Picture of Bernie New

EL: 04 AUG 90 - Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles


Only the last few seconds are captured. I think this intro bit may be otherwise unreleased.

BS: "Hello, we're...eh, Electronic"

I wonder what would have happened had he said "New Order".

punter: "Barney!"

Bernard whoops a couple of times

Somebody else can be heard saying "Johnny Marr plays..."

More chatter at the 4:10 mark.

BS: "Thank you."

Try All You Want

BS: "The next song's an instrumental."

(They had not finished it by the time of the show's arrival)

BS: "Thank you."


BS: "You can dance if you want to."

Some more chatter at the 1:40 point.

Somebody says "Oh, God" at 3:55.

BS: "Thank you."

Get The Message follows.

BS: "Thank you, please welcome the Pet Shop Boys.

Getting Away With It

NT: "Getting Away With It."

Bridge section is very different than release.

Idiot Country

Bernard mutters something I can't make out.

A whistle at the end.

Tighten Up

Comments from people around the taper saying, "I don't think they'll run over" and "I think they'll only play 45."

BS: "Whoa thanks a lot...thank you very much."

Soviet is the final song.

EL: 05 AUG 90 Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles

From http://www.monkey.org/~laps/ceremony/digests/_1990/v90.n001

Date: Mon Oct 1 18:17:07 1990
From: Andrew C. Hsu
Subject: Electronic in LA...

Yeah, I saw Electronic in their LA show. I wasn't particularly impressed I must say. Chris Lowe was supposed to come out and play some Pet Shop Boys tunes and all (at least they were trying to make it out to be something really big), but they didn't perform any PSB songs that I could identify. I think Chris Lowe left after one or two songs. All in all, I thought they were rather boring-- Johnny Marr's guitar couldn't be heard except in one song, and their encore seemed really half-baked (Neil came on stage and pounded about 30 seconds worth of chords). Definitely not a very visual nor acoustically stimulating act.

EL: 04 AUG 91 - 'Cities In The Park' - Heaton Park, Manchester

Good quality recording, sounds NR'ed a bit, but a spectograph reveals no frequency-based alteration.

Get The Message

This has been revamped from the version that appears on the album, and is likely based on one of the remix versions.

BS: "Thank you!"

Idiot Country

BS: "Thank you, it's good to be back."

Good version, has an instrumental intro instead of Bernard's vocals at the very start like the LP version.

BS: "Thank you very much."


(at end)

BS: "Thanks a lot, thank you."

Try All You Want

Sounds like the synth line during the bridge is being played by a guitar.

BS: "Thank you."

Tighten Up

(at end)

BS: "Woo! 'ank you."

Some Distant Memory

This one starts out really slow and speeds up. With this song, it appears that every track off the self-titled debut has been performed live, which is the last New Order-or-related album this is true for.

Getting Away With It

BS: "Ok, please welcome the Pet Shop Boys!"

Bernard starts in too early, but then stops and corrects himself.

The middle part of this goes just apeshit funky, with a voice saying "crank this motherfucker up". Completely incongruous.

Edit in recording.

Feel Every Beat

This song was also videoed.

BS: "Thank you, good night!"

Free Will

This instrumental ends the proceedings.

EL: 09 DEC 91 Barrowland - Scotland

Appears on Vol 10 of NOAA.

The crowd appears to have been especially enthusiastic at the Barrowland. Suspect Electronic could have been huge had New Order not spoiled things by not getting back to do Republic. :)

The instrumental Soviet starts out things.

BS: "Thank You".

Idiot Country

Fans chant out along with the chorus.

Johnny Marr's guitar work is particularly impressive here.

BS: "Thank you very much."


Very enthusiastic reaction to this as well.

BS: "Thank you."

Try All You Want follows.

(at end)

BS: "Thank you."


BS: "It's a new one."

This announcements is greeted by cheers and chanting.

Uniquely, there are no PSBs for this one, so this song is entirely sung by Bernard!

Somebody blows a whistle along to parts of the first verse.

(an end)

BS: "Thank you."

Get The Message

More chanting...

The whole crowd is singing this song, making it difficult to hear Bernard over them.

BS: "Thank you."


Yet more chanting...quite an enthusiastic lot, these Scots.

BS: "'nk you."

Tighten Up

Very targeted chanting (something unrelated to Electronic) at the start, as if these fans had come off a football pitch, which dies out once this track starts up, where they direct their energies instead.

The NOAA version repeats several times at the end, very all.

Bernard whoops at the end.

Getting Away With It

Huge cheers when people recognize it.

Tape flip between GAWI and Some Distant Memory

(at end)

BS: "'ank you! We're getting [into it]."

Feel Every Beat

BS: "Wooo. You're too kind(?)."

Brief edit, probably between first and second encores.

BS: "Thank you, Barrowlands."

Free Will

This instrumental, first debuted at Heaton Park, closes out the proceedings. Brilliant guitar work from Mr. Marr on display.

BS: "Thank you, goodnight!"

EL: 12 DEC 91 Wembley Hall - London

One from the UK-based trader of reknown. Another version taken from a fairly well-known seller of live tapes has recently surfaced that has none of the characteristics of the first version.

Some question whether this is Wembly *Arena*...tape is labelled "Hall" though.


BS: "Woo! Thank you."

Idiot Country

Cut in 2:46, present in master.

BS: "Thank you very much."


BS: "Thank you."

Try All You Want

Sounds like a mic gets unplugeed at the 1:30 point, and again at 2:13 or so.

At 3:10 somebody says, "He'll just fuck it up now...".

BS: "Thank you."

Get The Message

BS: "Bit hot in here. It's nice to be back."

Very audible singalong. Somebody shouts out right when Bernard whispers "Napalm".

BS: "Thank you."


BS: "Thank you. Thanks very much."

Tighten Up

lyric: "Don't bring this coma to me..."

Bernard comes in very late on the last verse...may have been technical problems.

BS: "Thank you. Thanks very much."

Some Distant Memory

BS: "Here we go."

Bernard whoops, to cheers...the track speeds up.

BS: "Thank you. Please welcome the Pet Shop Boys!"

Edit in tape. Cut 0:13 into Patience Of A Saint.

BS: "'k you."

NT: "Thank you, this is a new Electronic song, it's called Disappointed."

NT: "Thank you."

Getting Away With It

Unreleased mix of live version.

BS: "Woo! Thank you, good night! Thank you."

Feel Every Beat

BS: "Muchas gracias."

Internal cut 1:02 into song, probably A/B flip.

Another different mix.

BS: "Thank you. Goodnight again. I am the Lizard King!"


RE: 25 JAN 90 La Locomotive Paris

Date could also be 26 JAN 90...will need some more research to clear up.

Writeup forthcoming.

RE: 18 APR 90 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow

(from Paradise, vol 4)

Review by Andy Hurst

Any band who come on to the strains of Nico must be more important than your usual fodder, right? Right. In the flesh and on the stage Revenge mutate into a five headed noise beast.

C.J. on keyboards and sequencers, Dave Hicks on guitar, vocals, and ethnic rituals, Pete Hook as lead vocals and on seminal bass, a good drummer, and a very proficient bassist on backing vocals and lead bass.

Kicking off and upwards with 'Jesus, I love you' the songs were obviously going to be powerful, complex projects and ideas in musical form. There is so much going on in the songs and they hold a certain dramatic overtone due to the darker shades of them. The vocals were surprisingly smooth (sorry Pete!) and some of the keyboard work was really superb, the main bassist was sharp hey held back to let Peter involve himself in the compelling twin basslines.

Once the band have done a few more gigs together their raw power should tighten up things and control the way the songs are portrayed. Due to the size of the venue (250) the bands full equipment (i.e. reverb and more FX units) could not be used, but it was impressive anyway. It was important to remember that Revenge has five heads not one. Everybody wants Revenge. No encores.

SET LIST: 'Jesus, I love you', 'Citadel', 'Kiss the Chrome', '7 Reasons',

'Pineapple Face', 'Bleach Boy', 'Surf Nazi's', 'Slave', 'Big Bang'

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Well, I'm flattered. You enjoying that, Jaclyn? What have we done with our lives?"

Big Bang

PH: "Thank you. You lot are in good voice tonight, aren't you? You should be up here. This is where you all go quiet, since you all don't know it, let's enjoy it, shall we?"

Kiss The Chrome

DH: "See you're too young to drink, you know. Everybody wants Revenge."

Citadel follows.

Seven Reasons

PH: (presumably to the band) "You heard the lad, let's go!"

Surf Nazi

DH: "Thought we were ending it, eh? If you're a really good one, I'll give you a kiss later."

(At end)

PH: "Thank you!"


Someone cries out for 'Ceremony'.

DH: "Gimme a break, how about you and Nick?"

RE: 19 APR 90 Riverside, Newcastle

From CD provided by Julio. Sound is good. Length is about 41 minutes. A video has recently surfaced.

Opening music is 'Funeral For A Viking'.

Jesus I Love You

(at conclusion)


Punter begs for the vocals to be turned up, he can't hear a word.


Hooky then ripostes, "Can you hear [with large amounts of echo]...can you hear that? I know the feeling."

