Picture of Bernie New

NO: 28 JAN 87 Tokyo, Japan

M/4 tape in the BV collection.

A bit of a Blues Brothers (Theme From) "Rawhide" intro before the first song.

_~_Touched By The Hand Of God_~_ opens the set.

_~_Angel Dust_~_

BS: "We've got a highly efficient road crew...this is Barry at the front, and Jackal at the back." Hooky's bass riposte obscures his next phrase, "no need to..." and what sounds like "...Jenny at the back..."

(at end)

PH: "Feel the anger in here...free loot. You won't get let down if you're a bit paranoid."

_~_Everything's Gone Green_~_

Also has a bit of Bernard chatter

_~_Thieves Like Us_~_

BS: "Thank you".

Pause/edit after this.

_~_Every Little Counts_~_ follows. This version ends with a "Sputnik" sample.

BS: "Thank you very much". There's a bit of giggling between tracks.


BS makes a direction about turning all of the lights to Andy afterwards. Punter cries out for _Ceremony_


BS: "This is [ready?]"

During the first verse he drop some choice profane words.

_~_Face Up_~_ follows.

Midway Bernard instructs Andy to turn off the lights.

Sound of something bumping the recorder between these tracks.

_~_Age Of Consent_~_ is next up.

BS: "I'm not the kind that wants to tell you / Just what the fuck you want me..."

This formulation using the f-word makes an appearance in the next verse too...


Greeted with a bit of screaming at the start.

A/B split between this and _~_The Perfect Kiss_~_

Starts out with a strange wobbly noise which sounds like a malfunctioning recorder, there's an azimuth shift at some point midway. Handling noises at end, along with a couple of "woosh" edit points.

_~_Bizarre Love Triangle_~_ follows.

Punter woo-hoo right before the second verse.

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much".

Another punter yells of approval in Japanese.

_~_Temptation_~_ concludes the set.

NO: 29 JAN 87 Festival Hall - Osaka, Japan

Pre-gig intro gig music is some old skool rap.

BS: "Good evening, robots! Get your dicks out, let's have sex."


BS: "It's a new song, it's called Touched By The Hand Of God."

Hard to make out some of the between song commentary.

BS: "Thank you very much, thank you very much. We have to do(?) from the end of it, that one. I hope everybody thought it was all right. 'He was a dick, anyway'."

_Paradise_ follows.

lyric: "When I looked into your PISSED blue eyes..."

Outro featuring *just* Hooky bass, very nice!

_Angel___Dust_ is next.


BS: "This is, er, Weirdo."

lyric: "Just like a suitcase without a key."


BS: "Thank you, thank you."

_Sooner___Than___You___Think_ and _State___Of___The___Nation_ follow.

BS: "Thanks a lot."

PH: "You have to speak up shitface, can't hear you. Something lost in the translation then."

_Confusion_ is next.

Lots of clapping along to _Age___Of___Consent_.

Split in tape at this point between the preceeding track and _Sunrise_, which also has quite a bit of clapping from the audience along with it.


BS: "Thank you very much. This next song...this next song's is very [can't make out rest]..."direct?" ...Thank you. Arigato."

At 4:55 and 4:58, somebody hits what sounds like a cymbal really loudly.

Strange syndrum ending.

End of main set. Between this and the encore, one can hear the Blues Brothers 'Rawhide', which the fans clap along to. This is then followed by 'Funeral For A Viking'


BS: "Thank you all. Vocals up, Ed." [frogs, moans] "Thank you can find it change(?)...This is The Perfect Kiss, thank you very much. Thank you.. this is a song [can't make out]..."

Between 1:32 and 1:38 Bernard says a few things. "Thank you very much, [some words I can't make out] ...this section."

Synth goes awry at 2:00, and the vocals start out too low in the mix.

_Do___The___Ostrich_ finishes out the set. Lots of ad-libbed potty words for your listening pleasure.

After-gig music is Fine Young Cannibals's Buzzcocks cover, through which there's a brief announcement in Japanese.

NO: 30 JAN 87 Festival Hall - Nagoya, Japan

My records have this as fourth generation. It's really hissy. Some of Bernard's quotes make absolutely no sense. I'm betting he's taking the piss out of the Japanese audience, most of whom understand little or no English.


BS: "...think we made it inside. This is Shellshock"

"No matter how we try and try/
"In a plane we always fly"

There's some other improvisations, too.

PH: "Thank you."


PH: "Bernard's stripped down for action." (Bernard laughs)

They exchange words, which I can't make out.


(at end)

PH: "My sound's fucked."


After Let's Go, there's about 10 seconds of untitled guitar work before _Lonesome___Tonight_ kicks in, staring with a Hooky count-in.

_Lonesome___Night_ follows. Right before is a bit of what sounds like 'Sweet Jane' by VU.


BS: "Thank you very much." As he says this, the drum pattern starts up again.

Somebody says "Hey Hooky! Dreams Never End!" (too bad Hooky's reply was unmiked and thus impossible to pick up)


PH: "Yo."

BS: "Thank you very much. What to do when you got itchy pubic hairs?"

(person nearby in the audience repeats the question, a la a comedy routine, and gets put down in response)

BS: "Pubic ha...is it your wedding by the way? Best man speech is afterwards."


BS: "Okay I appreciate very nice I'm gonna be any shit [jones] tonight also try any FUCKING drug I don't have to smoke..."

Okay, I appreciate very [?{ some of the musicianship shown tonight. Cuz I cannot get any FUCKING drum, cuz that's why"

PH: "Right..."

BS: (coughs)

PH: "So, it's The stage ...memory..." [can't quite make this out]

BS: (laughs)


Bernard sings slightly differnt lyrics, which mention a "plane on the ground". Wonder if they had any flight trouble?

lyric: "When we get old we lose our place / children coming in your face..."


(little girls voice blurts out 'Bernard', then guy screams, and the girl's voice repeats 'Bernie')

BS: Fuck. (laughs) I'll clear you all the way through the set. I always knew it was you...what?"

Song ends...Bernard says "Thank you very much. Good night."

Audience claps for encore, which they get.


BS: "Thank you very much."

PH: "You have just been waiting for us to come back."

BS: "This is called...it's a new song...it's called 'I've Had A Wank Off A Girl With A Spotty Back'".

Song finishes up...

BS: "And the girl who gave me the wank is also playing the drum machine over there."


NO airs the Joy Division song...only date during that part of the tour they played that song. Bernard laughs after finishing the verses.

I also posted the following to the Ceremony list, in response to "N21":

> > From: "N21"
> > Subject: (Fac33) "I got a wank off a girl with a spotty back" > >
> > "I got a wank off a girl with a spotty back" > > Was that really the working title for TBTHOG ? >
> I wouldn't doubt it was one of them.
> Their gig on 30 Jan 87 in Nagoya Japan has Bernard announcing > Touched By The Hand Of God as "I've A One Time Girl Who's Called > Me Back" (at least as best as I can make out). >
> They must have had a rough flight that night, as Shellshock has > the lovely couplet of "No matter how we try and try/In a plane > we always die". Face Up also has an spot line about plane trouble. > After they finish playing Subculture, Bernard asks the audience the > profound question on what to do when you get itchy pubic hairs. >
> Too bad the tape isn't any clearer, a lot of the stage banter > is hard to make out, NO's Japanese gigs are especially interesting > because Bernard seems to love to make bizarre pronouncements > to audiences that speak little or no English. Unfortunately, > more often than not he comes off as being a bit boorish, but I > also suspect that NO had probably seen Spinal Tap a few times > too, where Japan becomes the place where over-the-hill groups > washed up in Europe and the US become popular in Japan for > no particular logical reason (Think Dead Or Alive, for instance) > Where crowds go apeshit even at what are intended to be derogatory > insults. Pumped Full Of Drugs are rife with these. What's one > to do? Combine that with the usual cocktail mix of alcohol and > other chemicals, and you got yourself the splendid mess of a > NO live gig.

NO: 02 FEB 87 Town Hall - Wellington, New Zealand

Setlist (http://www.neworderonline.com/Live/Concert.aspx?ConcertID=594)

1       Love Vigilantes                         
2       Bizarre Love Triangle                   
3       Ceremony                        
4       Temptation                      
5       Every Little Counts                     
6       All Day Long                    
7       586                     
8       Way of Life                     
9       Blue Monday                     
10      Sunrise                         
11      Age of Consent                  
12      The Perfect Kiss                        
13      Do The Ostrich

NO: 04 FEB 87 The Galaxy - Auckland, New Zealand

Source is from a CD mailed to me by GaoBest, as he has a thing for the '87 Australian tour.

To quote GaoBest: "All first gen from D6 & ECM929LT masters, from master cassette>cassette (XL2s) to DAT>CDR>itunes. I got them in 1994/1995 on Maxell XL2s brand tapes. They sound really fucking good." He's not kidding, this is generally a nice-sounding concert.

The pre-gig music for this one is pretty strange. Sounds very Viking and gallopy. I've been since informed by Deron Pease that:

"The intro music to 2-4-87, also pre-encore to 2-6-87, and to 2-7-87 is "(Theme From) Rawhide" - and it sounds like its the straight-up version by The Blues Brothers."

About a minute or so through this, New Order come on and take the stage.

BS: "Hello, we're New Order. If the bouncer's there, we can probably get a few more in here." I presume he's talking about more fans, not more bouncers.

Always liked _Paradise_ as a good first song. Taper adjusts volume upwards once New Order start playing.

Dirty lyric alert. "When I looked in your pubic hair, I saw you everywhere". It even rhymes, heh. You can hear some punter make his fustration known regarding what Barney's on about.

BS: "Thank you very much....C'mon get this mike stand, Eddy. Get this mike stand." A couple of chords strummed.

NO then play _Shellshock_. A bit of a gap, you can here somebody call out 'Ceremony!', which they play. The band next perform _Your___Silent___Face_ can hear Bernard flub a line (the one before "a path we cannot take") beneath all the bass feedback. And then, _Leave___Me___Alone_, with a beautifully sloppy guitar intro. I adore the phrasing on "you get these words wrong..." in their performances during this era. A couple electric guitar chord strums...and then another electronic one, this time, _Angel___Dust_. Then we hear 'Let's Go-esque' riffing...into yet another disco tune, _Subculture_. Followed by a plaintively passionate vocal for _The___Village_, including this classic:

"We're in the money now
And everyone else spends it somehow
Get on your fucking knees
And you do the begging cuz I won't please"

Our love is like the powers
The rain and the sea and the fucking hours Our love is like the powers
The rain and the sea and the...hours"

The song concludes in some VU-style riffing, which goes on for about 15-20 seconds. I'd like some help in pinning this down.

_Weirdo_: Another one with a lock without a fucking key, repeated for good measure. This song is underrated, at least by my account. Here the first side ends.

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ starts up with bass feedback. About 15 and 30 seconds into the song, there's what sound like dropouts. GaoBest says that's a phasing problem with his tape, not the master.

The outro is also strummed through, and true to form, another dance song, _Confusion_, follows. The sound is a bit dodgy through this one.

And just like that New Order decide they are done.

BS: "Thank you, good night."

The "Viking theme" or whatever its called then can be heard over the PA. It continues for a while (well over five minutes) before the band get back on.


BS: "Thank you very much, this is a new song, erm, we've never played before, so you have to bear with us. (bass notes) It's called Touched By The Hand Of God." And then...probably in response to the rabid songcallers... Bernard starts to mock them:

BS: "We can't play any Joy Division songs cuz the singer's dead!"

(plenty of time to do that later, it turns out...)

As one might expect, this sounds like the soundtrack (original) release, but is surprisingly well-formed considering that this is only the fourth time New Order had performed this. Of course, that's not what Barney said, but hey, we'll let it slide...

New Order segue right into _Sister___Ray_. This version sounds slightly more coherent than the scratch vocals that often get laid down. Otherwise, it's the strumpet of cachophony and chaos we all know and enjoy, the drums slow down near the end, even!

The PA then blares Echo's Rescue, loud enough to be mistaken for New Order suddenly learning a new song...and then the tape cuts out.

NO: 06 FEB 87 Bombay Rocks - Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast Australia

Source is from a CD mailed to me by GaoBest, as he has a thing for the '87 Australian tour.

There was some confusion about the venue names for the 870206 and 870207 gigs:

> Mike advertised as:
> 2-4-87 auckland (galaxy)
> 2-6-87 surfer's paradise (bombay rocks) > 2-7-87 brisbane (forgot club name)

> Waterrat's page is slightly different: > 870206 - Roxy - Brisbane, Australia
> 870207 - The Generator - Gold Coast Australia >>

GaoBest replied:

"That's right - it is the Roxy. But Feb 7 '87 is the correct date for Roxy (Brisbane).

Surfer's Paradise and Gold Coast seem to interchange on venue name. It's hard to explain or understand why. But most old-school NO tapers/traders have gone by Surfer's Paradise as the CITY name. From what the taper told me, it's basically a resort type of city."

To also quote GaoBest: "All first gen from D6 & ECM929LT masters, from master cassette>cassette (XL2s) to DAT>CDR>itunes. I got them in 1994/1995 on Maxell XL2s brand tapes. They sound really fucking good."


Blue Monday, Love Vigilantes, Let's Go, This Time Of Night, Every Little Counts, Way Of Life, Subculture, Perfect Kiss, Sunrise, Face Up, Temptation (encore) Do The Ostrich


BS: "Hallo [mumbled], we're New Order, and this is Blue Monday...1-2-3-4." The sequencers inexplicably fire up again after the song closes up, so we get the first few seconds again.

BS: "Thanks you very much, thank you very much, you're great."


Guitars are strummed and melodicas are blown in preperation.

BS: "This is, eh..."

