.

At long last, a soundboard recording of this show has surfaced, and it's refealed that the third track was titled "Hour".

NO: 26 SEP 80 Hurrah's - NYC

See http://www.joydiv.org/cancel.htm#T3 for an eyewitness account confirming that NO opened with IALP.

A Youtube clip of a portion of _Dreams___Never___End_ surfaced in early June 2008


As well as a medley of all the songs, establishing the setlist.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_ku6X2-QOo (which appears to have been pulled for now)

All courtesy of Merrill Aldigheiri.

NO: 30 SEP 80 The Underground - Boston MA

From tape seeded by 'snotters' to STG.

Sound is excellent, though generation isn't quite known.

Notes by 'snotters':

A couple of requests for this so as it's quite a small file (30 minute set) I'm letting it loose! Fascinating document in New Order's live history in many ways. To say they sounded raw and under-rehearsed here is an understatement! Still compelling listening at times, when you consider what they went through just months earlier, having to pick up the pieces etc.

IALP is played with a drum machine - due to the fact that it's said that Steve was singing. I'm not convinced myself. The shit really hits the fan when Hooky attempts to sing! Steve is also said to have sung Truth, but if this is the case he sounds a lot like Barney to me!

On this tour the band managed to have all their gear nicked! Imagine - some lucky bastard has all the original guitars, keyboards etc used by Joy Division!! So Hooky had to play on a borrowed 4 string songs which he would normally tackle on his Shergold 6 string. that's why Cries & Whispers and Dreams Never End sound so "odd".

Either way this show is essential for collectors and certainly worth a listen. The quality is pretty good, considering! I cleaned up a bit of high end hiss via soundforge too.

My writeup:


As advertised, it features a drum machine, but to me, it appears that Barney's singing this. Tempo is slower than on the release. Song ends with melodica.

Female audience member talking here.


PH: "1-2".

Has the cymbal shuffle intro as on Western Works, but the bass sounds different, as noted above, because Hooky's playing this on a four string. Brief dropout at 2:16.

Lots of chatter here, with somebody shouting, "Bring it together!" and somebody else (nearer the taper) saying "See anything?".


Opens with bass throbs and a synth wash. Steve is singing! (Hooky did this one later, at least with this version of the song)


The Order are changing vocalists with each song. Barney's turn.

Ends with a bass riff, and a bit of tuning.


Starts off with drums and Hooky's inimitatible bass riffing and vocals.


This still has the loping gait of melody. Steve's turn got skipped, so we have Barney singing again. Ends in bass feedback.


It appears that Steve and Barney just swapped places. Morris on vocals here. Brief dropout near the end (4:21).

NO: 25 OCT 80 The Squat - Manchester

I had two versions of this. The first is from NO Anthology Part Five at 128kbps, treated with somewhat annoying noise reduction, which has IALP labelled as "Dreams Never End" and both Dreams Never End and Truth as "Truth", and with "Cries And Whispers" and "Mesh" swapped. The second has MP3s at 192kbps, and is of unknown origin, with lots of tape hiss, but claiming to be better quality, which for the most part it is, but overall both are fairly poor-sounding. Both appear to originate from the same source.

Better sources have since shown up, though much of this account reflects the initial MP3 versions used for this writeup.


Intro is cymbals and melodica. Bernard's vocals sounds like it's a thousand miles away. Otherwise, this version sounds fairly faithful to the release.

A punter can be heard speaking between tracks.


Hooky complete butchers the opening bass riff, but they slough onward anyway. At about 34 seconds in on the 192k version, some weird backwards feedback-y sound can be heard running in parallel to the main track. This may be a fault of this particular source tape, and is most probably bleeding from the other side of the tape, because it doesn't appear on the the Anthology version, and it's only present a few minutes in, consistent with blank space at the end of the other side of the tape. The 128k version has a high-pitched whine throughout this and the remaining tracks.