Someone shouts out "Ceremony!".

Big Bang

PH: "Let's go!"

(at conclusion)

PH: "Thank you."

Kiss The Chrome

PH: "Here's another one you haven't heard before, so we'll all have to grin and bear it, I suppose.

Punter yells something I can't make out.

PH: "Come up here and say that!"

Huge scream from Hooky after chorus...with Hooky a bit later saying, "Take it away, Dave."

PH: (in a funny voice) "Thank you."


PH: (off-mic) "Let's go!"

Middle bit features melody from The Doors, "Hello, I Love You" (or did the Doors nick it from the Stones?)

7 Reasons follows.

Surf Nazi

PH: "We have to put a slow one in here because there's nowhere else for it to go, so...here it is."

Punter yells, "Oi! ...play a little bass!"

During the bridge, Hooky says, "Go ahead, Pottsy."

Drawn out "I love youuuuuu...." line.

PH: (at end) "If you believe that, you believe anything." The audience tape cuts out at 'anything'.

Pineapple Face follows.

PH: (at end) "Thank you."

Hooky mutters something during Slave like "Forget my [something] wasn't screwed on."

He plays a nice little riff to link to the final song in the set, Bleachman.

RE: 21 APR 90 Leadmill's - Sheffield

From DIME seed by 'tock', seeded on 22nd December 2006.

Has the Vikings intro, circa New Order '85. Sweet.

Jesus I Love You and Big Bang start off the set.

Hooky says something I can't make out at the start of Kiss The Chrome.

And something else I can't make out except the words "hope" and "tonight", perhaps.


The Rolling Stones cover.

Followed by 7 Reasons.

Hooky makes a sharp comment in between verses...can't make out all of it.

PH: "You're not too good to be on a fucking...don't ever..."

RE: 19 APR 90 Zap Club, Brighton

From CD provided by Julio. Sound is fair. Amazingly little to go on here, so my notes are brief. Length is about 44 minutes.

Jesus, I Love You

Horrible pre-gig music that sounds like a C&W cover of the Supremes "You Just Keep Me Hanging On".

Revenge take the stage.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Good evening."

They play a seven minute version.

PH: "Thank you."

Big Bang

Hooky sings "Soar through the change in your eyes" (instead of "pain in your eyes")

Some bass notes between this and the next song.

Kiss The Chrome

Drum intro is eerily similar to In A Lonely Place. Hooky repeats the "Here with me" line three times.


Again, features Doors "Hello, I Love You" melody during the bridge.

Surf Nazi

"I love you" line repeated twice in falsetto.


PH: "Thank you."

RE: 23 APR 90 Corn Exchange - Cambridge

Source is CD from Julio, likely mastered from cassette. CD is labeled as 23 *MAR* 90, but I think this is incorrect. Sound is fair. Length is exactly 40 minutes.

A video source from IM has also recently surfaced, clear sound, but monoaural, and with vocals very low in the mix.

Hooky is wearing a dark blue umbro shirt, Hicks is in a sleveless pink(!) number, cJ is in a FD DIY umber, and a very young Pottsy is in the mix playing bass.

Jesus I Love You_

A couple minutes are missing from the beginning. First ten seconds is right channel bouncing in and out.

During the bridge, Hookys sticks his bass in front of the stacks to get feedback. Near the end, Hooky drops one of his drumsticks and has to bend down and pick it up.

Big Bang_

(at completion)

PH: "Thank you." Then says something I can't make out.

Kiss The Chrome follows.


Can hear "Hello, I Love You" by the Doors being played during the bridge.

PH: "Thanks a lot."

7 Reasons_


PH: "You can tell that we..." [can't make out rest]

Surf Nazi_

The backing vocals by (presumably) Dave Hicks get annoying at one point.

PH: "Don't hold back!"

Pineapple Face_

DH (I think): "C'mon, shout out...

PH: (mumbles)

DH: "A bit louder...c'mon!"


PH: "C'mon here...shout it out!"

There's a dropout a couple minutes in.

Somebody says something about "been separated", somebody else says "Yeah, and then a bunch of fans simultaneously blurt out something that sounds like "Brainstorming!", and then Hooky says something else I can't make out.

Set ends with Bleachman.

Sorry for all the vagueness but it's really difficult to make out a lot of it. Maybe somebody with better ears or a cleaner source can have a whack at it.

RE: 30 JUN 90 Toledo Junction Greenock Scotland

From fac10 in WIM:

"I was browsing the Revenge discography the other day and was reminded of a Revenge show I had been to that wasn't listed. I believe the date was saturday june 30th of `91 at Toledo Junction in Greenock Scotland. I remember a friend of mine and I went to the pub well in advance of curtain time, and to our very cheery delight was Hooky himself standing with Cj I believe. If I recall correctly, Tony France from Stockholm Monsters made the trip up north as well. At any rate we all swung a few pints prior to the show then they took the stage. Small venue, HUGE sound and the lads really kicked it out fine that nite. I know it had to be `91 because Pottsy was also there filling in on bass or guitar where needed. At any rate about halfway through the show a waitress approaches my friend and I with a bottle of champers for each of us courtesy of the band. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Peter and Co had all signed our tickets stubs, (one of my most revered possessions) Peter signing mine "To Billy, Peter Hook wor`ere!" Sorry for the ramble, but it was nice to bring up that old memory. At any rate, at least you can update the Revenge Gig guide!"


"An interesting read - thanks for posting it! If you can find out the exact date (is it not on the ticket stub?) that would be useful.

Pottsy was there at all Revenge gigs from the start (early '90) I believe. First on bass - then on guitar from some time in '91 (although I think he always played guitar on "Deadbeat" from its debut some time in October? '90 onwards)."

fac10: "yes Indie, you are correct it was on the stub. The date is right, cost was 4quid in advance, 5 at the door. The show was presented by "Eva Destruction" lol"

RE: 13 JUL 90 FÊlledparken, Copenhagen

From DIME seed by 'willem', seeded on 8 Feb 2016. This was a free show that seemed to subject Hooky and the lads to a bit of abuse, which they didn't seem to take kindly to, for some odd reason.

The band play the untitled intro instrumental before Jesus I Love You.

PH: "Thank you, this is Big Bang"

Right after the first verse, Hooky starts giving directions, including "Take it away, hopalong!". He also lays over "The shining path of sin" to cover up for losing his place in the song.

PH: "Go have a lie down if you're tired, don't let us keep you up!"

Kiss The Chrome

PH: Hooky says "Adios!" to somebody mid-verse.

Surf Nazi

PH: It's nice and cool, isn't it? Ah, it's getting... [can't make out]"

The string keyboards overwhelm the song.

Some chatter off-mic.

Citadel (Rolling Stongs) follows.

PH: (during middle of song, presumably to people in the crowd) "Go boys, let's see some life!" Then he quips, "Don't fucking bother."

During the middle part.

PH: "C'mon boys, show us what you can do. C'mon...c'mon, you're brave, c'mon...go and do the pogo."

Some other comments at later points: "All tied up, Oscar..." and "C'mon...faster..."

7 Reasons

PH: "Here we go!"

During the break, Hooky says, "So what happens when Inspiral Carpets leave some fans behind?"

comment to punter: "My fucking girlfriend, twatface..."

at end:

PH: "Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself."

Pineapple Face follows.

PH: "Now that twat's gone, maybe we can have some fun!"

(at end)

PH: "Fucking' killing over there. Always some twat.


Another fan disturbance, during the bridge.

PH: "Well, we've got somebody else who's a big man...hey!"


PH: "Give a break will ya, for fuck's sake."

Fade out and fade-in for encore track.

White Light White Heat (Velvet Underground)

PH: "All right I'll like to try and put it right, anyways, so we'll do one more. Hooky shouts out, "Let's go boys" for the start of the song.

Includes some colorful ad-libs for lyrics involving some profanity.

PH: "Good night."


Pineapple Face

(voice) "What what..."

PH: "Right, stop this, love, when you buy one, right, stop me and buy one... when you've had enough, stop it, right."

RE: 28 JUL 90 The International - Manchester

From DIME seed by 'tock', seeded on 22nd December 2006.

Alan Wise is introducing.

AW: "One, it's getting a bit difficult to see you. Hearken unto me and listen. Because they love you so much they've come home to seek... Revenge."

A bit of feedback as they come on, playing the VU-type introductory instrumental they opened with during their '90 dates.

PH: "Good evening. Nice to be home."

Jesus I Love You follows.

Hooky makes a comment after the "lost in pleasure" line about a minute in.

PH: "what do you need me for?"

And a "Let's go" right before the bridge.

PH: "Thank you very much."

Big Bang

Hooky says something at the end of this, can't make it out.

Some bass notes/tuning between tunes.

Kiss The Chrome follows, and then Surf Nazi, which has different-sounding throbbing middle bit than what ended up on the album.

Hooky makes a comment at the end, I can make out only "that was..." out of the sum total.


The Rolling Stones cover.

Hooky says "Time to replay..." (again, can't make out the rest) during the bridge.

7 Reasons

Yet another ending comment I can't parse.