PH: "...you got while the QX1 loads..." (the first two words I'm not 100% sure about)

BS: "Thank you very much."


The instrumental version.

PH: "...who is this? I dunno, who is he?", followed by a pause, and "play with us for a hundred", it sound like. There's a bit of random guitar noodling before the group get into "This Time Of Night", a pretty good rendition.

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Every___Little___Counts_ and _Way___Of___Life_ follow.

PH: "You don't have to like the surfers next to her, ok?...any more?"

Percussion for next song accidentally triggers.

PH: "You gotta remember, there we had a lot of trouble remembering this one...fucking A."

BS: "We're getting our percussion."

Guitar riff...

PH: "This is Bernard on guitar. Whoa!"


Lovely riffing. Flat vocals. :)

BS: "Thanks very much, Steve. Just pressed for speed here. Ehh, thank you."


Unfortunately, this is tracksplit between sides A and B, so we probably lose a few seconds.

_Sunrise_, _Face___Up_, and _Temptation_ follow.

The "(Theme From) Rawhide" that preceded the 870204 gig can be heard in full (pretty much)..."Rolling, rolling, rolling...". The next tune's a pretty slow one..."Oklahoma". The Order are taking their sweet time coming back on, as it's been six plus minutes...but they eventually appear back on to perform..._Do___The___Ostrich_!

To hear the original version, (Lou Reed and the Primitives) check out:


The lyrics (for the original):


New Order's version has no vocal resemblence to that, by the way, save for the chorus.

Great solo in this. The drumbeats also speed up near the end, a la Sister Ray.

Do The Ostrich 06 Feb 87 Roxy - Brisbane, Australia

Do The Ostrich

You told me I was no good for you
You told me that I was a shit stream
But I don't care cuz you got a hairy twat

You said,

Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do, Do the ostrich!

Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!

(slow down for this one)

You told me that I was a cough(?)
I couldn't care for me the fact that you were a deuce When I looked at you at night
I thought that you were really shite

I told you that I could...

Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich!
Do the ostrich, baby!

You told me that I was no good
You told me that I was no good
You have a hairy twat like...

(start getting up)

You told me that I was no good
You told me that...

You said,

Do the ostrich, baby!
Do the ostrich, baby!
Do the ostrich, baby!
Do the ostrich, baby!

Outro: BAD 'Medicine Show' (faded out after a few seconds)

NO: 07 FEB 87 The Roxy - Brisbane, Australia

Source is from a CD mailed to me by GaoBest, as he has a thing for the '87 Australian tour. Originally from a tape marked '5-9-87 David Patterson'

To quote GaoBest: "All first gen from D6 & ECM929LT masters, from master cassette>cassette (XL2s) to DAT>CDR>itunes. I got them in 1994/1995 on Maxell XL2s brand tapes. They sound really fucking good."

This is another one that has its levels a bit high, so there's some clipping. Incomplete, as the taper started midway during "Shellshock".

Here's GaoBest's capsule review:

"Finally giving a close listen to this gig - what a setlist - it includes 586, Thieves Like Us, Dreams Never End... wowza. Not to mention the Sister Ray encore (only song of the encore) - and a brilliant BLT with Barney almost sounding angry and aggressive (because it sounds like the sound engineer lowered his mic levels by accident during the verse before the second chorus!)... then seguing to Weirdo.

I'm so impressed. I've copied it (this gig) for quite a few of you on this list, so I hope you hear and enjoy this little tidbit :-)"

He is right, this is an _amazing_ performance of a great selection from their canon. I mean, how many other concerts open up with Shellshock?


Shellshock. 5-8-6, Dreams Never End, Age Of Consent, Your Silent Face, Angel Dust, Thieves Like Us, Bizarre Love Triangle, Weirdo, Face Up, Ceremony (encore) Sister Ray

_Shellshock_ commences during mid-verse, apparently the taper got there late.

BS: "I've been good and I've been bad, but a decent mikestand I've never had...". This gets repeated again in a later verse, with "No matter how I try and try, I can't get this mikestand high".

It sounds like they're singing backup vocals to taped vocals near the end. Odd.

The band then perform a blistering version of _586_, with appropriate whoops and very impassioned vocals. A fairly long pause between this song and the next one, the taper stops the tape (makes the characteristic sound).


Starts out with monstrous bass notes, and keeps up in intensity.

At the end of the first verse, Hooky messes up, and accidentally (partially) substitues the first line of the second verse.

PH: "..There no...nothing...all right, they cannot believe this sight."

One of the best moments in New Order is when Hooky yells "Hello, farewell to your...SOOOOUUULLL!!!", which you get a taste of here.


Another spine-tingling moment in New Order is hearing the guitar feedback when Sumner plays his solo. Not heard here, though, but still a satisfying version.


Another message for the sound mixer.

BS: "You've caught me at a bad time, so why you turn the drum machine down?". (Don't think it ever got turned down) The song ends in a series of guitar riffs. You can barely hear someone (don't know who) say something like "Don't be moderate."

NO then segue into _Angel___Dust_, and then into _Thieves___Like___Us_. I guess the sound mixer forgot to turn Barney's mic up, so he's hard to hear until the chorus.

PH: "Uh, I only drink [swamp?] mate".


As GaoBest reported, they turn the mics down on Barney right after the words "I feel...", and then he screams "There's no sense in telling me", and as the volume pans up again, declaims "the wisdom of you fuckers won't set you free." The mic cuts on him again while he sings the chorus, but he doesn't try to fight it. New Order don't quite seque into Weirdo, there's definitely a slight pause between the two songs."


BS: "Just like a lock without a big, fat key." Then he gets with the program and substitues "fucking" in the second chorus, and starts repeating the F-word over and over in the third. The best part is when he starts imploring everyone to speed up: "just like a...faster, faster, faster, faster!"

Side A/B change...


BS: "[mumble] you [got?] that fucking amp, I'll blow you all up..."

This song often gets short shrift in the canon, but as you can hear, it's not much off the level of all their other classics. Speaking of which, New Order then close out with Ceremony.

We're then treated to the same pre-encore tracks as on 06 FEB 1987, except that the punters are kept waiting a whole ten minutes. Some chanting by audience members can be heard while the Viking theme or whatever its called drones on, and somebody can be heard to yell out really loudly for New Order. The third song is pretty dire, "Something's gotten into my..." but it's turned down as the Order step back on stage and Hooky attacks his bass for the start of _Sister___Ray_.

The lyrics are pretty frentic but aren't too much different than what I've heard in other versions, except I heard "I could fuck your body" or something like that. However, this is killer musically, probably second to the '88 Brazil version. And a bit more from the interstital until the taper shuts down.

NO: 09 FEB 87 Byron Bay Arts Centre - Byron Bay, Australia

Tape this is on is labelled a "Soundcheck", but it appears to have been the gig instead. I'm thinking the tapes got switched, one day I'll locate the "gig" case and see if it has the soundcheck in it.

GaoBest has the soundcheck (what doesn't he have, anyway?) :-)

> From: GaoBest
> To: ceremony@monkey.org
> Subject: (Fac33) 2-9-87 byron bay s/c > Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 06:58:34
> here's what i have
> 1. state of the nation instrumental
> 2. drumming
> 3. touched by the hand of god instrumental > 4. elegia instrumental
> 5. subculture instrumental
> 6. bass medley: age of consent, lonesome tonight (very short) > 7. sooner than you think instrumental > 8. all day long (includes vocals)
> rough length is 64 minutes
> is there a comprehensive listing of available soundchecks? i think one > of the best sounding ones is 3-11-83 brixton. it's really hard to keep > check of them, though. of course, the 2-9-81 heaven ultradisco is probably > the coolest because of the JD instrumentals. >
> x
> mike (gotta get to bed)

He later added:

> New Order played at Byron Bay on Feb 9. But this show was taped by a > Brit (UKBT - same who taped 7-20-83 Fac 51, and 7-18-01 > Liverpool, and a zillion inbetween) who was in Australia on visa. > Although I have this on CDR, it isn't "itunes-ready" so it's going t > o take awhile before I put it out there - but the Byron Bay show is > really phenomenal. It's possibly the best show of that tour, aside > from the Perth gigs. I've always fantasized that New Order played > their best when they were playing in the weirdest corners of the world > (Dundee, Scotland is another example). You can't get much more obscure > than Perth (Super-South-West of Australia) and Byron Bay...

The sound, as documented in the 'liner notes'...cuts in and out a lot.


BS: "Thanks a lot, we're New Order."

Sound is pretty dodgy through this one.

For instance, the cowbell is mixed really high when it first makes its appearance.

BS: "one two...vocals are hopeless..."

_Paradise_ sounds particularly shambolic here. Shambolic, and sublime.

A few small dropouts between these tracks that are on my better (presumably later) copy than on the one from GaoBest.


Bernard starts yelling very loud into the mic, as they're still having monitor problems. Very distinct bass solo during the bridge, and Bernard mutters something before laying down his solo.

_Ceremony_ opens up to the guitar lines echoing back in feedback. Female punter says "yay" at its arrival.

It has the refrain guitar line that appears in that song at around that time.


Incorporating his gripes about vocals in the lyrics:

Every second counts/
When I am with you/
The vocals sound so dull/
I shouldn't listen to

The vocals sound so cool(?)/
I guess I should have known...


Do do do di dododoco

DOH DOH (much louder) :-)


They segue right into this underappreciated classic. Still issues with the vocals....Bernard is even more out of tune than he typically is wont to be.

BS: "He used to scream and SHOUT..."


I always try/
you compress this mess...?)

They make some apparently self-disparaging statements after Subculture finishes up.

BS: "How was that? Everybody wants to know if we're gonna get the fuck out of here?"

PH: "This isn't doing better...it makes the bulge(?) my eyes(?)."

(can't quote make out what Hooky's saying...he's probably talking to a roadie or something)

Somebody cry out for Everything's Gone Green.


"What was that, pick Shellshock? My God, let's play Shellshock, everybody! Fuck off, they say."

Oddly enough, this is a very good version, with a nice Hooky solo, except the sound cuts out halfway, I presume the levels got accidentally adjusted.


During the break (before the chorus)

BS: "We're not fucking playing anything, Andy!"

A couple of tom-toms bang, then Age Of Consent kicks in.

And then _Temptation_...slightly tinged with feedback, but not bad, not bad.


Still sounding pretty new...has a arpeggiator filter effect running through part of the first verse.

At the end of the second verse, Barney says "Turn the drums up, Oz".

And then he does some funny swish sound...I was touched ... Then he really gets into it...syncopating "drum machine/start it up" into the song. And then at the end, the drum machine DOES kick in, with a vengence.

Some man's voice talking about natural colors and texturs plays over the pre-encore intermission, and then some other stuff...before they get back into the swing of things with..._Blue___Monday_.

Feedback squalls as Barney's vocals come in. There's some interesting guitar interplay in this version, too.

Then the Viking song or whatever it is comes on, and the crowd starts clapping, etc....there's a couple of edits to (of course) to save on tape...and as some country song comes on, Hooky's bass comes storming in, drowning the backing music.

PH: "Ah, I was enjoying that!" Somebody inexplicably calls out for Elegia.


A pretty fast-tempoed version. Barney starts shouting, -screaming- the vocals. "So I got this canopy..." Odd how Monaco's Under The Stars so heavily borrows from this song?

"Just like a lock with a fucking key!" makes its appearance in the vocals.

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GOOD NIGHT!" Hooky noodles on bass as the concert draws to an end, playing a bit of Do The Ostrich, it sounds like.


Instrumental version of _State___Of___The___Nation_ followed by somebody calling out something for Face Up (not played here), and some drum soundchecking. This is follwod by an instrumental verison of _Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God_, and then _Elegia_, followed by _Subculture_ (instrumental).

Hooky then does some one-two'ing, and then engages in some random conversation.

PH: "Ooh, you are bitter when you're staring deportation in the face." (he may have been talking to the taper)


PH: "Get yourself a shock absorber, right..."

If you listen carefully, you can hear the bassline to _24___Hours_ too.

PH: "I just like to say 'I told you so' before you start...with the foldback on...with the ears on the desk...

Starts off with Hooky noodling, basslines to _Lonesome___Tonight_ and _Age___Of___Consent_.

You can hear somebody remark that their seating is upstairs in the venue.

Then a full instrumental version of _Sooner___Than___You___Think_, with Hooky improvising the bassline towards the end.

Bits of _Sister___Ray_ (bass) and _Lets___Go_ (guitar).

A couple of false starts for _All___Day___Long, and then a complete vocal take.

NO: 11 FEB 87 Dee Why Hotel - Sydney, Australia

About third/fourth generation, audience tape.

Some unidentified song finishes up as NO take the stage...

Intro to _Paradise_:

BS: "Thank you very much. (Told you to) turn that light off last time, you bleeding K."


"No matter how I try and try/
You shine the lights in my eyes"


"Without you/My big fat sow"

After _Sunrise_:

"Don't want any fucking live sounding, y'all" (?)


Bernard plays his guitar through the beginning of the song, a la other performances of this song at around this time.


Unusual spoken word interlude in the middle of the song. The effect is chilling.

"Nobody knows...yes, forever. Forever, where beauty grows." "Oh yes, forever. Oh, nobody knows, no one."

Also, different ending than normal.

(followed by terrible background music...'Delilah'...then some hokey C&W song...NO come back on, tape joins BS in progress (the first part of his speech is cut off):

BS: "...smacked up on drugs...Mark it down(?)...Mark it down(?)

_As___It___Was___When___It___Was_ features this amusing couplet: ('blondes' could be 'blokes' or 'bloods' in Bernard's brogue)

"But I always thought
That my penis was pretty short
In those days when my dick was long
I used to cock the blondes all the time"

BS: "Thank you very much, indeed."