The backwards playing is more audible through the opening, but thankfully stops at 27 seconds in (after pausing for a second after 0:14). A punter says something about "yelling" during the intro. Bernard says "promise of your lies" instead of "promise I made once".


Hooky appears to be doing vocals. The lyrics for his version are completely different than the recorded version with Sumner's vox. It's too bad I can't make out any of it. The guitar work is pretty funky, probably because the guitarist is freed from having to sing.


Opens with a synth wash and Hooky's galloping bass. I believe Hooky's doing vocals as well, which are also different than the release version, and the main guitar riff is slower.


More developed than the former two tracks.

Bernard says something about turning down the "fucking lights", at least twice.

Loud cheering at the end of this.


Hooky or somebody mutters at the start of this.

A rousing round of applause at the end.

BS: "Thank you all for coming, that's it. Thanks a lot."

Stamping and cries for "More!" as the recording fades out.

NO: OCT/NOV 80 The Basement - Brighton

See http://www.neworderonline.com/Forums/MessageList.aspx?ThreadID=48664

Some confirmation from bl0tt0:

"I was at the Art College at the time, helping run gigs at the Basement Bar. It was a really seedy dive but we did put on some interesting gigs with bands that went on to make it big (U2 with Bono standing on a beer crate in order to raise his height on the stage made of pallets was fairly amusing).

I was at the gig so it did definitely happen, as did the ACR gig. Sadly though I have no mementos. I just remember it as being a bit of a coup getting NO so early in their career. The guy that was principally responsible for bookings at the time was Addison Cresswell, now manager to the majority of top line British comedians."

NO: 13 DEC 80 Utopia, Hal 4 - Rotterdam Holland

Local tape is decent quality for such an old gig.

No less than three songs debuted in this recording, assuming there weren't any gigs taped between the Squat, Manchester date, and this one.

The debut of _ICB_, as well as the debut of _The___Him_.

Bernard says something about the levels on his vocals and guitar before they perform _Truth_. Can't make it out much better than that.


BS: "We don't play any Joy Division...we're doing our own(?) stuff."

(can't entirely make this out, this is a blind guess really)

Bernard makes another statement to the crowd before the start of _Cries___And___Whispers_, barely intelligible:

BS: "Some of you are staying quiet...better than watch(ing?) us... better than..."

(soundchecking during his statement makes it very difficult to pick up...this is followed by a very interesting feedback effect)

The band then play the number.

Tape edit at this point.

_Dreams___Never___End_ follows.


BS: "This song is for you."


BS: "We only want this fookin' drum machne...we really want to... now we're fucked playing."

(can't make out some of this)

The debut performance.

Sounds a bit different due to the drum machine intro.

NO: 19 DEC 80 College Of Arts - Rochdale

New Order's third gig as a four-piece. The band seems to have a lot of monitor problems here, which makes for an unusually large number of speaking bits.


BS: "One, two. No foldback."


Debut performance.

BS: "There's a section of foldback on this."

and right before the vocals...

BS: "The guitar through the foldback."


(right after Hooky's done with singing)

PH: "One two. Turn the foldback on this, please. One two. One two, more if possible. One."

_Procession_ is next.

Tape edit into _Truth_

BS: "How are we getting on? We want the drum machine through the foldback, we're not getting anything at all. All we're getting is feedback. Everyone, spread back! Turn it up a bit. Through the foldback. Still not getting it through the foldback."

A few seconds later, a higher pitched voice is heard (from the same location in the stereo field Bernard was coming from) saying, "Hi hat."

BS: "Turn the drum...back up." Synths at this point are low in the mix but are turned up to dominate it.

Some tuning between this and the next that.


BS: "Sorry if you were expecting any, uh, Joy Division songs. Well, not really, I know we're not playing them."

[Mark Johnson gives 'really' instead of 'not really', and 'We're not going to be playing any.']


BS: "Any requests? [silence] There's no fucking no one."

_Dreams___Never___End_, _Ceremony_, and _Senses_ conclude the set.