Pineapple Face

Hooky says something like "I'll be loving you" during his "Peace, in peace" mantra bit.

Slave concludes the main set. There's a brief edit between this and the final track.

Hooky says something before Bleachman which, as you guessed, I can't make out.

At the end...

PH: "Thank you, good night."

White Light White Heat

PH: "You swindling bastards, what do you know? What do we get for each and every one of you bastards.

PH: "Eric, what's the matter, fucker? Here's a(?) song you know... [something else]"

RE: 09 AUG 90 The Marquee, New York City

Opens with the Sister Ray-style intro common to the '90 gigs, which segues after 1:12 into Jesus ILoveYou

PH: "Good evening."

Levels go up at about 1:30.

(at end)

PH: "How ya doin'?"

Big Bang

PH: "Thank you. It's a hell of a home, that one(?)"

Kiss The Chrome

2:11 After the "stark, stark raving mad" line, Hooky asks, "Who believes that?"

There sounds like an edit in the recording between songs.

Surf Nazi

Arrangement a bit different from the recorded version. There's a bit of diginoise in my source.

2:50 AFter "I'll have to say we're through", Hooky adds, "WE'RE THROUGH!"

Hooky ends the song with, "I love you...and you, and you, and you, and you."

Citadel and 7 Reasons follow.

There's a huge feedback squall 3:05 in during the latter song.

Somebody says "ta" right before there's another edit, followed by Pineapple Face.

Most pronounced diginoise at 4:40 here, though it can be heard a bit throughout.

(at end)

PH: "It's nice to be back."


PH: "Thank you very much. I enjoyed it as well."


Ends with a bit of a guitar flourish.

The audience master features White Light White Heat which is left off the original recording.

RE: 11 AUG 90 9:30 Club, Washington DC

MP3 source from perspexorange. Recording is a bit murky.

Jesus I Love You

PH: (right before the first verse about 2m in) "Good evening, everyone."

About seven minutes long, it's got the improved bass-driven opening.

(at end) PH: "(can't make out) ....aren't you? Ah...."

Big Bang

(at end) PH: "...big chap, if you could take care of it for me."

Punter yells out for Shadowplay. People laugh. Hooky comments something like there's always a comedian in the crowd, exact words being hard to make out.

Kiss The Chrome follows.

Surf Nazi

Sounds like Hooky introduces the track by name.


Mislabelled "Bleachman". Some lout is yelling midway through, and Hooky replies "fuck you" to lots of cheering.

7 Reasons

My copy was mislabelled "Fag Hag", which they never played live as far as I know.

Pineapple Face follows.

PH: (at song's end) "Thank you."

Slave follows.


Dave Hicks says something I can't make out.

Tape likely cuts out before any encore is played, or the band didn't feel like doing one.

RE: 18 AUG 90 I-Beam - San Francisco

Source is cassette from Anthony. Sound is excellent.

Intro Instrumental (untitled)

This is the same as the "Great To Be Back" intro Revenge played during their Cities In The Park gig. I'm was fairly sure this was an excerpt of 'Sister Ray', being less than a minute long, but indiearchivist says that's not the case.

Jesus I Love You

About seven minutes long, it's got the improved bass-driven opening.

Big Bang

PH: "No smoking, no cigarettes, Jesus...I beg your pardon?"

He yells out "I think I'm falling/I THINK I'M RUNNING NOW" part. Also does this with the "shining path OF SIN" bit.

PH: "Thank you, nice to be back...San Fran-cis-co."

Kiss The Chrome

The live version is missing the Hooky whisper outro on the album version. He also says "thank you" during the first verse.

A bit of guitar noodling/tuning before the start of the next tune.

Surf Nazi

Hooky draws out the "I've always been a dreamer" and screeches out the "I love yoooouuuu..." part.


"I never cared about love/
With all my doubts I was confused"

Hooky adds, sardonically, "Can you believe that?".

He also repeats the "We are through" in the following lyric, in his trademark growl. The ending is different, Hooky concludes by repeating his "I've always been a dreamer..." lyric, ending in a "I love you."

Citadel (labelled as Primitive World)

This was never commercially releasaed. It's a Rolling Stones cover, from 'Satanic Majesties Request' (thanks to fernando for the correction)

Good version, with a nice whispered break with Hooky saying, "I feel too fucking old."

7 Reasons

PH: "Thank you very much. This is Seven Reasons. Four and a half reasons, Dave wasn't ready with his guitar....He's back, he's back! C'mon, Dave."

Has the Dave Hicks electric intro...Hooky laughs right before the "who wants to be adored" lines (a crib from the Stone Roses, that)

Pineapple Face

PH: "Egomania draws more, Hooky[?]"

Peace, in peace.


DH: "a...innit, get(?) off!". Anyway, I think this is Hicks. He's incredibly difficult to understand.


The beginning is cut, and starts out dropped out but goes back to normal immediately.

Four and change minutes in Hooky says something like "bass drum".

Hooky belts out "I'm alive" REALLY LOUDLY and does his spoken-word coda over a distorted Hicks solo.

An MC (probably someone from 105.3 FM, don't know exactly who) gets up to the mic:

MC: "Let's hear it one time for Revenge."


White Light White Heat

Hicks comes out with the following strange pronouncement....let's just say it didn't win him any fans.

DH: "It's not too a bit concerned about you being ugly? Is it...is that right about you being an ugly audience? [stutter] You are the fucking ugliest bunch of audience I've ever played to..."

Punter: "He says we were fucking ugly, I don't know..."

PH: "All of you are...can't find the lead in this dive."

More audience members make their opinion of Hicks known.

"From the guy who couldn't solo..."
Another punter yells "play the bass, Peter."

DH: "White lines. [punter repeats it] White lines. [punter repeats it after him again]"

Plenty of Hooky yelling "I'm going to make you FOOKIN' mine".

DH: "Fuck off, you're looking at Winston Barnsby."

Who's Winston Barnsby?

I don't think he ment any of this in an insulting way, he was trying to crack a joke. Of course, his attempt at humor was an abject failure.

fernando says the following:

"Nah... he was just trying to be funny... there was no thing wrong (or more at unusual) with the audience."

MC: "Revenge."

RE: 25 OCT 90 Daily News Club Stockholm

Have this both on CD and MP3. The sound is excellent.

White Light White Heat

PH: "This one's for Alice. Wasn't my idea [two words mumbled], so fuck it."

I'm sure Hooky butchered the lyrics. Apparently he ran into some trouble, because about 3 1/2 minutes in, he starts going after somebody presumably heckling him.

PH: (taking on heckler) "It's nice of you to say tacky(?)...attacks on Hooky. I won't be a little cunt where you should be. (heckler or someone else goes 'Yeah'). Listen, I've never done anything a cunt like you could tell me, all right? You're so fucking open, you should be onstage, mate. You should be onstage!"

Before they kick things back into gear, Hooky lobs the following:

PH: "I ask for your blessing, but sometimes I prefer ignorance."

RE: 04 SEP 90 Musichall Cologne


Intro instrumental (untitled)
Big Bang
Surf Nazi
Jesus, I Love You
7 Reasons
Pineapple Face
White Light, White Heat

Source: VHS dub graciously provided by Waterrat. As he notes, the sound is pretty bad and cuts out quite a few times, so this isn't suitable for reproduction, unfortunately. But the video part is fine. I've subsquently received a CD from Julio Moura with superb audio.

First, a description regarding attire. Hooky is decked out in his leather trousers, of course. Pottsy is all in white, and is wearing what appears to be a Wil E. Coyote shirt. CJ is dressed in black...half dork...half DM reject. Dave Hicks has a loud pinkish red wavy thing on him.

They appear to be playing to no more than a hundred or so people, who except for a couple of hecklers, are as meek as sheep.

Noticed written on the stacks: "Free Jeff" "The Chef!" I would be interested in a compilation of witticisms that have appeared there.

The untitled intro bit is played by the band, and lasts about a minute.

Big Bang

Hooky yells out the "I'm returning now".

Surf Nazi

PH: "Good evening, everybody. Gutentag. This..is...I'll retitle it for you people...'`Surf Doxies'."

Hooky yells pt 2...he screams out "I love you" twice and the "all of these things for you..." part as well.

Jesus I Love You

Pottsy plays an interesting catchy rhythm bass riff while Hooky sings. First song where Hooky bangs on syndrums. He'll be doing that a lot here.


During the break, Hooky breaks out of his singing voice and asks: "You know what I've seen? No? Who knows?".

PH: "Thank you...what was that, big mouth?" (Kraut then yells something unintelligable)...need a translator for that."

7 Reasons

Is played faster than the LP version.

Pineapple Face

Pottsy has audible backing vox here. This is where Hooky starts having mic problems...he grabs the mic stand and shakes his head...and a roadie (unsuccessfully) comes out to try to fix things,


Another neat bass riff from Potts. Hicks does backing vox...all sing on chorus. Another song where Hooky plays syndrums.

PH: "Thank you. They don't make mike stands like they used to. Given all this technology, they'd get the mics done right, wouldn't you think? Then again, the fuck you'd really care..."


Has a different synth-based opening than I've heard elsewhere.