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ starts.

"More sequencers, Ed."

Snatch of "What's New Pussycat" can be heard before recording ends.

NO: 12 FEB 87 Enmore Theatre - Sydney, Australia

Looks like the setlist on the Gigography is missing a few tunes:

Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 15:22:04 EDT
From: GaoBest
Subject: (Fac33) enmore theatre, sydney 2-12/13-87 setlists

hey kids i know there's been some discussion comparing new order concert setlists, and here's probably the best example of how new order could do two gigs night after night and do almost completely different stuff so that if you went to both shows, you'd have killer variety, which just doesn't happen anymore. That said, I don't have the 2-11-87 or 2-14-87 (both Sydney, but that Hotel and Selina's venues instead) setlist handy to further compare, even though I have the tapes somewhere. Who knows, maybe 2-11 and 2-14 are reverse of 2-12 and 2-13.

both gigs the enmore theatre, sydney; taped by at least two different tapers [ed note: one was UKBT who also did Byron Bay and the 13 FEB 87 gig among many others, the other was a native Aussie]

let's go
state of the nation
angel dust *
way of life
thieves like us
all day long
face up
the perfect kiss
love vigilantes

(*) not listed in the summary listing, at least as of this writing

3rd gen soundboard tape(?)

The version I have of 2/12 is definitely an audience tape.

nogig update alert:
"Angel Dust" is played between State of the Nation and Way Of Life.


BS: "Thank you very much. This is State of the Nation."


BS: "Thank you very much. Apparently that was for who don't get out of [ears]? anymore."


BS: "Thank you very much. This is Weirdo."

"Just like a lock without a FUCKING key." (in every occurance in the song)


BS: "Thank you very much."

Hooky plays the riff to "My Girl" at the end.

PH: "Ready?"


BS: (responding to Hooky) "Aye, [B'jean]"

Between verses, it sounds like he says, "In the earhole, yet".

The chorus becomes, "Oh how I cannot bear these reggae beats."


A bit of buzzing/static at start. (CH tape copy)

Hooky mutters something, perhaps directed to the sound guy.

(weird pre-encore music, edited)


Some buzzing/static at start, and right after Bernard sings "The perfect kiss is the kiss of death", as well as a few seconds before the frogs sound, as well as through Hooky's final solo. (CH tape only, so this is not a problem with the master, just my copy)

pre-encore music starts with "Rawhide"...the taper stops a few times through the few songs that are played before NO come back on.


BS: "Doing an encore, and it...there are some in the last...Selena's in Coogee Bay tonight if want(ed) to come...somebody asked for Love Vigilantes so, we're gonna play it."

Bernard yells out what sound like instructions to the sound engineer.

lyric: "I want to see my family...my BIG DICK hanging past my knee..."


BS: "Thank you very much. If you all chuck $20 on the stage, we'll play another one."

Minor tape garble (CH version) at the "the way we used to be" line.

(after song finishes)

BS: "Thank you very much. Good night, God Bless, and drive carefully on your way home. If you all throw $20 on the stage, we'll come back on, or even $10."

(I guess people ran out of cash, cuz this is the last song they played, at least on my tape)

NO: 13 FEB 87 Enmore Theatre - Sydney, Australia

Looks like the setlist on the Gigography is missing a few tunes:

Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 15:22:04 EDT
From: GaoBest
Subject: (Fac33) enmore theatre, sydney 2-12/13-87 setlists

hey kids i know there's been some discussion comparing new order concert setlists, and here's probably the best example of how new order could do two gigs night after night and do almost completely different stuff so that if you went to both shows, you'd have killer variety, which just doesn't happen anymore. That said, I don't have the 2-11-87 or 2-14-87 (both Sydney, but that Hotel and Selina's venues instead) setlist handy to further compare, even though I have the tapes somewhere. Who knows, maybe 2-11 and 2-14 are reverse of 2-12 and 2-13.

[ed note: one was UKBT from the UK who also did Byron Bay and the 12 FEB 87 gig among many others, the other was a native Aussie]

both gigs the enmore theatre, sydney; taped by at least two different tapers

touched by the hand of doug *
dreams never end
every little counts
as it is when it was
age of consent
blue monday
the ostrich>sister ray **

Only blt and temptation were played both nights; otherwise all other songs in the sets were unique per night.

(see http://www.new-order.net/no/gigs/nogigs87.html#NO-870212)

hope this is interesting to someone, but oh well.


(*) not listed in the summary listing, at least as of this writing (**) different track variation

From James Thomas:

The ostrich was introduced as "Come on you bastard after this little cunt here in front of me".

The CH version doesn't include the first track, which is _Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God.


Hooky's bass sound is a bit odd here, and throughout.

_Dreams___Never___End_ follows.

Ends with Hooky doing a slow coda.


BS: "Thank you, Donas(?)....this is, eh...erm, Confusion."

(at end)


BS: "Your Silent Night..."

Bernard starts sing-speaking "Take a walk on the wild side"...

'Sputnick' ending.

BS: "Turn the lights up Andy! Please."



Hooky calls out, "Ready?"


BS: "I was trying to think of somebody's that shoutin' out, aren't ya? Where? How about, 'Fuck off'?

Cut between BLT and _Sunrise_ on CH tape.

lyric: "Giving the gift, you know what the fuck it's gonna be..."

Another cut between songs on CH tape.


(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much. I'm sure all will work out all right... in the end."


BS: "Shut your gob fuckface, shut your gob fuckface. [repeats on CH, but not on the UKBT]. Go and tell him I want to hear you talk cuz you're near me dick."

Venue music plays briefly. NO come back on for an encore.


BS: "Thank you very much. We're going to write a song here on stage. It's called, "Blow Me, You Bastard....after this little cunt in front of me."

This differs slightly from what was reported.

BS: "Actually, the step I feel will be "Temptation"."

At this point the jam segues into _Sister___Ray_. This is unique to this performance, I don't think they ever did this any other time. Featuring rhymes that were made up on the spot.


Has a fairly aggressive guitar attack lead to bridge this from the previous song.

BS: "I thank you profusely."

NO: 14 FEB 87 Selina's - Sydney, Australia

Many thanks to GaoBest for supplying a copy of this performance, which the taper eventually also made available on EZT.

Lots of audience noise, not so much annoying random chatter as just hearing their presense, which is a good thing. Quality is excellent. The band sound like they're really pumped full of drugs, as the vocals are really, really good.

TJ lists:
(Note: he leaves off Broken Promise)

Songs played were:

Bizarre Love Triangle
Touched By The Hand Of God
Angel Dust
Your Silent Face
Love Vigilantes
Broken Promise
Everything's Gone Green
Face Up
Age of Consent

Perfect Kiss

Plenty of pre-gig warmup music as members of the audience whistle and then cheer as New Order step onto the stage.


BS: "Thank you very much. What are we doing next?"

The groop play Elegia and then pickup the NRG with BLT. Hooky mutters something (off-mic, so it's almost inaudible) after the first verse. Ends in whistles and cheers.


BS: "Thank you very much. This is a new song, it's called 'Touched By The Hand Of God'

First chorus has a couple bum notes by the Hookster, but otherwise a neat version.

BS: "Thank you very much. Hi, Andy, need a bit of light...to play this tricky guitar."

New Order than play _Angel___Dust_, and then _Your___Silent___Face_. Lots of guitar thrash in this one, also like this particular "you don't you Piss Off".

BS: (slurring _really_ badly) "Thanks a lot."

And then, _Love___Vigilantes_. Another outstanding performance.

BS: "Thanks a million."

And then NO do one that always seem to get a bit shortchanged, _Shellshock_. A "victim of the state I'm in" instead of a "victim of your evil sin". They keyboard accompaniment is very high in the mix (as it was on Angel Dust), the band rock out a bit during the bridge, and there's some guitar noodling at the end.

A long pause before they commence with _Weirdo_, "just like a lock without a fucking key", and Broken Promise "if i'm right and you are sin for sale than for god's sake i was wrong!". No shave and a haircut, though.

Side One ends

Side Two begins with _Everythings___Gone___Green_, a song which they stopped playing later that year. Very neat effect where Barney's "Show me" echo-blends into the sequencing.

BS: "Thank you very much. I'd try to think of something witty to say, but I'm not very witty, unfortunately."

For anybody who's ever listened to an unabridged New Order performance, they'd appreciate the wit behind this statement.


As throughout, Barney seems to be singing really well. At the end, somebody yells for Blue Monday, he's not going to get his wish. Then the band rip into _Age___Of___Consent_.

BS: "Thank you, good night!"

Pre-gig music is (Theme From) Rawhide by The Blues Bros. Continues for a few minutes before the tape edit. Then an opera-y one and a country one, by which time NO come back on stage for the encore.

Barney says something that I can't make out right when the group get into _Subculture_. There's a weird cold-frost synth sound before the first verse.

lyric: "You realize that you can't shaft with nobody else."

BS: "Thank you, people of Sydney, thank you. I say, don't believe what you hear, we are a bunch of 'orrible bastards."

Then _The___Perfect___Kiss_ to close things out.

BS: "Thanks a lot". Song ends on the same sample that's present in Stockholm Monsters' "Kan Kill". Well, it really ends on some drawn out synth note. I guess at this point the lights go up and you can hear some more silly backing music, which I can't ID.

All in all, a very impressive performance.

NO: 16 FEB 87 Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide Australia

Many thanks to GaoBest for supplying a copy of this performance. Sounds a couple of generations away from the master...

We're treated to the Funeral For A Viking intro for a few minutes before the band step on stage. A few people start to chant.


GaoBest says that the unknown instrumental listed as the first track is actually "Let's Go" (it was listed as unknown at one time on Waterrat's site, but has since been amended). What's neat is that the 'Prepare a funeral for a viking' vocal can be heard right when the band start playing Let's Go, so it sounds like a sample!


BS: "Thanks very much. There was no singing in that song, to be sure, there is in this one.

A bit of guitar and hooky saying something I can't quite make out before NO play Way Of Life.

Hooky stars out _Way___Of___Life_ with a 1-2-3-4 intro.


BS: "Thank you very much...we're going to play an old songs now, called Ceremony. Because, very few people are calling for it in the audience in the front."

BS: "Thank you, Arthur."

And then New Order play one of my all time favorites, _All___Day___Long_, which features an opening drum pattern different than the recorded version. And then, _This___Time___Of___Night_ aka Pumped Full Of Drugs, after that _State___Of___The___Nation_.

BS: "I don't kiss when the bass sequencer's around" :-)

After that, NO do the riff/melody which typically intros _Subculture_.

Afterwards, Bernard comments about the excessive boominess of the sound.

BS: "Thank you very much. Woo! Yeah, they're ripping off our vocals, lads. Woo! Sounds Like Big Ben Woo! Eh..."

Then comes _Bizarre___Love___Triangle_, after which the taper hits stop. _Sunrise_ follows, and then _Temptation_. I'm a bit too lazy to closely comment, but there are some interesting things going on, including the "last fucking time" variant in Temptation.

PH: "Thank you very much, good night."

BS: "Thank you very much!"

The pre-encore interstital's not one I've heard before. Would be good to get an ID. It's sung in French (female breathy vocals). And then there's another one, which I'm not listening closely too...except at a couple points you can hear beeping. The third song is "Rhymin' and Stealin'" by the Beastie Boys, which is turned down as NO take the stage again, and play Every Little Counts.

Afterwards there's some riffing that sounds like Sister Ray. Barney says "[unintelligible]...up there", and play _Broken___Promise_ instead. The phrasing on "If I'm right and you are simply dead, FOR...GOD'S...SAKE I...WAS...WRONG, woo!" and elsewhere is a highlight.

NO: 17 FEB 87 The Venue - Melbourne, Australia

The tape that I used for the original writeup was listed as fourth generation. Indeed it's very hissy and leaden...However, since that time, I have procured two other copies of this one (from GaoBest and from the New Order Anthologies compiled by Lars Nellemann) and they not only have much better SQ, but both sound different than the copy I originally did the writeup for. Yes, no less than 3 different people taped this gig. And I've also gotten a better copy of this fourth generation source, one that is about third generation, but is copied better, though it has bad channel dropouts though much of it, probably due to a bad tape along the line.

The original tape's cover has '84-85 era picture of the band...Gilbert and Sumner are looking skyward, and Hooky, wearing one of his wacky T-shirts ("The Land The..." "You Go To Heaven..." anybody know the full message?), is facing right, snarling. Morris is also facing right.

A couple seconds of intro music can be heard before the band take the stage. Overall, the Order don't talk much during this performance.

BS: "Thank you very much."


There a snippet of guitar strum and melodica before New Order perform this tune.

BS: "Thank you very much."

The Anthology version (taped by AR) has somebody yelling out "Fucking brilliant", a spot-on observiation if I've ever heard one.


You can hear some scratching about 4 minutes in as the taper gets interrupted by a woman, presumably someone he knows. (This is on the archive tape copy)

Taper: "Hi..."

Woman: "Hi......have you...have you got free tickets to go up the steps."

Taper: "I'm taping at the moment...hang on then...Okay, we're gonna..."

Woman: "Have you got free tickets to go upstairs?"

Taper: (stammers) "Yeah. That's where I'm going..."

(Anthology version) More scuffling is heard as BLT ends, and a punter can be heard on one of the tapes crying out "Ceremony, you bastards!...Ceremony... LISTEN TO ME! Subculture!"

_Dreams___Never___End_ (yes, they are still playing this one in 1987) is next up.

The taper goes to find someone to hold his hear while he helps his lady friend.

Man: "Yeah."

Taper: "How are you?