Hooky sings "I need a new intention or a new way of life" which I believe is different than on record. He yells out "I'm alive". Pottsy plays guitar for this song, not bass.

Revenge step away. Stage darkens. They end up coming back on.

PH: "Just testing".

White Light White Heat

As usual, Hooky sings "I'm gonna make you fuckin' mine". At one point, CJ has enough time to down an entire drink. Later on, one of Hooky's bass strings snaps, so he sets it down and instead starts beating the crap out of those syndrums he likes playing...the song ends in a cacophony of noise.

RE: 07 SEP 90 Luxor, Koln


Intro instrumental (untitled)
Jesus, I Love You
Big Bang
Kiss The Chrome
Surf Nazi
7 Reasons
Pineapple Face

White Light White Heat

CD provided by Julio Moura. Sound is inferior to Cologne, but still very good, since it was presumably not taken from the video feed.

Jesus I Love You has a glitch about 0:06 in.

PH: "Thank you. Danke vielen"
('Danke vielen' is "Thank you very much" in German)

Big Bang

Hooky yells "I'm running now!".

PH: "Thank you."

Kiss The Chrome

Intro rhythm is different than on the LP release.

Surf Nazi

PH: "This next one is called...sister (or Manchester?)... it's by Dutch to me, not Hamburg(?)...little dutch."

(very difficult to make out what he's saying)

Citadel played next.

Tape has intro to 7 Reasons faded out (right before the A/B flip, presumably). It's continued in full on the flip.

Pineapple Face follows.

A couple of pops near the end.

Slave follows.

A gap between this one and the following song, Bleachman.

lyric: "You're stupid, she said."

Edit between main set end encores.

White Light White Heat


lyric: "I'm gonna make you fucking mine!"

I think Dave Hicks says "Good night" right before the end.

RE: 29 SEP 90 La Bouse du Travail, Lyon France (TV performance)

Soundcheck, all are fragment/excerpts, the stage lighting is brighter at this part of the proceedings, indicating it was not the show proper.

Age Of Consent
Kiss The Chrome


Hooky interview snippet 1
Hooky interview snippet 2. Hooky says NO would start recording another LP in the following year... Big Bang
Hooky interview snippet 3.

Citadel was also televised, from an alternate broadcast

"indiearchivist" says that this may have been a full performance, with at least a couple of songs broadcast. Big Bang also was taped.

He also corrected the original listing, I had it 19 OCT 90 (but had it listed as 19 SEP 90)....he says they performed 29 SEP 90.

RE: 15 OCT 90 Logo, Hamburg


Jesus, I Love You (cut)
7 Reasons
Kiss The Chrome
Pineapple Face
White Light White Heat

There's some question whether this one was on the 15th of October or the 5th. The former makes more sense, given the other German dates at around that timeframe.

Hooky's very talkative in this one, but this sounds like it was taped using a cheap recorder in mono, making it difficult to pick out some of the more choice contributions. A better source has since seen the light of day.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "There it is, I knew it was in there some way."

(at the end)

PH: "Let's go!"

PH: "What makes you say that?"

punter: "That was very clear."

PH: (off mic) "Got no reason?"

7 Reasons

PH: "He's my father, actually I remember he's praying(?) for constructiveness... I love it! See what you think of this one, shitface!"

(at 0:45)

PH: "Lucky I'll never..." [can't make out the rest]


An early version thereof, the first time I'm aware that they played this.

A random punter blurts out "Peter Hook".

Kiss The Chrome

PH: "If...I...want...your...opinion...I'll...ask...for...it...OK?"

Hooky shouts out something at 1:05 which I can't make out.

Barney whoops. Hooky yelps.

Hicksy provides backing vocals on this one.


Shortly before 3:00, Hooky launches into a rant.

PH: "Ahhh, tonight you learn everything....[mumbles] I wish I could speak German sometimes. I come from Salford. We don't speak German in Salford. It's a hanging crime. You should be listening, shitheads."

At 3:30, Hooky sings "Do you think I'm fucking green(?)..."

Pineapple Face

Hooky blurts out something at 0:30, and says something else at the end I can't make out, as it's distorted over the PA.

Slave and Bleachman follow.

A bit of screaming afterwards. After about a minute, the group come back out for an encore.

White Light White Heat

A punter cries out, "Yo Peter, I want 14k. 14k."

While he's talking, Hooky interrupts him with something, which I can't make out.

PH: "14k. [fans cheer]. Have you done 14k out... [can't make out] Let's roll, boys. It's like...[mumble]"

This song is completely distorted on the old mono copy but sounds fine on the newer source, with somebody close to the taper screaming "Hooky" at about the midway point.

During the bridge, Hooky says something about "forgot how...being like this..."

The tempo speeds up near the end.

The audience members clap and cheer on, with somebody crying for "Warsaw"...

RE: 17 OCT 90 Exil - Trier Germany


Intro instrumental (untitled)
Jesus, I Love You
7 Reasons
Big Bang
Pineapple Face
White Light White Heat

Again, there's some confusion whether this date was on the 7th or 17th of October. I believe it was the latter, since it seems odd Revenge would visit certain venues, take a 10 day break, and come back.

Tape I have courtesy of Julio Moura, quality is similar to Hamburg, also sounding like it was taped with a cheap portable. It's too bad because Hooky speaks quite a bit on this one.

The intro backing tape is "A Gringo Like Me" by Ennio Morricone. Lyrics can be found at: http://www.sartana.homestead.com/gringo.html

After about 45 seconds we get the usual untitled instrumental intro.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "We always start like that...ahhh..."

At the end...

7 Reasons

PH: "Good evening. [growls out a few words I can't make out] Sounds real noisy to me. When you get to my age, you're scared of noise. You know what I mean? Let's go."

At 0:19, Hooky adds, "The great thing is, you're not scared of me then, you're scared of listening to it."

PH: "Thank you, danke."


PH: "This is a new song, it's called Deadbeat, baby!"

Very tight rendition, one of my favorite Revenge songs.

English guy says "I really liked that!" and a German lass starts yelling out stuff. This may be the same broad Hooky lays into on Citadel.

Big Bang

At 2:53, Hooky blurts out "Cannot be love that, cannot ex...[can't make out last part]"

PH: "We got plenty of seats in the back for old fogey monsters...yeah!"


PH: "Right, when you're ready, Ash [the drummer] baby..."

[During the break...Hooky goes after a girl that's apparently been heckling him throughout]

PH; "Ahh...it's always nice to have a contestant. Tonight's contestant is wearing a black leather jacket with blonde hair. She think's she's cool. We know different. We know she's an asshole. We know she's fucking laid into the back and we've brought a [can't make out]"

(starts speak-singing the following)

All my tour(?)...drunk...
And all the things that people do
Do you think think you're fucking you...

PH: "I've seen it it a thousand times before."

While he's speak-singing, you can hear the "contestant" in question scream in defiance.

PH: "Ah, hey babe....Ah, fuck you....ok...[some words growled out]...a fucking blonde...HEY YOU, hahahaha..."

At the end, Hooky says the following:

PH: "I don't like to do things like that, but it doesn't matter now."

A/B flip.

Pineapple Face

The sound gets really muffled at this point.

Hooky drawls out the ending "without byou" bits.


Can't make out what Hooky says, it may be "Danke vielen" ("Thank you very much" in German) but he says a few more words than that.


PH: "This is Bleachman."

PH: "Thank you, she...[?]"

Fade-out into encore.

White Light White Heat closes out the set.

RE: 18 OCT 90 Universatum - Stuttgart, Germany

(Reproduced from Paradise V)

Review by Ian Parkin

Dear Boys,

Thanks for sending the latest issue of Paradise. I have just returned home from a few months work in Germany during which time Revenge played a few days.

14/10 - Frankfurt
15/10 - Hamburg
17/10 - Trier
18/10 - Stuttgart
19/10 - Dusseldorf
20/10 - Freiburg
22/10 - Munich

Of these I went to the gig at the Universatum Stuttgart, please find enclosed a few photocopies of bits & pieces relating to the concert.

The concert itself was a pretty low-key affair with less than 300 people to witness 'Peter's latest hobby' in action. The usual collection of New Order/Happy Mondays/Madchester t-shirts were in evidence, mostly it appeared, being worn by a variety of English speakers - people from New Zealand, Australia, Blackpool, etc, etc. Few if any of the punters appeared to notice when Hooky, resplendent in biker-boots, jeans, super-hero t-shirt, and pony-tail took a walk through the crowd whilst the support group Big Light (a reasonably good German band) went through their paces. As for me I had a few words with the man mostly concerning the young lady featured on the t-shirts and posters - she is I'm assured the sister of one of the road crew!

The Revenge set itself was quite good, despite a complete lack of crowd atmosphere. The songs, of course, being taken from the One True Passion LP. A few technical problems meant a few extended instrumental intros and prompted the man whose ego knows no bounds - 'Guitar Nero' has been replaced by 'The Chief' - to say 'No-one is perfect, not even me'. The usual crowd inter-action took place the swinging headstock coming dangerously close to heads; such classic lines as 'You'll have to speak English, we're all thick, we're from Manchester', and various attempts at put-downs including one to a group who dared talk between the songs calling one member of the group Joe 90 because he wore glasses - if he had heard the non too g racious reply in German he may have had more to say!

OK enough of my spurious emissions - Hope you find some of this useful, and I shall try and get some translattions sorted ASAP.

RE: 25 OCT 90 Daily News Club, Stockholm Sweden

White Light White Heat

"indiearchivist" notes that this was likely also a full performance, which WL/WH being at the 45 minute mark as there's a cut as the taper switched sides on the tape.

RE: 28 OCT 90 XL, Göteborg, Sweden


(about 1:15)

PH: "Good evening!"

Jesus I Love You

Sounds like Dave Hicks on vocals.

About a minute, Hooky can be heard swearing about something.

PH: "You're...all ready...fuckin' hell."

Hooky says, "Here we go" right before the bridge.

PH: "Thank you very much. He remains to me(?) what was wise. How we doin'? Obviously not, never mind."

DH(?): "Yeah, Ga...

PH: "It's good though, it's nice to see these people..."

7 Reasons

Someone else says, "Let's go!"

Between verses, Hooky says, "It's all yours."

Hooky yells out, "Who wants to be adored?"


PH: "This is a new one, for all of those of you who haven't kept up with the old ones."

lyric: "And when I take you for that ride / we make love."

Surf Nazi

PH: "Thank you. This is Surf Nazi."

Hooky makes the usual between lyric commentary as wont in this song.

BS: "Thank you."

Citadel and Pineapple Face follow.


A bit of tuning afterwards.


Lots of echo on the samples at the start.

PH: "Listen again, Ash."

(at end)

PH: "Thank you."

Edit in recording between main set and encore.

White Light White Heat

PH: "There you go."

Another edit at this point.

PH: "I'm enjoying myself anyway, so. This is White Light White Heat."

voice: "three, four".

There's some conversation in between that's a bit difficult to make out and fairly involved which I'll try to decipher in the future.

Some mention of a train station.

RE: 04 NOV 90 Futurama Festival - Deinze, Belgium

Short set (or is cut). Sound is decent, audience tape.


Intro instrumental (untitled)
Jesus, I Love You
Pineapple Face

Jesus I Love You

PH: (at 0:45) "Hey...[three words I can't make out]"

PH: (at 1:35) "Whoa, hey...haha."

PH: (at end) "Hi kids. It's nice to be back."



"Don't tell me where I belong
And why you think I wrong that song
The only way I ever lie.
is when I spit in your blind eye."


"So don't tell me where I've gone wrong Of all the people in this song
I've never believe I've never lied
I can't have pussy my oh my."

Stereo shift at 2:22.


PH: "Thank you. Who's said we'd ever gotten an act(?) to...

DH: "Say that again?"

PH: "Hey, and I tweaked myself, mate? You're as old as you feel. Eh, I don't know what you're feeling." (somebody then yells out 'Fuck you')

Pineapple Face

High end response drops out.

DH: "Hold on a minute, small technical hitch."

Hooky plays an unknown tune on his bass while the hitch gets ironed out.


Hooky says something after the "how much hate there is in me" line which I can't make out.

At about 4:00:

PH: "Fucking feed at the end of t-shirts(?)"

(doesn't make sense)

PH: "Sorry, mate, you're counted out tonight."

Hooky and Hicks talk over each other so I can't make out what got said next.

PH: "I got outvoted anyway."

DH: "No, you didn't."

PH: (and others?) "Let's go...let's go...let's go..." (echoed)


PH: "Thank you." Song ends in bass and guitar feedback. Backing track then comes on, it's "A Deeper Sleep For Stephen" by Pale Saints.

RE: 09 NOV 90 The International - Manchester

Tape courtesy of 'thebigbopper' and 'tock'.

Sounds like Alan Wise, but presumably only the very last part of his typical speech.

AW: "Revenge..."

Sounds like Dave Hicks says something that I can't make out.

It occured to me that the intro instrumental may be a predecessor to 'Little Pig'.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Good evening everybody, it's nice to be home."

7 Reasons

PH: "Thank you. I have to ask you because Ashley's disappeared. Oh, he's back."

Hooky yells out the 'Who wants to be adored?' bit near the end.

PH: "Can someone take care of this mike stand, pleeease? C'mon, Ben." (last part is hard to make out)


PH: "This is a new song, I'm sure you'll all glad to hear that because I fucking am. Let's go boys!"

Big Bang

Hooky yells out some direction or another to "David" at the 1:10 point. Then at 2:40, Hooky says, "You all wish it were fly" and "start clapping, assholes". He says something else a bit later in the track.

PH: "Thank you. How ya doin'? Much too close, if y'all could uh... believe me...got that right, kids. Thank you."

Citadel follows.

PH: (at 2:23, during the break in the song): " Oh my, he's not Gary. He's from Roxdale, you know." He mutters something I can't make out, and counts. "Shouting corny(?) "...you there..." Now he's telling me, 'Yes...[can't make rest out]'.

lyrics: "Do you fuck I'll ever skate"

PH: "Go back to skate, will yer(?)"

Pineapple Face follows.


PH: (at 3:10): "...go, Daniel"


PH: "You recommended it. Eh. Who are you, my fucking doctor? Let's go, kids.

lyric: "We're through...fuck you."

Edit in tape.

Surf Nazi

Some background audience noise as the band come back on stage.

PH: "Sometimes, I wake up at morning and I think 'Why am I here?' Do you ever do that? Then I realize why I'm here, to be shouted at by all the cunts like you. Found my perfect niche in life. Thank you, Manchester."

Recording gets a bit loud near the end. A bit of post-gig backing tape before it's faded out.

RE: 06 DEC 90 Powerhouse - London

Sound is fairly hissy and muffled on this one.

Intro instrumental (untitled) played for about 50 seconds.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Good evening, punters!"

(during intro)

PH: "Oh that's not...[can't make out word]...not now."

Hooky exclaims, "Still..." at the 1:30 mark. Probably a direction towards the sound crew. The guitar sound is different than what I've heard in past gigs.

7 Reasons

PH: "I beg your pardon? Thank you. Ash, you ready?"

Ends in a nice Hooky solo.

Punter shouts out something. Hooky says "Bummer", chuckles, sighs, and says, "Patience, kid. Dead now, you got blue."

Then Revenge play Deadbeat.

A bit of silence before Big Bang is played.

PH: "Something you don't play in ...[can't make out]"


Hooky's spoken-word interlude varies slightly.

DH: "Thanks very much."

Pineapple Face

Hooky starts repeating the "Living in peace" mantra really loudly.

Slave and Bleachman round things off.

RE: 16 DEC 90 Projecto SP in Barra Funda, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date and venue haves been confirmed via Twitter: https://twitter.com/Record_Peddler/status/1172559950855516160

RE: 31 JAN 91 Club Citta - Kawasaki, Japan

Tracks are from 'No Pain No Gain' LTM compilation of Revenge live tracks, along with 4th August Cities In The Park.

These are likely the last six songs of these concerts.

Seven Reasons

PH: "This is Seven Reasons, and if anyone can think of seven reasons, you're welcome in the backstage to tell them to us."

Sprited performance.

PH: "Thank you"

Big Bang

On the official issue, this is titled "The Trouble With Girls".


PH: "Arigato. We'd like to play you another selection now. This is called Citadel, ah, someone knows it, see? Someone as old as me."

The title of the LTM issue is taken from Hooky's interlude here, where he repeats "No pain, no gain" a few times, and then says, ...(?) for the kids, otherwise you'll end up like me, you fart!"

Kiss The Chrome

This one chatters from the drum programming, and features excellent bass work from both Hooky and Pottsy.

DH?: "Thank you."

PH: "Yeah, wot? Stop it, you arm will fall off. It's a wimpy voice you got there, boy improve your stage presence, have your balls lowered. You're welcome mate, any time I can be of help..."

(the following had to be addressed to Dave Hicks...who left the band shortly afterwards)

Pineapple Face

(at end)

PH: "Thank you."

White Light White Heat

PH: "Have no fear, Revenge are here! Haha."

Hooky cackles a little bit further on during the intro.

A fairly decent version.

During the break, Hooky says the following:

PH: "Keep it up Ash, you can do it, Ash. Think of all these people counting on you, Ash. I don't want to put too much pressure on you, Ash, but they're rooting for you. (to crowd) Are we rooting for Ash? Here, we're rooting for Ash. On drums, we're rooting for him. Yeah, yeah! You can do it. He's only 29. Hooky sighs. It's nice to see you all back. Dave, take it away."

A bit of a lack of guitar playing at this point.

PH: "Don't put so much enthusiasm in it, Jesus Christ!"

DH: "...he was just going to to get the tape boy." (not sure if this is what he said)

Hooky then mutters something and trills, before the band kick it up a notch.

RE: 04 AUG 91 Cities In The Park Manchester

I have this on both CD and Lars Nellemann-provided MP3. I believe both are in mono, reflecting the source tape probably being monaural VHS or 8mm.

I also have a tape from Anthony. Thanks dude! Quality is probably not as good as the MP3, since it comes from the VHS I think, and is in mono, but it's still worthwhile to listen to.