Man: [unintelligable]

Woman: "That's right" (giggles)

Man: "...come out here...How much...will we spend...brings you up here..."

Man: "Anyway...How are you?"

Taper: "Ok"

Voice: "Nah, I'm going back."

Man: "Is it on?

Taper: "Wha?"

Man: "Is it on?"

Taper: "Yeah"

Hooky puts great effort in leaving the world to your SOOOUL!

The GaoBest source has a hard break between DNE and AD, not present on the other two. Oh the Anthologies version, the scraming punter who previously cried out for Ceremony now cries "Temptation!".

_Angel___Dust_ is played, and it neatly segues into _Lonesome___Tonight_.

This sounds different:

BS: "I'm there when you go home/I'm not going in alone"(?)


Barney Says:

"Do you believe in lies?
Of all the things I've tried
I hold my cunt at home
It's something I own..." (not sure about the wording on the last line)

Bernard plays a two note riff for 10-15 seconds to start out _Thieves___Like___Us_, in an abbreviated 4 minute version. The GaoBest version has a chick asking somone, "You see them much?". A couple of pops can be be heard in the intro (GaoBest).

Barney Says:

"Watch your life
Like a broken knife
I can stab you in the nude(?)
You can't walk through..."

BS: "Thank you very much." There's a couple more clicks in the GaoBest version in between this and the next song. Another cry for "Temptation" on the Anthologies version.


A very popular choice down under. The vocals are exceptional, with a highlight being the final "I nee...eed you".


Finally, let's shut all the punters up! On the GaoBest copy, there's some scuffling a few seconds in, sounds like that was introduced in the recording.

The tape archive copy has a drop out in the tape that I have right before Bernard starts singing, which is not present in the others.

BS: "Forever...letting me know...shhh...."

Barney Says:

BS: "Thank you. How about changing lights a bit Andy, I'm going blind in one eye, eh..."

(on GaoBest tape)

man: "C'mon stand back here"

lady: "Maybe I'll stand by...[can't make out]"

PH: "Go give it a rest."


On the GaoBest copy, about midway through the volume shoots up and with it, the intensity of the performance. Wow.

There's a edit between _586_ and _Everythings___Gone___Green_ on the archive tape copy as well as the Anthologies version.

I _love_ the repeated "show ME" line in that tune, and the echo effects. An amazing performance!

On the original tape copy, the first couple of bars of _The___Perfect___Kiss_ get left off. This version is about nine and a half minutes long. There's another edit, as the Viking theme music segues into what sounds like a Tom Jones histronic soundalike singing "Delilah", which is trimmed out as the Order take the stage to do their encore.

The GaoBest copy has some scuffling at around the 6:00 mark, probably present on the source.

The Viking Funeral theme plays during the intermission before the encores. You can also hear lots of stomping, chanting, and clapping, of course. At one point the volume leves spike up...then we get to hear the oh so lovely Delilah song, which is cut of as New Order get back on stage.

(archive tape) Even through the tape hiss this sounds magnificient. New Order close out with _Temptation_.

(GaoBest) _Lets___Go_ starts with a fade-in. ends with a fade-out. _Temptation_ also starts with a fade-in. There's another "scuff" about 5:45 in. Somebody yells some nonsense and there's more stomping through fade-out.

(anth. MP3) no fade-outs, but cold stop right at the end of _Temptation_. It also includes less of the pre-encore break than the other two versions. Lady says "keep going to the end" at the end of Let's Go.

NO: 18 FEB 87 Festival Hall - Melbourne, Australia

Thanks to GaoBest for providing me a copy of this performance.

Pre-gig warmup music is the Funeral for a Viking bit.

This gig is unusual in that at various points it sounds like New Order have brought a DJ with them. Here's some correspondence between me and GaoBest on this point:

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 03:01:28AM -0400, GaoBest wrote:

>> I know others have heard this. So is this scratching or what? I'm so >> fucking confused. did New Order have an onstage DJ for this show? I >> don't "hear" any scratching for any other Feb 1987 Australia tour concerts. >
> I've saved your prior email in my inbox waiting until I've gotten around > to listening to this gig to answer, but okay, I guess I'll have to > listen to the 870218 gig now. Expect a full writeup shortly... >
> As to what you're hearing, That's not scratching...it sounds more like > an analogue synth oscillator. It's still a really cool sound.

Andrew J. Lillie has a better explanation.

> For what its worth, this "scratch" is actually just the sound of a pick > being scraped edge-wise along a string. From the sounds of the mp3, its > most likely a bass. So, I imagine this big mystery boils down to nothing > more than Hooky being bored that night and screwing around making > "scratching" sounds with his bass.


BS: "Hello everyone, we're New Order. Incorporated."

The song is played. Nothing earthshattering.

BS: "Thank you very much" (with loads of echo). "That's a new song, it's called 'Touched By The Hand Of God'".

The group then plays _Blue___Monday_.

BS: "Thank you very much".

The first "scratch" can be heard between BM and The Village, it kind of sounds like 'Are You Experienced' by Hendrix.


Between _The___Village_ (a great rendition!) and _Shellshock_, there's an interesting bit of riffing that's pretty nice. Here it is:


An off-mic Hooky "Go!" starts things off here.

The drumming on _Leave___Me___Alone_ is very distinctive.


BS: "This is Weirdo."

Features the "lock without a fucking key" variation.

A tiny bit of twittering can be heard (this usually goes along with the scratches) right before New Order perform _Subculture_. Hooky can be heard off-mic crying out "Go!".

Midway during the first verse, Barney cries out for "sequencers!"

BS: "Hurt you a little bit...1-2!"

If you listen carefully, you can hear plenty of sequencer glitches.

A punter can be heard to say "Hold on one second, just one second."


A bit of a twister of a lyric:

BS: "I am you, and you are me / This world of ours, it could be sh..."


BS: "Thank you, thank you. Boys, you realize, Andy, you could have taken that job with Duran Duran or something."

A/B cut at this point.

The boys (and girl) finish out with _Age___Of___Consent_ and _Temptation_, featuring a weird Bernard vocal locution, after which, the singer says:

BS: "Thank you very much. How much was it to get in here tonight, by the way? [pause for a few seconds while he solicits opinions] Too much!?"

New Order perform _Bizarre___Love___Triangle_, and then step off the stage so we can hear "(The Theme From) Rawhide" and something else equally horrid (Tom Jones' "Delilah").


BS: "Thank you very much. It's very...very, very nice of you." (with extra heapings of reverb/echo)

Awesome scratching effect a few seconds in, for your auditory pleasure:


The group finish up with _The___Perfect___Kiss_.

NO: 20 FEB 87 Canterbury Court - Perth, Australia

GaoBest notes that this gig is missing from Waterrat's listing.

David Gerard sent an email saying this was actually on 2-19, instead of the listed date of 2-20, but I'm not sure if this is actually correct, given that NO would have had to travel from Melbourne to Perth in a day and that it contradicts with other sources.

Anyway, here we go...apparently they were having sound problems.


Let's Go
Way Of Life
We All Stand
Angel Dust
The Perfect Kiss

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Do The Ostrich

Intro music is somthing with bongos and bells in it.


PH: "Thank you very much."

BS: "Em, if you happen to be this girln the audience called Lee... Lee, could you kindly come backstage after the show, please. I'm not going downstairs [can't make out, sounds like 'pulling'] for us...leaving...to be in Australia"

(if anybody knows what this was about, please fill me in!)

They follow the robust version of Paradise with _Lets___Go_. A couple of minutes in, the volume levels drop as you can hear the following dialogue:

Punter: "What?"

Taper: "Could you get right out of the way of that please?"

Punter: "[something] get fucked."

The levels rise again just as the song finishes up

Somebody yells "Think you can run out and find that place?", and the volume level drops for about 40 seconds or so , but rises back by the end of song. The song ends in guitar chords.


http://www.worldinmotion.net/neworder/lyrics/brotherhood/wayoflife.htm has "If they're your offer, more are cold". I have "A failure of your moral code." A bit of feedback during the chorus, but some very good guitar/bass interplay.

The taper hits stop after this song, so I assume there was a long gap between this song and the next.


BS: "One, two. One"

The group play Ceremony.

BS: "Thank you very much."

Then NO get right into _Temptation_.

BS: "Thank you very much."


BS: "Thank you very much. We're gonna go do a slow, I mean, a really slow one called We All Stand. Andy, see the light over there? Can you turn off, up please, or get someone to turn it off. Can't think by if... ...step on that wire over there...horrible if...special..." (hard to make out the last sentence)

Barney repeats "on and on" more than a few times, which is different.

BS: "Thank you, thank you, I need that tuner up. Shit, that's supposed to be shit, mate." (not sure about wording)

Hooky fiddles with his bass a bit, before the band fire off into _586_, ending with a three-note keyboard riff, and then Angel Dust.

Another hard-to-make-out rambling:


PH (I think): [says something off-mic]

BS: "I don't know, it's just that his smile when I spotted him, little creep...you can suck all our own crew off after the gig... smile...is this..."

Hooky yells out for more bass during the first chorus. Vocals very good here...and then, in an effect I've never heard before, they speed up the sequencers! Totally awesome.

Tape pauses again and you can hear a second or two of _Sunrise_, which the taper misses the first minute or two from. Then the group plays The___Perfect___Kiss_, which ends in guitar and bass fiddling before the band step out...we get about 4 minutes of encore fill music, some instrument tuning, and then _Love___Will___Tear___Us___Apart_, ending in a bass scale.

And then, _Do___The___Ostrich_! A 11 minute version, no less, with a false stop, and ending bass solo.

NO: 21 FEB 87 Red Parrot - Perth, Australia

The date seems in line with reality, since NO turned Australasia end of Jan - Mid Feb 1987. David Gerard wrote in correcting the original listing (21 FEB), which he claims was apparently a day later than the actual performance, but I'm not sure if this was indeed the case, since GaoBest and his source disagrees.

I only have the last part of this gig at present. I've heard that the source tape for the first part of this show is damaged and not available. Not the fault of the taper, the *tape* itself was defective, not the recording devices.

Track Listing:

Blue Monday
In A Lonely Place,
(5-6 minute break with backing music)
Sister Ray


Fidelity is excellent. I have two versions, one from GaoBest, and the other from Brian Vick. The Vick tape sounds like it's a first generation copy, the GaoBest second or third generation.

But if it wasn't for my big boner
I'd be a heavenly twat today
And I thought I was a bastard
And I thought I was a cunt

Tell me, wow does it feel?
When your dick is small?

Also, Barney askes for more synthesizers about 3:20 into the tune.

BS: "Turn the synth up Ed, both synthesizers!"

One of the better renditions of the era, good funk guitar lines,

And then a fairly unusual occurance: The ending drub beats of Blue Monday segues into _In___A___Lonely___Place_. This song live has a completely different outro, with a synth sound reminiscent of the one for "Sputnik".

The pre-encore filler music announces "Prepare a funeral for a Viking" moody interlude soundtrack stuff...then a mercifully brief "Gimme Some Lovin'" by the Blues Brothers before New Order take the stage again.

Intro to _Elegia_ has Bernard spouting out this classic:

BS: "Sorry about that, we all had to go get some heroin. Oh, I'm joking, oh I'm joking! Cuz remember, Drugs are bad for you."

_Sister___Ray_ is chock full of improvised profanity, like "who the fuck is Sister Ray?", "Sister Ray said I love you, she was so fucking boring, all she said was "I love you", and "Because I can't think of any more shit lyrics!" being the most memorable.

http://www.new-order.net/no/audio/redparrot.html has the songs, if you want like to listen.

And after all these years, the full setlist has been revealed, courtesy of MDMArchive:



NO: 02 APR 87 Woolwich Coronet - Woolwich, England

Source are MP3s in the Miscellaneous directory on Anthology Part One (Ceremony, Atmosphere, Do The Ostrich), and more recently, a CD (excellent quality) from Solitude (all tracks). Both appear to be from different cassette masters.

Corrections courtesy of Shug (NOOL).


(from the CD source, off the excellent audience master)

Announcer can be heard saying "..ers who came here", obscured by distortion caused by clipping. There's a brief edit, and then the announcer says: "Go home, because it's New Order!"

(from the MP3 source, likely taken from an audience tape, which is in all likelihood different than the one the CD was made from)

Somebody's talking through the announcement, but shuts up once the music starts.

Announcer: "You wankers who came to hear acoustic music, go home. Because it's New Order!"

New Order play the tune straight through.

BS: "Thank you very much".

After the song is over, Bernard says "You know..." (the rest is likely on the subsequent track, which I don't have)

This part is cut from the CD version it seems.


About a minute in, something fairly rare happens...the drumming goes off-kilter. The audio cuts out for about a second or two at the 1:26 mark.

BS: "Thank you very much".


Female punter asks "Barnsicle, what was that, what was that?". Someone answers, "I don't know". All I can make out after that is the same female punter saying "...was shit compared to the gigs..." and "let me just listen...". This is while the Order take 20 seconds to tune instruments and such. (Solitude)

Bass sequencer and percussion is very high in the mix here, there's clipping at a few points.

lyric: "A victim of the state I'm in" (instead of "evil sin") The "extra verse" comes in within the first couple of minutes.

The ending features a bit of guitar and somebody bumping into the mic.


A mic bump at 3:13. (Solitude)


BS: "Thank you very much. This is, eh, this is the first time we've played in this part of London, and er, I think I understand why, really."

Greeted with a bit of cheering.

Everybody yells out "PISS OFF".

Barney tunes up a bit.


Starts with feedback. Everybody's singing along.

During the middle of the song, Bernard does a count-up in a falsetto voice.


BS: "Thank you. That was for the more sensitive ones in the audience, now this one's for all the ones who shout a lot. There's nothing wrong with shouting."