And of course this was (later) officially released, on the fine LTM label.

I have to say that Revenge was extremely underrated, sadly enough by Hooky most of all.

Alan Wise gives the intro here, as that fat bastard is wont to do for Manc-area gigs.

AW: "Skip's in working, I was the compere, and Sav-ie was the clothes designer. [girl in audience audibly yelps 'Yes'] Well, we met a little local group, and they were involved in a...a sort of semi-pornographic film they were doing, and they wrote the music for it. Well, we brought them along tonight, Revenge!"

Revenge take the stage.

iPH: "Well, hello, everybody. It's nice to be back." They start out with a snippet of what sounds like Sister Ray (but isn't), which goes on for about a minute before winding down.

PH: "Well, We we still have a vain hope that Rex will..." Hooky still mumbles with the best of them, but at least on the official version you can make much of it out.

Jesus I Love You

They play out a fairly extended version.

PH: "Thank you." Feedback squall.


DP: "Get fucking bopping to this, you bloody cunts." The official version censors the "fucking" and "you cunts" bit.

Somewhat different intro instrumentation, as well a different bass synth pattern. Hooky yells out something right before Dave Hicks solos, can't make out what it is.


PH: "You won't have to shout louder, they're a right bunch of noisy bastards, this lot."

Somebody starts making goofy monkey noises about a minute and a half into the track. They play this even faster than on record.


PH: "You know what, lads? You know, I'd really love to come down and talk to every one of you, but you know what it's like when you've had a few beers, you just can't be bothered. This is Bleachman."

It has the intro sample of the girl on the phone, identical as on LP. Right before the ending quiet sequence, Hooky yells "I'm alive!"

PH: "Ha ha. Thank you."

Cloud Nine

PH: "Well, this is another new one, so suck it!"

Interesting couplet heard in this version:

"Everything in this world/
All the drugs and all the girls"

Hooky yells out between verses, "What's a gig without a few bum notes, eh?"

State Of Shock

PH: "Ah, you can tell you're getting old when you can't tell if your chorus pedal's switched on or not. Ah, bullocks. If you can't get that one, you're gonna fucking loathe this."

[official release cuts out the F-word, you can hear the edit point if you listen closely. The audience version cuts at "or not" and resumes at "fucking"]

Track cuts midway through on side A on source tape, but is cued up again on side B. Naturally, the release doesn't have this problem.

Nice break about 5-6 minutes in.

PH: "Thank you."

Dreams Never End

PH: "Well, if this is supposed to be about Martin Hannett, this is the one for Martin Hannett, and because if somebody [tells me to?] get off, well, you can get fucked, because you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family."

[on the official release the profanity is masked out, it seems]

Hooky yells right before the main guitars kick in.

This sounds amazingly like the original artist. ;-) Except you can almost make out the lyrics!

It's the last track. Revenge presumably vacate the stage.

AW: "That wot...the Revenge! Okay...we come to a break! (cheering) Right, you want to turn right. We're gonna go back on to the ramp. and the moment[?] we go on the ramp, we're gonna go to something you've never seen before on the ramp, this is the last ... show, we're gonna go for it. Meanwhile, the train(?) is out there..." [cut]

RE: 20 SEP 91 Waterfront Norwich

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Evening, all. How ya doin? This, I believe, is Jesus, I Love You. Ooh, what a bunch of noisy girls you are!"


Someone calls out "Go" off mic.


PH: "I change guitars on this in case you haven't noticed. It's a very technical term for, erm, for the one lead too difficult to play."

Surf Nazi

Somebody's a huge Spurs fan. Ugh.

PH: "Ha ha ha ha. Where's Don. Oh, oi! Doesn't owe you money, does he? Does he owe you money? Nah not now(?), fuck off."

lyric: "I love you, and you, and youuuuuu!"

PH: "Any fucking [sounds like: 'paytree'] I'm going to smash it. [A sentence I can't make out for the love of God] Shut the fuck up.


Debut of this stellar track, never properly recorded, alas.

At the end, lots of whistles.

PH: "You win tonight's star prize. Oh, you brought a con-dom!"

Somebody says, "I'm stunned."


PH: "Thank you."

Cloud Nine

PH: "Fucking hot, innit? Ready? [Hooky sighs] That was just what I was thinking. Well, you don't believe that, do you?"

Hooky's vocals seem quite animated here.

A girl punter who the hell 'Milt Kohl' or whatever the name is.

State Of Shock

PH: "Of course, you fucking souls(?)...I thought so. Another asshole. Anything else? Ah, there's always a fucking si... okay, lads."

Hooky starts muttering something midway through the song, that I can't make out.

Little Pig follows.

PH: "Goodnight."

Edit in tape.

Somebody calls out Dreams Never End.

PH: "You've been reading my setlist? Hey. Ah, it's fucking scr... don't they? Can't hear, they can speak, but they can't hear. Anyway, fuck it, I love it, so bollocks to the lot of you."

A rousing version of the New Order classic.

PH: "You doing that speech? No, you bastard, I had it all prepared."

RE: 21 SEP 91 The Venue New Cross - London

ATR recording. Interesting exchange at the start...

lady friend: "Who's is it"

ATR: "Mine."

lady friend: "It's yours!"

ATR: "Yah, sssh!"

PH: "Fuck off, baldie!"

PH: "Before you punters surge, don't forget we who have eyes can see, especially you."

ATR: "Something different than Jesus, I Love You!"

Then you can hear Alex' lady companion complain a couple times about having to hold the recorder through the whole gig.


Rex's mix on this one is very erm, interesting, having been described as bits of instruments slowly appearing while he figures out what's missing.

Hooky yells out something like, "Ha ha ha, he's got the knife, it's this one!" and "Ah ho, [they all (fancy themselves)] a comedian." (hard to make out)

PH: "Thank you, Boston."

Then he mentions Pottsy's replaced Dave Hicks on guitar, can't make out exact wording.


PH: "He'll be singing next."

Turns out he was dead-on with that prediction.


PH: "You know I thought it was shite[?], much too refined for me."

Jesus I Love You

PH: (off mic) "Let's go."

PH: "You lost your bet, Alex, so fuck you."

(probably referring to not opening with this song, which Alex had vocalized about at the start)

Brief left channel drop at 1:15, recorder sounds like it got bumped.

PH: "You've a lot to learn....[something] when you're barely breathing. Make a quick getaway."

Surf Nazi follows.

PH: "You've heard the set so you let us know."

More heckling...

PH: "You want to try?"


PH: "No...the fucking [?] of you, we'll do it when we [can't make out]..."

State Of Shock

(some more back-and-forth)

PH: "You want more? Ah, give me a break. Let's see where we strike tonight. [French phrase I can't make out]. Ask for that, London."

Alex's companion starts chatting it up through the quieter bits.

PH: "Such a feeling...thank you."

Punter calls out for "big bang".


PH: "This is Deadbeat. It's our deadbeat. You, mate!"

During intro

PH: "[Eddie]? our fixation, eh?"

Recorder gets jostled again during the first verse.

Cloud 9

More cries for "Big Bang", which doesn't get played.

PH: "Now that would be interesting."

Little Pig

Punter still crying out for Big Bang.

PH: "Here we go..."

In the middle, Hooky says "I hate that sequence, fuck that." during a portion of the song that doesn't rate with him. Then things get a whole lot better, with the soaring synth bits really working well with this group, and this finishes out very strongly.

PH: "Thanks a lot."

Dreams Never End


PH: "Fookin' A, you ask me about all this shite. Does not side with me. It needs no explanation, so fuck it."

Some more chatter at the end of it, which you're better off hearing on your own.

RE: 09 OCT 91 Huddersfield Polytechnic Union

ATR recording. Starts a bit into Jesus I Love You.

Very heavy use of the wah-wah guitar during the bridges.

Some shouting at 4:00 in about somebody saying something about New Order, as they always do.

Slave follows.

Deadbeat has the Clail remix sound, with Hooky doing a near acapella over the backing.

Hooky does the throat clearing thing at the end.


punter: "So, what they did do?"

PH: "Song's called 'A complete piece-maker(?)'...they would be. [hard to make out]

someone: (off-mic) "...yourselves."

DP(?): "Turn the light off, you cunt."

PH: "Hey man, get a light on me, you cunt."

Soul and State Of Shock follow.

Someone calls out, "have you got a strap?"

Some female chatter.

Cloud 9

The initial drum triggers don't go off...

sample: "I don't know about you, but I feel like dancing!"

PH: "Who cares?"

Haha, Hooky just told off his sample!

Little Pig

The drumming is way too four-on-the-floor, it's like the normal drum program wasn't used for some reason.

Hooky says something like "Thank you, Watson."

There's an whispering part with "your hiss/your kiss" etc. about 3:30 in.

Fade-out here.

Dreams Never End


Somebody asking if you want your pipe back.

Alex leads out the "We All Stand"

PH: "Just for you, (you lot)...you're so fucking mad, you've come to be brothers."

At 2:00 Hooky shouts out something, and he leaves out a line at 2:20. There's a digital glitch at 2:40. Ends with the Shergold at the end.

RE: 31 OCT 91 UMIST - Manchester

Unidentified track on house PA.

PH: "Evening. How's life in the real world, kids? Good? That's what I like to hear. Shit a bit as well. At least we have one thing in common."

Jesus I Love You

lyrics: "And I love you..." Hooky than says (not in a singing voice) "Every single one of you."

RE: 13 DEC 91 Stoke Polytechnic

Another ATR recording.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "It's too early for that [bit can't make out]...well, it's nice to see you, isn't it? Okay, let's go."

At the 5:20 point Hooky mutters something..."I'll get one"...

Slave is next.

Some guitar tuning follows.

Born To Kill

Debut for this one!

PH: "Pippi, very hopeful you three are. Doin' fine, how are you? Good for you. See what it looks like? Bonnie P..., let's go."

After the first verse, Hooky says "CJ".

Pineapple Face

PH: "I just asked you to stop pointing, cuz it's getting on me fucking tits, yo Rob."

State Of Shock

PH: "You on meth(?) I'm rooting for that boy."

PH: (3:35) "No one's perfect."

PH: "Thank you."

7 Reasons

PH: "You say the nicest things, ah kid."

PH: (during the intro) "Pottsy hates this one." Which is probably why they never played it again live.

Somebody's blowing a kazoo, of all things...


PH: "Here we go."

sample: "Hello."

PH: "Hello".

sample: "Ohh..."

PH: (1:47) "You could have told him that...fucking hate you, Ally(?)"

Cloud 9 and Deadbeat close out the set. The latter has a somewhat extended intro. Hooky mutters something at 1:24...

Quite unusually, ends with a coda.

RE: 15 FEB 92 Witchwood - Ashton

This is Hooky's birthday bash.

Lots of audience noise throughout. Not just noise, but people just talking throughout their set.

And a video has recently surfaced, which aside from 'Cities In The Park' may be the only visual record of Revenge Mk.II.

Jesus I Love You

PH: "Good evening. Nice to see you all. C'mon, let's go, CJ."

Punter: "They'll be somewhere around there...probably around "

PH: "Rex...Rex, Rex, a bit more bass through the front please! Have to say that."

And Hooky calls for him again about 2:30 or so in, gesturing downwards, and again at 3:19.

A Bernard-style woo about four minutes in, too.

PH: "Thank you. Oooh.."


Different-sounding instrumental break portion.

Calls for Dreams Never End and somebody doing the bassline to Age Of Consent...

Pineapple Face

PH: "Ah, boys. Let's go."

A group of folks start chanting along to this one.

Hooky ends this with "without you", repeating the last line.

Under The Stars

Later to appear on Monaco's debut (at least the US edition) and of course before then, this was then known as 'Born To Kill'.

PH: "Okay...arggwhh!"

Shortly before 2:00, Hooky yells, "Take it away, CJ!" as the latter plays the keyboard refrain between verses.

PH: "Phil(?), I can't hear a fucking thing. A blessing in disguise, eh?"

The video cuts at this point, so it misses out on the next song.

State Of Shock

About 3:06, Hooky yells, "[?] me, innit."

Ends with a wah-wah solo and Hooky grunting "oooh" a couple of times. And then says something I can't quite make out.

PH: "How are you doing, Rex? How is he doing, kids?"

Alex (I think): "Shit."

PH: "I know it's your birthday, you've been very very lax tonight, cuz we can tell by that song."


The video version resumes here, this time closer to the stage.

PH: "...time...monitors right, turn me bass down."

PH: (at end) "Thank you."

Cloud Nine

Start is cut on video.

PH: "You know that's why."

Hooky yells at about 0:35 something like, "People, move up."

lyric: "I believe in SEX if it's free." There's also another change that mentions "All the drugs and all the girls".

Break in tape.


Another cut in the video that misses out the start here as well. Looks like the filmer was moving around so a bit of this is back in the original location, but later on in the song the POV moves in closer again.

Lots of chanting after this one, 'Victory...blue white...' Very strange, is this a gig or a pitch? And then...the chants turn into, "Barney, Barney, Barney..."

And then follows an extraordinary sequence where Revenge turn into a New Order cover band.


PH: "Where's my cigarette? Cigarette? This is for [name's] birthday... the only thing... [something I can't make out]"

Brief cut in video version, taper looks like he moves again and this time finds a good spot, just in time too. Unfortunately, the video cuts a few times, but you can see Hooky, cigarette in ear, swig down a beer between verses.

The bass intro gets the fans to cheer and take notice.

Naturally the lyrics aren't exact, but unlike some, there's no sign of lyric sheets or autocues.

Broken Promise

PH: "Any guesses?"

With David Potts on vocals!

Hooky says something I can't make out and then says "that was eh, our boy from Swindon(?) on vocals. Let's hear it for Pottsy!"


Hooky back on vocals.

PH: "This is for Alex!"

Hooky (1:30 in): "No, no, no....Looks like this is a... fuck it... Here we go!" This is into the second verse.

(at end)

PH: "Fucking hell, Rex. Rex, what about this one? It's just to say if you can't be daft on your birthday, when can you be daft? Fucking hell, it sounds terrible, doesn't it."

Dreams Never End

The video misses out the first verse.

PH: "Turn the bass up on the monitors, Rex, please!"

At end...

PH; "That's not me [thimble/cymbal(?)] over there...

RE: 20 APR 92 - The Hippodrome - Oldham

Courtesy of 'tock', from seed posted to DIME on 22 December 2006.

Pineapple Face

PH: "Let's go, CJ"

Slight glitch at 1:55, probably due to DAT defect.

Some different things going on here.

PH: "Thank you. That must be me now. [responding to the buzzing sound] How ya doin' Alex? Good."


At the 1:30 point Hooky says "Really" or something like that.

At 3:05, Hooky says something about "Caught a little bit of bad lead disease."

Born To Kill

PH: "How are you feeling, kids? A bit weird? Good."

Later became Monaco's 'Under The Stars'.

Great version.

PH: "So does it sound terrible to you? That's all right, then. Fuck it, we can live with it."

Hooky then yells out, "Let's go!"


Another one that hasn't fully surfaced (the one on OTP v2.0 is an instrumental).

At 1:25 Hooky says, "What's the matter, Alex?" making me wonder if he was the only person there!

(at end)

PH: "I'll give you an extra [something] Alex, don't worry about it."

Cloud 9

PH: "Let's go!

PH: [I believe he's talking back to the 'I don't know like you, but I feel like dancing' sample]: "You're only saying that."

lyric: "I believe in sex if it's free."


DP: "Shut up you fat cunt!"

[Was that Alex yelling? He's definitely there, see the note at the end of Pineapple Face]

Some tuning at the end.

DP: "Very clever."

PH: "What, you show up(?) Wow, such is love."

Guard Dog

This is one song that never surfaced, and isn't quite unlike something the Mondays would have put out.

(at end)

PH: "Bad lead disease."

State Of Shock closes out the set.

RE: 22 JAN 93 Marquee Club London

I believe this was one of Revenge's last gigs together. Or Monaco's first. I wonder if this is the same location as the Moonlight club where JD played their last London gigs in (unlikely).

Source: tape from Anthony and CD from Julio. Both are in stereo, but somewhat distorted and hissy, alas.

The song labelled as "Funky One" didn't make it to either copy, which are likely from the same source, but Julio's CD does have "Slave".


The sound on the CD is very muffled, as if the recorder was in a jacket pocket.

PH: "Good evening. How ya doin'?"

Some guitar picking, and talking. First individual I can't make out, second says "Let me clean out your..."

At the end, on the CD version, there's some talking that's hard to make out (due to the accent of the speaker)...all I can make out is "bastard", and the other guy chuckling.

Pineapple Face

Unfortunately the tape captures only the last 30 seconds of the song.

Punters are still talking though the intro of this song, one says, "Hope he cleans you out", the other replies something to the effect of "Eh? Let me clean you out.".

There's a cut at about 3:50. The resumption may be at the exact point where the tape copy resumes.

I am not at all sure of the meaning of what Hooky says after finishing it up.

PH: "[sounds like: You're shove] of mine?"

Some punter yells out "Yeah!"

PH: "Oh, thank you. Sympathethic character man, now fuck you!"

Punter yells out, "You're a bastard, Hooky!"

PH: "Eh now, there, don't touch the handle [guitar strum obscures what he's referring to, so this is guess] Let's go!"

Born To Kill

(later to resurface as 'Under The Stars')

Of course, this was reworked as the Mrs. Merton Theme, but later restored to its original glory and added to the US version of Monaco's Music For Pleasure album. The live version isn't all that much different.

Some guitar stuffing between tracks.

State Of Shock

PH: "A little bit more bass, please, for the drums."

The ending is different than any released version, ending in wah-wah guitar.

PH: "You all are very kind."

Somebody shouts out for "New Order".


PH: "All ready? [waits for rest of band to get ready] Let's go!"

Another MFP tune! This is probably my favorite on that album.

Uncertain of the wording of Hooky's next pronouncement.

PH: "You said 'sold you something'[?]...must be kept the fucking hour."