Another long gap. Gillian hits a keyboard note. One of the punters mentions her name. (Solitude)


BS: "I'll tell a joke, I'll tell a joke. After this song."

At about the 2:15 mark, Barney makes a comment.

BS: "You were singing in that key during(?) the improvisation. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Missed it."

The word "disgrace" is screamed out.

BS: "Thank...". Tape cuts out, A/B change.

Another version of the tape preserves what he said:

BS: "Yes, thanks very much, I always thought I was witty instead of being a pissed up twat.

(addition courtesy of Steve Campbell, NOOL, though Shug recalls it was 'pissed up bastard', and was said after KW1)


BS: "And we wish...and we wish we were witty instead of being a [sounds like: mitten, he trips over his tongue here]. Yes, thank you very much, thank you very much. I wish I was witty instead of being a pissed-up bastard."

After it's over:

BS: "Thank you, thank you."


Someone squeals when this starts up.


BS: "Thank you, this is the last song, er, that we're gonna play. In the set...but OF COURSE we'll do an encore!"

You can hear punters asking what he said and relaying it to others.

Break in the tape.


BS: "Thank you very much."

A pretty spare rendition.

The Solitude CD version has some talking 0:50 - 1:05 in.

One punter was not impressed, and after they were done, shouted out "Fucking sacrilege!".


Third performance in a total of five of this Lou Reed classic. Bernard's improvises lyrics in a comparable manner to what he does to Sister Ray, but maybe he's more faithful on this tune (I haven't heard the original to comment accurately)

Some notables lines:

lyric: "You told me that I was such a great surfer." and "There are no ostriches left on this earth."

Some shouting between a guy and girl between 7:50 and 8:20. Cut out at about 9:09.

NO: 04 APR 87 The Academy - Brixton, England

Taken from the Academy video, which I have an mpeg copy of. Quite good sound here.

Also have three seperate audience sources, one taped by Simon Park, the other of unknown origin, and third seeded by davemings on EZT. The first two have OK sound, but obviously the sound from the video is superior. SPs runs a bit fast, my archives version runs a bit slow. The third version is the best extant audience version and runs at the right speed.

The Park copy has the "Funeral For A Viking" opening as well as the announcer's introduction. The others are missing this.

Announcer: "You probably came down with them, all the way from Manchester, England, New Order!"


Loud fan applause and cheering throughout.

BS: "Thank you very much....how about a guitar, lads?...This is a new song, it's called Touched By The Hand Of God."

The archives tape is missing the first part of this song.

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ follows, after which there's a bit of guitar strumming, after which _The___Perfect___Kiss_ is played.

BS: "Thank you very much. Don't worry, I'll think of something else to say in a minute."

The Order than perform _Ceremony_. The archives version has quite a bit of chatter here.

Short pause after _Dreams___Never___End_. The Park tape has a brief (10 second) cut out on the right channel during the into for _Love___Vigilantes_. Brief edit as well on the archives tape... the sound gets noticably more muffled for the first minute.

There's an edit in the Park between this and _Confusion_. Feedback during the first verse, as well as between this and the next song, _Age___Of___Consent_.

Brief appearance of the "Do The Ostrich" riff.

_Temptation_ closes out the set.

Park tape has loud clapping around the part where Barney sings about green/grey/blue eyes.

BS: "Thank you very much".

NO: 15 MAY 87 Pabellion - Mollerussa, Spain

Tape from BV, possibly originating from CH.


BS: "'k you very much."

Whistling and some dialogue in Spanish.


Hooky mutters something. All I can make out is "Guess who..."

_Way___Of___Life_ follows.

BS: "Thank you very much."


The dulcet tones thereof grace the Spanish skies, or something like that.

BS: "Thank you very much." [and then something I can't make out]

_Your___Silent___Face_ is next.


New Order would only play this twice more.

This is immediately followed by _As___It___Is___When___It___Was_.

Some tuning between this track and _Ceremony_.

A/B split at this point.

Some azimuth issues at the start of _Bizarre___Love___Triangle_.

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Subculture_ follows, followed by _Face___Up_.

BS: "Thank you very much."

Whistling here.


(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much, good night."

Break in tape between main set and encore.

BS says something here hard to make out.


lyric: "Think you are a cunt, I should be fucking you."


BS: "Thank you very much...[rest is buried in reverb]."

NO: 06 JUN 87 Super Tent - Finsbury Park, London

Have three versions, one from the Vick stash, another from Solitude, and a third from David Power.

Alan Wise: "...his guitar. They got a girl in the group, then they hired a roadie. From Macclesfield, Joy Division!"

The Solitude version leaves out the Alan Wise intro, and has some flutter at the start. The DPo version has very amusing chatter from an American girl saying "Touch me, touch me!" and "the best thing about this place here is that I can drink anywhere I want." After the Caroline comment said American girl says "Excuse me but would you buy me some beer?" and then again "Come with me".

BS: "Hello everyone here? I like to dedicate this set to Caroline and Peter who should have been here tonight but, eh, Caroline's not here because she's dead."

On Solitude, somebody says, "Sorry, mate".

This is delivered in the most laconic voice imaginable. Thinking this to be a joke, some audience members laughed, to which Barney replied, rather sternly, "It's not a joke and it's not funny, but then again we never are".


BS: "This is our new song, it's called, er, Touched By The Hand Of God"

Loud bass feedback a few seconds in.

BS: "Thank you very much."

A tiny bit of soundchecking before _Love___Vigilantes_. Barney's melodica bit starts off a bit tentative.

BS: "Thankyouverymuch!" (delivered in a utterly inimitatable sneeze-bark)

PH: "Hey hey, hey hey hey, you're giving these guys a really hard time, so as he said, you should fucking move back. And you really have to move, this guy tells me, otherwise we're gonna bring the fucking dogs in. Is that any better? He says you're not moving enough for him."


PH: "I'll laid(?) back now, oh(?) fucking hell."

BS: "Thank you very much."

Somebody calls out "Barney" at the end on the Solitude version.


PH: "Nice in this here tent, innit? Smells like a cowshed."


Long interlude with Stephen playing quiet drums.

BS: "Tonight's crowd, we can all go to the pub...[couple of words too quiet to make out, except for "June 12th..."]

The end features the 'Let's Go"-type guitar.

BS: "Thank you very much. What do you think of the show so far? [some cheering, not as loud as it should be] Eh, you won't hear that we're from Manchester."

Hooky then plays the bassline to _As___It___Is___When___It___Was_. Rare drumming miscue for Stephen. Bernard giggles or chokes up slightly at the first "ran in the streets that I was born line".


BS: "Thank you very much, think you very much. The next song from our repetroire is Bizaare Love Triangle."

BS: "Thank you very much."

Barney strums a bit.

Split in DPo tape.


On the Solitude version somebody yells "Git the fuck down!".

BS: "This is, eh, Weirdo."

There's a level drop between 2:40 - 2:52 on the Solitude version, and again from 3:07 to the end of the song.


BS: "Could you all move back a little bit please, there's eh, people getting hurt and thrown. C'mon, move back a bit." C'mon move back, move back."

(the first line is almost a word-for-word quote of Barney's comment during Tolworth '83)

The fans sing almost as loudly as Barney. The Solitude version, being recorded further back, is more distant.

A/B flip on Solitude version.


BS: "There's a lot of really nice people getting squashed here. Oh please, move back, please, please, please. If you move back, we'll all give you a quid each."

Hooky start to play the main riff, and then stops.

PH: "And you're not going to move back for this one, aren't you, twat-faces?"

I think that did the trick. The synths go all woozy at one point, you'll know it when you hear it. And Hooky starts talking when Barney sings a later verse (at about 3:28 or so).


PH: "You gotta move back, boys. I don't know who's getting hurt, thrown, and being crushed and then being fucking pulled out. You don't move back, we'll play it slow."

Again, Hooky knows how to get his way. :)

On Solitude version, someone says "Excuse me, excuse me, could you turn(?) that [something], he's in my way."


PH: "Will you fuckers move back, for God's sake? Fucking A, turn us up Eddie, please. [clears throat] Watch me lips move, right? MOVE BACK!"

On Solitude's version, you can hear a bell go off and a female fan yell "Goddamn, you tosser!"

Fade out...and fade back to Alan Wise:

"One, it's not New Order being swines, unfortunately the Council have pulled the plugs. The Council...they say there is a curfew, and I'm not the Council. They say the curfew is at 11. Unfortunately, the corporation demand the end of the show, not New Order for once not wanting to come out. They'd love to have come out, Bernard was dying to come out. But they can't come out because it's the end of the evening, and here's the finishing music..."

NO: 08 JUN 87 The Roxy - Sheffield

From a newly surfaced master on DIME on early June 2007.
Recorded 'down in front' it sounds like, very enthusiastic crowd.

_The___Perfect___Kiss_ opens the set. A female voice yells out "I can't see!"

At 3:48, Hooky says "I wish you could sing it like the..." (can't make it out, alas)

BS: "Thank you very much." Lots of loud shouting at this point.

_Paradise_ follows.

PA buzz can be heard.

lyric: "When I looked into your PIGGY eyes..."

BS: "...very much."


PH: "Oh dear dear, you're ...last...in 1979. Get up to date, fatso."

Punter yells, "Fuck off Hooky!"

PH: "...two three four."

Really nice performance, great vocals...ends in a guitar bit.

Hooky puts out a teaser for the next song, but pulls back and makes


PH: "I really don't like...you spitting. Must have fucking brains, that lot." He then says something else I can't make out.

He plays a bassline not familar to me, maybe just one he made up on the spot to mark time.

Thus, the intro starts out with only bass, and then only guitar, but both meld together eventually.

BS: "Wot's you want?


Bernard comes in too early.

Guitar soundchecking between tracks.


Followed with a punter yelling, "Hooky, you fat bastard, go on a diet!"


Bernard calls out for drums!

The same heckler makes more comments about Hooky going on Weight Watchers...


A/B split after this song.

Punters call for 'Temptation' and 'Sunrise' as Morris fills in the wait with some drumming.


Hooky than teases with a bit of the bassline, stops, and then starts again.

This ends with Hooky bass solo.


BS: "...very much, this is Face Up."

Bernard says something at 3:30.

Bernard's vocals reach the screaming point at the "Guess what I'm going to do to you!"

Another one that ends with Hooky's bass, which segues right into _Temptation_.

Ends in feedback.

Cut in tape.


BS: "Well, thank you. ...stop. Feedback."

Bernard makes his guitar riffing here more melodic than usual, and the tempo for this is slower than other versions I've heard, as he comments on during the first verse, so this picks up in pace after he complains about it.

lyric: "He's got a smoke machine, and its shite."

Features samples from Star Trek similar to what appeared at Glastonbury '87.

NO: 09 JUN 87 Barrowlands - Glasgow

I have two versions, a pristine CD copy off of a Malcolm Beaton master, and a 3rd-4th generation cassette that also has the Evil Dust remix on it, that has the taper proclaming it a "Lazlo production", and which has _quite_ a bit more punter chatter than the Beaton master, most of which I haven't noted.


PH: "Good evening."

There's some chanting I can't make out by punters.

On the Lazlo tape, a voice says, "This is a Lazlo production."

_Love___Vigilantes_ follows.

lyrics: "Been so alone, you see...1-2-3-4."

_This___Time___Of___Night_ next.


BS: "Thank you very much. [keyboard sqiggle] This is an old song that's 5-8, called...it's called 5-8-6.".


Barney's vocals come in a half-line late.

lyrics: "Turn the foldback up, will you please let me?" and "I think you are a cunt, you should be in a zoo."

_Sooner___Than___You___Think_ and _Weirdo_ follow.

A/B flip. First part of _Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ is missing from the Beaton source. It's complete on the Lazlo tape, as the A/B split there is between BLT and the next song, meaning that only the Beaton tape contains the following:

PH: "Glad you enjoyed it."

Fans shout out during the break between songs (Beaton).

_Subculture_ and _Sunrise_ follow.

Slight dropout between verses on the latter.


Main set ends. Last part of backing tape caught before Barney speaks again. (Beaton). The Lazlo tape records more of the main set/encore gap, though there's a cut, resuming with punters singing "Manchester...is wonderful"...quite spectacularly horrid.


BS: "This is our new song and it's, eh...called "Touched By The Hand Of God". Thank you. That's Rob, our manager. Robert Gretton, big hand for Rob Gretton."

(somebody on the Lazlo tape doesn't like Gretton, calling him a "cunt"...or maybe he DOES like him, hard to know with Mancs)

BS: "Thank you..." [can't totally make out]

PH: (interrupting) "Wouldn't be where we are today without him."

BS: "I've always loved Glasgow, I've always hated Edinburgh."

BS: (after song finishes) "Thank you very much."

New Order finish up with _Temptation_.

BS: "Thank you very much, good night!"

Ends with a lass screaming. (Beaton). The Lazlo tape has some amusing comments, "You never know..." (the Order may come back on) and "we'll tear the fucking stage apart..." (if they don't!)

NO: 10 JUN 87 The Hacienda - Manchester

Sourced from the recently unearthed videocassette.

Some music I can't identify as the band take the stage.

_Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God_ starts off the set.


BS: "This is Paradise...very popular song [word]?"

_Way___Of___Life_ follows.

At this point, there is frequent muffling in the sound, which continues throughout.

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Shellshock_ and _Ceremony_ follow.

Hooky scratches himself whilst he waits for the sequencers to load for _Thieves___Like___Us_,

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ is next.


Hooky says something about them not nearly being as comfortable as the audience is, can't entirely make out what he's saying.


BS: "Thank you much. Now that we're at home, we'll play that old favorite now, Age Of Consent." followed by a couple of words I can't make out.

Hooky ends this with some bass notes.


lyric: "sometimes in life we shouldn't go on tour."

The band conclude with _Temptation_.

lyric: "Each way I turn, I always whine...a circle that sticks within my eye."

Bernard speaks before singing the "blue eyes..." bit...

lyric: "Oh you got snake eyes!"

The band leave the stage, no encore.


_Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God_ (instrumental)

Panoramic views of the Hacienda interior


Stephen Morris plays away...convincing us that he keeps as good time as drum machines. His shirt has Cyrillic on it.

In the midst of his playing, Hooky walks on stage with Heather, his daughter, who's at this point just a toddler. Andy Robinson a nd Rob Gretton also show up.

After a few minutes, he switches to a different pattern, and then keeps playing some more, switching again as Hooky taks his daughter ofstage.

There's some dialouge fifteen minutes in between the roadies about some lead or another. After another minute, Stephen stops playing, and he and a bevy of other members and associates hang around the keyboards and start fooling around with Star Trek samples.

_Thieves___Like___Us_ (keyboards)

Gillian's playing, wearing a white jacket. Stephen is behind her.

Some more talking afterwards as Gillian takes off her jacket.

_Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God_ (keyboards)

Stephen's smoking a cigarette here.

_Your___Silent___Face_ (instrumental)

Brief performance.

Gillian picks up a guitar, strums a bit before playing the melody to _As___It___Is___When___It___Was_, and then switches to something unidentifiable.

Hooky then shows up with his Eccelehall, playing the melody to _Age___Of___Consent_, followed by _Lonesome___Tonight_, and then his infamous one-twos, which continue for a minute or two...then a bit of conversation and noodling.

_Thieves___Like___Us_ (instrumental) follows.

Still no sign of Bernard at this point.

Gillian is back on guitar.

_Paradise_ follows, also an instrumental, since the vocalist still hasn't made an appearance.

As soon as somebody starts to sha-la-la, the take abruptly stops. Bernard has arrived.

Gillian than plays the bit for _We___All___Stand_, which the band play. Followed by the guitar bit to _Lets___Go_ and then some more guitar.

Bernard does his own one-twos, and there's a bit more noodling before they perform _Shellshock_, with vocals, Hooky promimently on backing vox.

_Way___Of___Life_ follows.

Bernard stops the take as the vocals seem too quiet and the drums too loud. They start up again, but Bernard cuts off the take again.

BS: "Whoa these monitors don't seem to be doing anything at all. Let me check these wedges..." Then he one-twos and says the sound is a bit bassy, and continues complaining for a bit. The group try it a third time, and this time finish.

A bit more random soundchecking as the group depart the stage.

NO: 19 JUN 87 Glastonbury Festival - Glastonbury, England

The fullest source for this concert was taken from an audience tape and has all tracks which were played at Glastonbury. There are soundboard releases of all tracks except 'Elegia', but for some mysterious reason, Subculture and Sunrise were left off the BBC Windsong release (Ceremony's absence is less of a mystery, since this rendition is supposedly not one of their best), which also erroneously lists 'Every Little Counts' as 'Every Second Counts'.

Sound quality on the audience tape portions is very good, and of course the audience tape is the only source for all the profanity, aside from the pre-BLT comment.

There's also an audience video of the proceedings, nearly B&W but filmed fairly closely to the proceedings.


BS: "Hello, everyone. We're gonna start the session this evening with an instrumental called Elegia."

They play the song. A little bit of the way Hooky cries out, "Andy!".

You can see Bernard strumming furiously but no noise is made, and he swaps his Strat for his Gibson halfway through. Hooky is redolent in his fluffed mullet, the 80s was definitely the decade of scary hair.

BS: "One two, one two thank you very much. That was an instrumental called Elegia."

(the audience tape doesn't have the "one two thank you very much" bit)


Bernard points up signalling the wedges to be turned up. This concert features lasers, as the video reveals.

Bernard's singing is gloriously off-key. Nice guitar riffing too.

BS: "Thank you very much, thank you very much."


Great version, very much like Temptation 87.


BS: "This is a new song that we never played before so, er, bear with us if you will. It's called True Faith."

BS: "Thank you very much. Stop flashing the lights, Andy."


Bernard blows into a green Hohner melodica at the start.

On the audience tape, Hooky says something at 3:22, the last word "back" is the only one I can make out.

Coda at end.

_Every___Little___Counts_ follows.


(Hooky's comments can be more clearly discerned from the audience tape)

BS: "Fuck you, fuck you(!) It's like playing in a British Legion in Salford, this."

PH: "Any requests? (through Bernard's comment) Wot was that?"

PH: "Was this your idea, Andy?"

After the song...

PH: "You miserable bastards actually drink that shit?"


BS: "Andy, Andy, 'Q' on the smoke machine. Corny bastard. I think all these people have seen a smoke machine before."


BS: "Thank you thank you. Notice that all our songs finish with big endings. Big songs, small dicks."

A little bit of Let's Go tacked at the end...


BS: "This next one's called Sunrise."


PH: "You aren't employed by Andy Liddle, are you? Very Andy...finding your way back to your tent."

[what in the HELL was that about?]

Yummy raunchy guitar. Even yummier female moans.


PH: "Thank you. This is to warm you up for that long cold night you've got ahead of you."

lyric: "I'm not the kind that needs to tell you just what the fuck you want me to."

BS: "Thank you, thank you."

_Sister___Ray_ has neat Star Trek samples, probably the same ones that appeared in Do The Ostrich played at The Roxy in Sheffield on 08 Jun 87.

Something appears to get smashed up in the end.

NO: 30 JUN 87 Reading University - Reading, England

From http://www.neworderonline.com/thread.asp?thread_id=1553&forum_id=1


"A bizarre memory was New Order playing Reading University Rag Ball in 1987. Half the crowd were in tuxedos/ballgowns, despite the first rendition of 1963 it was a poor gig rounded off brilliantly by an encore of Lonesome Tonight."

Have a CD of a Lazlo first-gen which greatly betters the "M/2" that I had previously, which leaves out Bernard's intro to the first song, and really doesn't do this gig justice, at least from the little I could listen to, as the recently-received copy blows it away.

Annoying whistle here.


BS: "Thank you very much, I know that you've not seen us for a while. This is Paradise."

Looks like levels were low until the bass drum kicked in, don't know if that was the recorder or the PA, I suspect the former.

Lazlo: "This is one of those dead pissed Lazlo productions, actually." partner: "No it's not, we're gonna go home tonight." Lazlo: "Fell asleep in the ditch with them." partner: "Totally sober." (at the same time as above) Lazlo: "Got no car."

PH: "How many of you have anything fucking better to do than shout?"

Lazlo says something about "those dickheads". Somebody else blows a whistle.

_Lets___Go_ follows. This song never disappoints live, and here is no exception.

Punters nearby shout. The annoying whistle blows.

_Shellshock_ is next.

BS: "Thank you very much."

A bit of Lou Reed-y type guitar follows.


The audience start shouting out the melody in the bridge.

A couple of comments that this is a "marvellous show", to contrast with NORDERPHILE's opinion above.

Another comment: "got no dirty looks".


Bernard comes a bit late in with vocals.

Fans (not Bernard for a change) whoop, and somebody blows the whistle again. Random comments from the taping group. During which, one of the band play a tiny bit of keyboard for the next song.


The debut performance! Again, Bernard's a bit late on vocals here. The verse before the chorus has very odd phrasing, as if Bernard was coming in early on the chorus by mistake.

Punter cries for "Transmission." About 15 years early on that one...


BS: (at 0:20 or so) "I need a mikestand that won't skid around".

Chorus of first verse is missing...maybe the mike skidded out of reach at that point.


(at end) "Woo!" "Peter!" "Lazlo!"

A/B split is at this point.


Ugh, the whistle is now following the melody around!


Audience claps along to the intro.


More clapping.

Feedback at 2:33.


The band comes back on to this and encores with this song, which is the last time they ever played it. This was supposedly rehearsed for the summer 2005 gigs, but never aired.

BS: "Thank you very much. One two, one two, one two, one two."

A shame because this is one of my top 5 favorites.

BS: "Thank you very much, good night!"

Lazlo: "That's all, folks."

NO: 15 AUG 87 Pine Knob Amphitheatre - Clarkston, Michigan

Many thanks to "jsz" from mdmarchive for identifying the setlist.

See here: http://www.mdmarchive.co.uk/archive/showartefact.php?aid=1146&bid=693

Note that his source is labelled the 16th, but this may be post-dated.

An audience source has finally turned up, courtesy of 'ellaguru' on DIME. As seeded, the last two racks appear first, with Subcutlure appearing third, and the rest following.


The tape is missing the first portion, as the taper started in a bit late.

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Dreams___Never___End_ is next.


Chatter at the start, female voice saying something hard to make out...this individual may be the taper.


More chatter from the putative taper.

_1963_ follows.

BS: "Andy, can you turn the lights down please?"

_True___Faith_ is next.


Ends with guitar being strummed and tom-tom sounding drumming.

BS: "Thank you very much. So....over there. [hard to make out the rest]"

_Face___Up_ follows. A bit of hubbub at the start....and faded out right at the start of the next track.


First part is cut, with the track fading in mid-verse.

_The___Perfect___Kiss_ follows.

Bernard says something indisguishable.

NO: 21 AUG 87 Merriweather Post Pavilion

Taken from a very poor sounding recording, but it's the only one we've got. It's not one that circulates widely because we first learned of the setlist via the MDMA.


Audience recording is missing the first part.


Hooky says something at the end hard to make out.


(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much".

BS: "...stop screaming

Hooky also speaks at the end of _True___Faith_, hard to make out except after he talks he replies with "Good." and then says something else.


A few left channel dropouts on my recording.

_Lonesome___Tonight_ follows.

The last time New Order would perform this song. Brief dropout near the end.


BS: "Thanks very much. Thank you very much."

Then he says something I can't understand, and then something about the lights.


Bernard say someting at the start.

PH: "Thank you."


Some annoying bird-like "woo woo"'s from the audience.


Bernard says something else I can't make out.

Brief tape cut.

_Temptation_ closes things out.

BS: "Thank you, good night!"

NO: 22 AUG 87 Nautica State, Cleveland OH

Taken from a mediocre sounding recording, but it's the only one we've got, likely a cheap recorder and condenser mics.

_~_The Perfect Kiss_~_

Very start chewed up.

BS: "Let's see if you...[couple words I can't make out]...initiation(?)"

Loud female yell at start.

An announcer-type voice at about a minute in states "There is nothing back here."


BS: "It's Paradise, dead against Hooky's died" [not what he's saying, but that's what it sounds like]

(at end)

BS: "Yeah, (couple words) keep on stage, please."

_~_Angel Dust_~_

Bernard yells "turn the lights down!" between verses.

_~_Weirdo_~_ follows.

_~_Way Of Life_~_

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much, punters!"

_~_Sunrise_~_ follows.

Break in tape between this song and _~_As It Is When It Was_~_

Guitar intro before Hooky comes in on bass.

_~_True Faith_~_ follows.


BS: "Okay... they don't look like that. We're so fucked because we had a really good party last night. So I apologize to the audience, we're getting into it now, we're getting into it!"


A tiny bit of chatter at the start.

_~_Blue Monday_~_ ends the main set.

Encore track is _~_Sister Ray_~_

Can't really make out what the band members are saying, so this is not accurate.

PH: "Save that Manchester don't thru, aye?"

BS: "I promise this is a cosmic [can't make out] in the [can't make out] we can get. And these record-filled cones, innit?" Lemme hear it again, yeeahhhh!"

NO: 24 AUG 87 Mann Music Center - Philiadelphia PA

Two versions, one from Tim Cole received from UKBT, very distant and hissy, the other a first-generation tape in the BV stash. The TC tape seems to suffer from bleed-through at the start. The BV is better recorded and preserved.

Intro is Funeral For a Viking, standard for this tour. Present more in full on the TC version than on the BV M/1.

BS: "Thanks a lot. We're New Order and this is Elegia...it's a very quiet riff." {a barely audible mumble on the TC version)


(at end)

BS: "Thanks very much."

The opening drum pattern to _True___Faith_ is mistakenly triggered.


On the TC version there's an internal edit at 2:30 that sounds like a photo shutter, but is of course really something else.

(on BV version)

woman: "What's his name, by the way?"
man : "What?"
woman: "What's his name?"
man : "Barney. That's the singer of New Order..."

BS: "Thanks a lot."

Odd Hendrix-y "Are you experenced" type guitar or bass riffing in between songs.

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ and _Ceremony_ follow.


BS: "Thank you. This is our new single, and we're playing to it... playing...playing it to you, to try to con you into buying it."

PH: "Freudian slip, Bernard."

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much."

_Every___Little___Counts_ is prefaced with Hooky playing the bassline to Joy Division's "Sound Of Music"!

punter: "I might get an autograph yet." and "Yeah!" (BV version).

Some dropouts/flakiness on tape about 2:00 in (TC version).

lyric: "Every second counts / When I fuck with you."


Somebody near the taper (on BV version) howls at the start and end of this.

lyrics: "A hundred unions in the snow / I watched them falling, fucking in a row. I'm going fuck you in here tonight / It's gonna be OK if I don't fight."

(at end on TC version)

person near taper: "Is this still running?"

taper?: "Well..."

BS: "Thank you so much."

On BV version, the taper asks an interesting comment... taper: "Why the fuck is he giving all these thank you's for?"


BS: "[mumbles, kinda sounds like a slurred "What ya doin'"]...This is an old song."

_Face___Up_ follows.


Internal cuts at 0:52 (A/B split on my tape), 1:30, and 1:52 (TC version)

The BV version is complete.


Somebody yells out "Cowbell" near the start, and there's other audience chatter (TC version).

lyric: "Playing with my big fat cock!"

Volume level drops of near the seven-minute point, and through to the rest of the set. (TC version)

Lots of a particular audience member going "Woo" at the end. (BV version)


More howling, and somebody shouting out for "Confusion" (BV version).

BS: "I (don't) want to lose the lights, Andy, like the lights. Psychedelic."

BS: "Thank you very much for calling us back...thank you very much."

During the intro, Hooky says "Many reasons Phil fucking wor..." [can't make it out entirely].

There's another internal cut shortly before the first verse, as well as the sound of the tape getting chewed up near the end. (TC version)

_Sister___Ray_ ends the set. Ian MacCulloch from Echo And The Bunnymen sings on one of the verses, with the most notable line being "sucking on my ding-dong", which happens to be on the original.

lyrics: "Sister Ray said bollocks / Sister Ray said twat "Sister Ray said piss / Sister Ray said shit"

and "Sister Ray always spoiled me".

BS (right at the five-minute point): "I'd like to deliver a little message to...in the audience tonight. You should go and stop seeing these groups! Because...they're no good for you. You should go and see them old groups because they're full of shit. I said shit, I said shit."

NO: 25 AUG 87 Pier 84 - New York

MP3 taken from LP copy of Chapter III bootleg. My copy is not particularly well-mastered. Since then, another audience version has surfaced, with different audience comments.

There's also an amateur video of the proceedings, though the only copy of this I have is fairly poor quality.

Somebody says, "There they are...there's Eddie."

Somebody else: "Send me a copy."


BS: "Thanks a lot. Hello Frank."

BS: "'k you."

A bit of conversation between a guy and gal near the taper, including at about 45 seconds into the song.


Lots of crowd noise in this one, including one guy yelling out 'Fuck You' to somebody.


Has echoing whoops. The world is coming to an end.

lyric: "I see my future before me...I'll hurt you with that can."

A fan mutters as Bernard sings, "Seems like I've been here before." something about the song being called "Everything's Gone Green", since it was one of the older ones.


This is the instrumental version. Hooky starts it off with a "Yo!"

Very good guitarwork by Mr. Sumner.


Not commonly played live during the '87 US tour, the only other time known was in Montreal.

End of side 1 on LP.


Another Hooky "Yo!".

PH: "One hell of a crash party paradise(?)".

(at end)

BS: "...very much."

PH: "What are you shouting?"


lyric: "I've been bad, but I've been bad..."


BS: "Turn the lights down, Andy. It's kinda light up here. ...got to be up front with the stars..." [not 100% sure on wording]

Hooky yells out "Let's go!".

lyric: "I know you and you know me, and we're as fucked us as we can be"

The song abruptly comes to a halt.

The video version doesn't make it that far, as the taper comments that they thought the got spotted. The recording resumes sometime during the start of Face Up.

BS: "How did you like the weird ending on that one?"


BS: "And by the way, everyone says this, but we do love New York. The drugs are so cheap here, and plentiful!"

Ends with Hooky bass solo, which segues into the next song.

BS: "Thank you very much."


Well-performed version.

BS: "Thanks a great deal."


BS: "...turn a bit please, a bit hot for it. In fact, can you turn the lights off? Well, when we start playing the next song, when I start singing, turn them on. That's what we do at pop concerts, innit?"

(J.W. Anthony had sent in the original correction, the new audience version has more of Bernard's pre-song comments)

PH: "Never get this shit from Gene Loves Jezebel, do you Andy?"

Bernard calls for "lights" before the first chorus.

New audience version has a cut here.


You can hear some girl say her foot fell asleep, heh.

NO come back on as good electro music fades out...

PH: "C'mon Frank, you knew we'd come on, didn't ya?"

Blue Monday has orchestral string sounds typical of peformances around this time.

BS: "Thank you very much."

NO: 26 AUG 87 Pier 84 - New York, New York

Recording is very trebly, even with Dolby B on, but is of pretty good quality, marked as second generation. [PW version]

Another version from 'notsaved', sounding a bit rougher, surfaced in early 2006. It has some of the intro 'Funeral For A Viking' and lots of crowd interaction.

A third version from ScS showed up in 2010.


BS: "Thank you very much. We'll start off with a new song, it's called Touched By The Hand Of God."

A rousing version of _Dreams___Never___Ends_ follows.


BS: (to roadie) "Would you turn this smoke machine off, please it stinks."


Opening marred by chattering fans. Vocals unusually impassioned. The recording I have has the levels drop on the right channel 2/3 of the way through.


False start, equipment glitch.

PH: So you can't win 'em all, can you? Even in a place like New York."

(you can then hear some girl near the mic trying to decipher what you said)

Barney sings "Why don't you fuck off?" instead of the "Why don't you piss off?" that occurs in the recorded version.


More audience chattering, grr. Barney spits out the word "pig". Fans cheer in the brief break in the song, thinking it over.


PH: (as song starts) "I'll say..."

Hooky can be heard on backing vocals, a bit out of sync with Bernard's vocal.


BS: "Thank you very much.

(to roadie): "Andy, all the vocals on the side fill, I'm not...

BS: "Thank you very much, thank you very much."

(again to roadie)...Could we do it a bit brighter, it sounded very dull."


Hooky trips and falls over the initial riff, they start over. The intro is completely out of tune, but they get back into the swing of things.

BS: "Thank you very much."


Instead of "one, two, three, four", it's "uno, dos, tres, quatro".

BS: "Thank you very much, indeed."
PH: "Thanks."

New Order conclude the main set with _The___Perfect___Kiss_.

Edit before the encore songs.

_Blue___Monday_ featues an extensive appearance of orchestral string samples. Hooky gets creative with the bassline at one point. Ends with the '87 tour Star Trek samples.


First verse gets mangled a bit, but the second has a classic ad lib, where Ian would have sung "Is my timing that flawed?".

"Is my breath that bad?"

BS: "Thank you very much, good night!"

NO: 01 SEP 87 Auditorium, University of Montreal

Opening for Echo and the Bunnymen. Starts out with 'Funeral For A Viking' intro tape.


BS: "This song's called Subculture".


The sequencer bit for Every Little Counts plays instead.

PH: "There was a slight cock-up, that's tomorrow's."

This could be construed as evidence that there's a missing show in between this and the Toronto show on the 03 SEP (perhaps Ottawa) but if so, nothing has surfaced to support that supposition, or the show was cancelled.

During the bridge, Bernard yells out to someone in front "Shut up, you daft cunt".


BS: "Just when I realize there's a funny side to all this load of old bollocks, we've got a very serious song."


BS: "Okay, now for a bit of fun. This song's a real bag of nails."

Bernard has a bit of fun with the song...inserting an "are you ready?" and "all together now".


(during song)

BS: "A sudden sense of dollar bills..."


PH: "All right."

During the intro Bernard says "Get ready for the [fence|feds], get ready... it is on it's way."

During verses, "Excuse me, Mr. Kindaway[?]

Then this bit of improv:

"I feel so shit, I feel such a dick
No one can come close to thick
If you got a very big nose,
Nobody knows what I don't knows.
If you got a very big nose,
Then you should be back here close."


BS: "Goodbye Montreal, goodbye."

Ends with Hooky's bass.

NO: 03 SEP 87 CNE Grandstand, Toronto

NO headlining this time. Apparently a run-through for Irvine Meadows 9 days later, as they *almost* play Substance in order, but inexplicably don't finish with 'True Faith', encoreing with 'Age Of Consent' instead.


(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much."


PH: "Here's a surprise."

_Blue___Monday_ has its orchestral samples, including a four-note keyboard motif at the end (probably played by Bernard).

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much. I wish I could think of something else to say, but I can't."


Very odd slower-tempoed version of this song.

_Thieves___Like___Us_ follows.


BS: "Thank you, thank you, thank you very much indeed. Sorry, I don't know what else to tell you."

Bernard repeats a line at the start. Bit of a shambles.


(at end)

BS: "Thank you, thank you. There's a beat...got something for your feet."


PH: "You smoking bastard."

BS: "Thanks a lot, thanks a lot. As I said before, there's a lot of people tonight. That don't mean anything."


The encore.

PH: "This one's for a good friend of ours, Bobby, if you're listening, you're probably in the dressing room with the rest of the tossers, but never mind, happy birthday!"

Notable lyric: 'I'm not the faggot that needs to tell you..."

(at end)

BS: "Thank you, goodnight."

NO: 04 SEP 87 Darien Lakes Amusement Park - Buffalo, New York

Quality is OK. Audience chatter is noticeable. Source was probably prety clear but this is a couple of generations gone.

Tape I have has a late start to Perfect Kiss, so only the last two minutes of that tune can be heard.

BS: "Thank you so much..."

(one of the bootleggers can be heard to say 'Did you wind the tape forward?'...yeah?, no?')


Bernard's singing is clearer than on any heretofore known version (meaning you can make out the words), version is shorter than historically typical.


Ends on a Hooky bass solo.


(after song finishes)

"Thank you very much, we like to feel we provide something different for the audience, an alternative. Which I suppose we do, really..."


(end of song)

BS: "It's not called 'Plantation' dickhead, it's called 'Temptation'" (ouch)


BS: "Thank you very much, Oh, look at that plane there, look at that plane. My, must be interesting."

A few lyrics are improvised here.

Somebody keeps yelling out for "Blue Fucking Monday"...

PH: "Rather be on the go-carts" (they're playing at an amusement park)

BS: "It's not called 'Temptation'. I don't choose! It's called 'Planatation'.

PH: "If you believe him, you'll believe anything."

Then NO play _Subculture_ and _Face___Up_.

Face Up cuts out for a few seconds near the end, but picks up again.

BS: "Thank you very much."


"Just what the fuck you want me to" line.


BS: "Thank you very much."

Break in recording.


PH: "Any guesses? ...a guess with what we're gonna finish with?"

(edit, into encore)


BS: "Thank you. You're gonna regret this now, make the vocals a bit brighter, turn the volume down Nick, you're gonna regret this, this is um..." BS strums his guitar...

BS: "With the bass here tonight..."

I'm going to attempt the nearly insane task of transcribing the lyrics for this one. See:



Ian McCulloch takes the stage and introduces Barney. Both alternate verses on this one.

Do The Ostrich 04 Sep 87 Darien Lakes Amusement Park - Buffalo, New York

I'm going to attempt the nearly insane task of transcribing the lyrics for this one:

Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich, baby!

He told me that I was no good for you
He told me that I was impossible to resist(?) We're fucking with [2 words] away
You stupid cunts did not know it

So I said "do the ostrich"
"Do the ostrich" to them

Fucking [name?] was a boy but we didn't know it Fucking [name?] was a boy but we didn't know it

When you get down to the [?]
Everybody used to be the [scum?]

Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich [?]
Fuck..Fuck...Fucking [?] was a [devil?]

About three minutes in, Barney tells the soundman (or the rest of the band) to "take it down, turn it down, turn it down".

We've reach that plain song where you need... Either you speak the sounds or don't [?]...bastard! If that seems like too much of an effort Everybody tear your pants up to [?Hooky's] left

We ask who's left? [?]
We ask who's left? [?]
And we ask...

But...words...not the poet
I don't [?] with them on one of his records Oh fucking words[?] has a great big nose But I don't want to have...nobody knows I never bought a record of his

If once I bought this record by the Velvet Underground It had a very, very, simple drone[?] type sound It was [?] cunt and twat
I never wear a [?] tight
But the man was a poet but he didn't know...

Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich
Do the ostrich, baby!

NO: 05 SEP 87 Civic Center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Notes indicate this is a first generation tape, recorded from the audience. Except for the beginning of Bizarre Love Triangle, the first song, where the tape drops out and sounds muddy, the audio quality is really good.

I also have this on CD-R, it looks like it's from the same source.


BS: "Thank you very much, we're gonna begin the set with Bizarre Love Triange"

(audio dropout until halfway through the song, then sound gets much better)


BS: "Thanks a lot. We'll play a chinese song now" (features "taking drugs with me" line)


BS: "Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Hey number one new cynic baby. Thank you very much, I'll see you after the show, we'll get you a drink."

_Every___Little___Counts_ has lyrics from Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, which I think happened through the '87 US tour.

lyric: "I think you are a pig, ha ha / I think you even poo."

BS: "Thank you very much."


lyrics: "I don't care if you got a big dick Ah, Johnny won't you hear me, Johnny won't you hear me?"


Hooky precedes this with the usual 10 note or so bass melody.

lyric: "In the end you will submit, it's got to hurt you, I don't give a shit."

Edit at this point.

Somebody actually calls out for "Twats Like Us". NO play _Weirdo_ instead.

lyric: "I know you and you know me, and we're as fucked up as we should be."

Song comes abruptly to a halt.

_Face___Up_ follows.

Between verses, Bernard declaims, "Never repeat yourself."

He sing-speaks the first lines of the following verse.

Fade out/in.

Somebody calls out for _Temptation_. Which NO do play.

lyric: "Oh you got green eyes, oh you got blue eyes, oh you got warm eyes."

_Blue___Monday_ has these awesome cheesy orchestral sounds.

Hooky improvises near the end here, really, really good!

Brief cut.


BS: "Thanks you very much. [frog sample] Jesus is with us."

Another really good improvisation, this time by Bernard on guitar.

BS: "Thank you, good night."

NO: 12 SEP 87 Irvine Meadows - Irvine, CA

Cassette soundboard master depicted here:


This is the infamous gig where the group played Substance in order, and then came back and encored with Joy Division songs!

Source courtesy of RM and 'nof586'.

Info starts with the 'Funeral for a Viking' sequence, which on the canonical version is preserved for quite a while (two and a half minutes)

(introduction is from RM tape)

TW: "Ladies and gentlemen of Southern California...to quote an old friend of mine from Manchester in England...who do you think is the greatest pop group in the world? And it is New Order."


PH: "Good Evening".

BS: "Thank you."

_Everythings___Gone___Green_ follows.


PH: "Any requests? (song starts) Too late."

Has the keening intro guitar but seen with more recent versions (Temptation '98 being the canonical example).

A girl at the 4:30 point (of the 'LA bird' species) asks if the taper is taping.

lyric: "Oh it's the last time, oh it's the sickness." A few seconds after this there's a bit of a stereo change, probably due to the taper dancing along.

Taper: "I'm gonna give you a piece of paper, please write down your phone number, I'll tape your...out.

PH: "Another L..L... rainbow, is there?" [can't quite make this out] The trouble with rain is that it plays havoc with our sequencers."

_Blue___Monday_ is greeted with screaming.

PH: (about a minute in) "Quit waving at their cue, Andy!"

Features the same sorts of orchestral-type sounds that would become even more promiment during the '89 performances. An outstanding version.

BS: "Thank you very much indeed." (clears throat).

Some guitar is strummed, probably when Barney is picking up a bass for _Confusion_.

Interestingly enough, this song is in a completely different key than either the original or '87 versions.

Then follows an exchange between the taper and his friend.

friend: "Why you're doing the break, dude? C'mon you don't want me to fuck it up during the song!"

taper: "I will, I'd like a place to get in there..." [i think]

friend: "I wanna move up, dude!"


taper: "Tell me it very fast so I can get your telephone number."

The person reads out the number.


lyric: "Tonight I should have stayed at home, playing with my big fat cock."

Tape flip at this point.


BS: "How many of you here want to hear it again. Okay, wonderful audience, what a wonderful audience. I would like to know you personally, each and every one of you. Just think, it must be wonderful [medicine?] in this audience."

A couple of seconds later: "...To others[?]"

lyric: "These crazy words are mine, Someday I'll print them..."

Bernard growls out what has to be "Rolaids!" during the bridge right before singing the verse again.

BS: "Thank you very much."


Bernard reverses the "I've been good and I've been bad", making the (correct) Hooky backing vocal stand out like a sore thumb.

lyric: "No matter how I try and try, the smell of cocaine gets me high." Substance, get it?

BS: "Thank you very much indeed, thank you very much."

What he says next sounds like "Short and askew" but probably isn't.

_State___Of___The___Nation_ follows.


BS: "Thank you very much. Have we got any faggots in the audience tonight? Yeah, everyone. [people start booing, and you can hear a female fan shout "Oh my God"]. But clearly Barney is taking the piss, because he follows up by saying, "That's good, cuz we don't care....We're New Order and we don't care." The crowd goes wild.

And then the band soundcheck Iggy Pop's "The Passenger"!


BS: "Thank you very much, good night!"

Ends in guitar

End of main set, tape edit in between this and first encore.


PH: "This is for all you, eh, old-timers in the audience..."

lyric: "Yet we're all trying...yet we're all saying... You turn to your mother, you turn to your father...given in too soon..."

[he may have forgotten the lyrics and just ab-libbed this part]

Thank you very much indeed, good night! Sounds soo bad.


Doesn't appear on my recording, alas.


(from RM source...faded up in progress, as the taper had to rush back in and set up the gear)

Plenty of foul-mouthed utterings. "I don't give a shit...I don't care about you..." being a sample. Amazing feedback drenched guitarwork.

BS: "Thanks very much, good night!"

NO: 13 SEP 87 The Forum - Los Angeles, CA

Tape kindly supplied by Fiver.


On my recording most of this song is missing, only the very end is present.

BS: (at end) "Thank you very much."

_Touched___By___The___Hand___Of___God_ and _Weirdo_ follow.


Has the "they're all taking drugs with me" line.

BS: (at end) "Thank you very much."


Has a Hooky bass coda, which segues into _Every___Little___Counts_.


This version, unusually, has strings along with the normal bass synth during the intro.

_Face___Up_ is next.

There's a tape edit at this point, presumably the flip point.


BS: "Help me please, let's not shout anymore, this [club can't hear it]." (can't quite make this out)


Hooky plays the opening riff on a much higher fret than normal, then switches to the standard opening.

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ follows.

BS: (at end) "Thank you very much, goodnight!"


Encore track.

BS: "Thank you very much to the audience, this is over time. This is an eight thousand dollar version of "A Perfect Kiss".

NO: 15 SEP 87 Compton Terrace - Phoenix, Arizona

Description from http://web.archive.org/web/20011102124429/http://slashmc.rice.edu/ceremony/neworder/no_disc/notapes.html

The entry reads:

Rennes, France, 11.12.85 salle villar - maison de la culture

blue monday, ultraviolence, the village, shame of the nation, this time of night, everything's gone green, sub-culture (b) confusion, temptation, the perfect kiss, as it is when it was (filler from compton terrace AZ 1-15-97 substance tour)

However, MDMArchive reveals that in fact the setlist was significantly different, which makes sense as As It Is When It Was was really only featured during their '89 tour.

(side a)
01. Bizarre Love Triangle
02. Ceremony
03. Dreams Never End
04. Way Of Life
05. Blue Monday
06. Sooner Than You Think
07. Love Vigilantes
08. True Faith
09. Sub Culture

(side b)
10. Temptation [tape flip, beginning missing]
11. The Perfect Kiss
12. Atmosphere
13. Do The Ostrich

Actually, I misread the slashmc.rice.edu listing, as it was pointed out that the filler from Compton Terrace was never actually enumerated!

NO: 18 SEP 87 Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Tape starts out with the Vikings theme.


BS: "Hello, we're New Order, and we'll focus on the...bit basic(?)"

Couple of stereo field shifts...the quality of the recording gets noticably better after the second minute.


PH: "Got all this feedback on me..." (?)

At the end, Bernard says, "Thank you, punters."

_Angel___Dust_ is next.


Somebody near the taper (on the left channel) says "Yeah" about three times.


A few notes from the melodica before the electronics start.

lyrics: "No breathing, no movement, no colors, no side fills."

Bernard delivers "Piss off" in an interesting accent.

_True___Faith_ comes next.


BS: "Bass...sequencer...down...please."

Somebody shouts out for "Temptation".

_Subculture_ follows.


BS: "Thank you very much."

_Age___Of___Consent_ and then _Temptation_.

BS: "Thank you, good night."

New Order come back on to do _The___Perfect___Kiss_, but before that Hooky plays a bit of a bass solo.

BS: "Thank you very much, good night."

And like that, they're done.

NO: 19 SEP 87 Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Off of CD-R sent to me by Calle, later seeded for all to enjoy on DIME. Audience tape, fairly good sound.

Announcer..."let us now experience New Order"...then about two minutes of 87 tour theme music.

New Order come on stage.

BS: "It's a little bit cold..."

PH: "Let see if we can warm you up a bit..."



PH: "Whose is this, whose is this? Think I'll want to hold on to this..."



PH: "Transmission...it's nice to hear someone with a sense of humor."

Begining is full of nice choral effects.


PH: "All right..."


(at end)

BS: "Ozzie, repair our [-two words-] now.."

_True___Faith_ follows.


Good example of hold and release sampling. "Show me...show me...show me.." Bernard then says "Mussolini...was a fat bloke." which amusingly also gets the hold and release treatment.

They run through the remaining songs...including _Face___Up_ and _Temptation_. _The___Perfect___Kiss_ closes out the main set.

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ is the first encore track. Then they play _Anarchy___In___The___UK_, which has a loping Hooky bassline and one of the roadies doing the vocals.

PH: "Thank you, and good night...and to [?] words[?]"

NO: 06 DEC 87 Philipshalle - Dusseldorf

Source is a excellent second-generation audience tape. There are two other known sources as well.

The intro is actually the beginnings of the bassline for _Loveless_! Amazing to see this so early.

_Touched___By___The____Hand____Of____God_ follows.

BS: "Thank you very much, [something]."

_Ceremony_ follows.


The final performance ever for this song.

PH: "Eh, getting a whistle on the bass there, mate."


PH: "Eh, getting a whistle on the bass there, mate."


This brings out handclaps from all about. Features "they're all taking drugs with me" lyric, of course.


PH: "Nice little short one for you, lull you all to sleep."

Some chatter in German through the first verse on the tumult version.

After the second verse, Bernard pips in with what sounds like the F-word.

Has the "Sputnik" synth ending.


Soon to be retired from the setlist, with the Wembley performance four days later being the final performance until this one was resuscitated in 2001.

Hooky starts this one out with a descending slide.

_Sunrise_ and _Face___Up_ follow.

Barney says something different before the "your hair was long" bit. Either that, or it's an out-and-out flub.


At about 3:00 Barney improvises with directions to the stage crew.

lyric: "I will complain about the light..."

At 5:37, he sneaks a "fuck you" into the "I've never seen anybody quite you before" lines.

Barney's guitar filigree melds right into the _Blue___Monday_ intro.

BS: "Thank you very much, good night!"

Fans start cheering, there's a tape break a few seconds and about two and a half minutes of further cheers, claps, etc. Another edit and New Order come back on.


PH: "Anyone got any chewing gum? Any of you fuckers got any chewing gum? Quit chewing gum, you cunt!"

(wonder what happened here?)

PH: "[snorts] That's better..." There's a stutter with the drums during an intro, like Hooky was beating the shit out of them. He mutters a few other things before Barney starts singing.

(during intro)

PH: "Pretty good [Mike?], keep it up." He mutters something after that I can't make out.


The last time this is ever played. Has a unique programmed drum intro instead of live drums.

Lots of improvs, one example:

lyric: "You said to me, I should have met you before... In the year of '84, when I met you you were a bore."

And more:

lyric: "I saw you where people called me shitfaced... I saw you immediately I loooooved you..."

Ends with Hooky going nuts, of course. The band has stopped playing by the time the Star Trek samples come on, which are still playing as the venue music goes out over the PA.

NO: 08 DEC 87 Mutualite - Paris

Link to gig review at http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/paris87.htm

Confirmed track listing as same in nogig.

Somewhat hissy recording, I have it identified as 4th generation. Still very listenable even as such. I've since received a better copy.

Performance features the last time NO is known to have performed 586.


BS: "Thank you very much, we're New Order, and this is Bizarre Love Triangle...you bastard."


BS: "Merci Beaucoup".

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much, punters. Eddie, can you tighten this mic stand up."


BS: "Thank you very much. ...mike stand in place."


BS: "It's a song about prostitutes with big tits".

Features the "they're all taking drugs with me" lyric.

_As___It___Is___When___It___Was_ and _Paradise_ follow.

As does _586_, the last time the group play the song.

_Face___Up_ is played. It has a digital skip at 2:29.

A/B split at this point.

_Temptation_ follows.

Some audience shout-outs.

_Age___Of___Consent_ features "...just what the fuck you want us to..." typical of '87 gigs.

_The___Perfect___Kiss concludes the main set.

lyric: "Let's go out and fuck someone."

The audience claps along to the handclaps in the song, which has to be a first!

The very end features a whooping sound not unlike the siren in 'Disorder'.

Edit in tape between main set and encore.

_Blue___Monday_ is the first encore track.

Interestingly enough, Blue Monday has the orchestral-like sounds that it would take on during the Technique tour.

_Sister___Ray_ also sounds like the version they played in Brazil in '88 that can be found in on the Giorno Poetry Systems _Like___A___Girl___I___Like___To___Keep___You___Coming_ compilation with the speeded up ending, though this version finds Bernard in a more talkative mood.

There's a link to an article about somebody whe was there at http://www.angelfire.com/ga/zza77/temp/paris87.htm

NO: 10 DEC 87 Wembley Arena - London

Dropouts at the beginning of this version, but sound gets better as it goes along.


BS: "Thank you very much."

(following from Dave Mings...may be missing from my version, but not his)

After this one Barney says 'Thank you very much. Apart from that bastard'. This was referring to some punter who through a plastic bottle that flicked off the top of his head and then flew in Steve's direction.

_Ceremony_ follows.


PH: "Hello. Good evening! This one is for Terry Mason, who's leaving us tonight. This is his favourite song so let's call it(?) bon voyage."

PH: (at end) "Bye bye Tel". (thanks to Dave Mings for supplying this bit)

_True___Faith_ is next.

They're all taking drugs with me, of course.

BS: "Thank you very much, thank you very much indeed. Manchester United!"

_Bizarre___Love___Triangle_ follows.


(at start)

BS: "Thank you very much. I want to dedicate this next record to Gene Loves Jezebel. We're all very big fans of theirs. I'm sure if we are, you are."

I think this 'dedication' is entirely sarcastic, but unlike what I had earlier, he likely states "record" and NOT "rip-off". Thanks again to Dave Mings for the observation.


PH: "How are you doing tonight? What's [tons of echo here obscures the next couple of words] are you waiting for?"

_Subculture_ and then _Face___Up_ follow.

BS: "Thank you very much."

An edit at this point, likely the A/B flip.

_Temptation_ and _The___Perfect___Kiss_ close out the set. _Blue___Monday_ starts out the first encore. The tape garbles a bit during the intro. Lots of audience participation on this one.

BS: "And we're gonna finish with a very, very, very, very, very, very old song tonight called _Love___Will___Tear___Us___Apart_."


The band come back out for a second encore.

Both Hooky and Barney speak during the intro, but I can't make out what they're saying. Your help here would be appreciated.

During a break between choruses.

BS: "Turn the lights down a little bit. Turn them off, Andy, please."

'Slow ending' variant.