This starts out in the manner of the Clail remix, and then speeds up. Hooky mumbles something 2:05 in.

Most excellent, if it were not for the dodgy sound quality.

Hooky says a phrase or two during the bridge, don't know what he's talking about, alas, unless he's directing it at his bandmates.

PH: "another with Brian, fuck...trying, trying...I know you can, you all get it together, you can do it! Ho ho ho, stop, you! [phrase I can't make out, has "No, no no...you taught" in it]....maybe I should have stayed in bed. Oi, Rex!"

That was...weird.


Likely the debut performance of this song.

Band tunes up between songs.

Little Pig

Side B (on the tape) starts out with this in full. Ends in full force of feedback, and to good deal of applause.

About a minute in Hooky yells out, "Yo!".

Dreams Never End

Hooky says some stuff I can't make out due to all the feedback... he says something related to the song being a New Order tune. I hear "there's...too(?) many...in the audience..." in there.... and "believe in all the bullshit, man..."

A brief drop in Hooky's intro riff, not sure if that is the tape or the PA.

There's a tremendous amount of feedback on this one.

Hooky also mutters a bit during the first bridge.

A fitting end to their penultimate gig.

RE: 29 JAN 93 North Staffs Polytechnic

The final Revenge gig.

Source: master clone from IB. Clear.


The beginning is missing, with the very start being exceedingly loud.

At 1:00, Hooky cries out for more keyboards through the drums, please. At 1:12, "More keyboards, please." At 1:20, "Lights, [name]." At about 2:20...the sound pauses, and Hooky repeats his message about the keyboards as the live rendition breaks down, with only the selfsame keyboards being heard played.

PH: "That song, it's your mo.... Let's go, once more. One two, one two three four." (2:45)

PH: "More guitar through the front." (3:18)

At 4:09, he yells out "Jump" or somethat that sounds like it, repeated at 4:29.

At 5:56, he says "More [?] on the vocals...more [?] on the vocals."

State Of Shock

Hooky continues to try to get the soundman to fix the mix. There's an interesting rant on Hooky's part in the middle of this track.

PH: "Where's Northside's lighting guy? Will someone [...] get me Northside's Did anybody hear that? Northside's lighting guy, please! Yeah...fucking clueless(?), you fuck...much better...fucking...

A feedback squall at 2:51, and quite a few more at the end.

Someone says "What?"

PH: "Say what? [grunt], [grunt], two"

An edit. I'm guess ing that the above tracks are actually soundcheck renditions, given all the direction by Hooky, and that the actual gig starts at this point.

Some conversation between the taper and a female.

The Funky One

Identification tentative. Otherwise known as "3 Generations", this track is an insturmental. This may be the only surviving rendition.


PH: "Hello, here we go. Alright boys, let's go."

Hooky makes another comment, hard to make out, but presumably about the sound mix.

Pineapple Face

Something else impossible to make out from Mr. Hook.

Born To Kill

PH: "Let's go."

State Of Shock

(at end)

PH: "This one's for you... happy birthday, mate."


PH: [says something about 'any of you fuckers'...can't make out rest]

Televive follows.

Little Pig is the final song on this recording.

Woman comments, "You could have waited 'til the end of that song."

RE: 29 MAY 1994 Private party at 'Home' nightclub Manchester

I have this on CD and on Lars Nellemann-provided MP3. Sound is somewhat hissy, but listenable.

His Latest Flame
Return To Sender
No Fun

Additional songs exist! More information, again from "indiearchivist":

this was at a club called "home" in manchester. a little super group with pottsy and bruce mitchell (durutti column) on drums. 2 more songs are on the tape, "i wanna be your dog" and another one i can't remember right now (the undertones' "teenage kicks", possibly?). not sure who the singer was. i think ATR taped this so you'd better ask him.

I believe the MC is Caroline Aherne, doing a turn as Mrs. Merton, but I could be wrong. Whoever it is has the worst voice I've ever heard used for such a function, making Alan Wise sound like an orator.

What the band was called during this period is open to intrepretation. I personally use "Revenge Mk.II", of courses, on the Ms. Merton show they're known as "Hooky And The Boys". Some may argue the dignity of a name would be too much to afford this particular incarnation.

Here's the intro:

CA: "Ladies and gentlemen, the band are in the building (giggles) the band are in the building. Six guys who have a passion. That passion was music. Ladies and gentlemen, will you give the vaguest welcome to...Two, On guitar, Pottsy, the Paul Weller. On drums, Baz, the Bruce Mitchell...n [electric]? guitar, Gilbo. (guitar chords). On bass, Fingers, Hooky! (bass strums). Introducing the fabulous voices of Tommo and Mark Williams...hooray, here they come!"

They start playing a pair of Elvis songs, His Latest Flame, and Return to Sender (as an aside, Ian McCulloch covered the latter on the NME Elvis tribute album a couple years prior). Then they play a Stooges tune, No Fun. The performances are Revenge meets garage rock, and are interesting in that they exist.

His Latest Flame (Elvis Presley) is first.

I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)

Tommo(?): You're gonna fucking love this...punk fucking rock....phoned on Wednesday, rehearsed twice, split(?) that tamale.

Return To Sender (Elvis Presley)

"You might know this one...it's about Elvis Presley..."

Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)

"Everyone got together, so you can...okay, I need [name] on the mic for this...cuz he's Irish(?), where is he?"

Hooky calls out "Ready?" and there's a count-in.

No Fun (The Stooges)

"All right. This is my favorite."

(at end)

"Thank you very much, we'll see you next year."

MO: 29 AUG 00 Manchester University

Another ATR special, with lots of superb banter.

Lots of pre-gig audience chatter. The most notable being this:

punter: "You recording this? Hey, have you got the Reading gig on ya? [mumble] I'll buy it off of ya."

At 1:45, you can hear what sounds like thunder.

Cheers at 2:10, and an acoustic guitar comes on over the PA at 2:20.

At about 5:20, folks cheer for what I presume is Monaco taking the stage.

DP: "All right..."

Some playing of guitar and bass at around the 6:00 mark.

PH: "Good evening everybody. I've got the wrong strap on, so you're gonna have to wait."

DP: "Oh, thank you for the false start." He then plays riffs on his guitar.

puntess: "Hooky, we love you!" Whistles.

Alex: "Still as professional as ever, then?"

PH: "If you're gonna do a good job, you got to have the right tools. But I've never seen a bigger bunch of fucking tools than you lot!"

Monaco then kick out the first song.



Hooky calls out (off-mic) to Pottsy about his guitar, something about lifting or turning it up. Pottsy plays some riffs while

PH: "Got strap trouble again. Trouble with his bra strap."

Alex: "That strap isn't long enough... That strap isn't nearly as long as it should be.

PH: (off-mic) "I'm getting old."

Alex: "Fucking old guys..."

PH: "Back in the old days, Alex, even you were slim."

Alex: "I'm as slim as ever!"

PH: "Ready, now. I feel a lot better, thank you very much."

I've Got A Feeling

(at end)

DP: "And fucking Oasis, who longer miss you."

PH: "So we're really seeing you murder..."

punter: "...the monster..."

PH: "Becky gets awful on the side, I know I love ya..."

[not sure if I got this right, had to slow down to even make out this much]

Shine follows, segueing right into the ghost-like keyboard bit of A Life Apart.

PH: "Hahaha, Well, in a quiet reflective time, sometimes even I get lost. And this song is about getting lost. And all you can pray for is that one day you find yourself. And if ever find where any of you are, I can get you. This one's for you, Cal!"

Hooky calls out for someone...yo!

Stereo shift at about 2:30.


Intro portion features choral-type samples.

People start saying "Ya" in a Swedish accent.

DP: "You hear anything back out here? (I can't hear) a fucking thing

PH: "They think it's all going good. Only joking, only joking!"

It's A Boy

Alex: "1-2-3-4, No?"

PH: "I'm ready."

Hooky mutters directions at about 1:54.

At 3:35, Hooky says something about "...top, whoever the fuck did.", can't fully make out, and yells to his band to try to spark some life into things.

PH: "You voice went for a little bit, huh? [laughs] Fuck off, pundit(?). It's not easy when both your voice and guitar have the shits."

What Do You Want From Me follows, and then End Of The World follow.

Folks yell "we want more" and some bloke talks about what his favorite track on the album was.

DP says something I can't make out whilst folks call out for Hooky.

PH: "Fuck off Gary. I'll pay me tab next week. Fucking dubious(?)... I'll pay you your 15 quid."

The female vocal samples at the start of Bert's Theme are superb.


PH: "I feel good night, eh? I got [few words I can't make out]...big fucking scandal."

DP: "Good night, cheers...[few words]...see you later [swear-word]"

The last song they play is apparently unknown/unreleased. Excellent, though a bit short.

PA music comes on with "Lump" by The Presidents Of The United States.

21 MAR 07 Hooky & Pottsy + Co. - Hard Rock Cafe Manchester

After Pottsy plays his set, he introduces the group...

DP: "Hooky now...beats(?) we'll do a change then. I'd like to welcome beautiful Rowetta. Where is she? And we got Mr. Peter Hook coming on now. This is his (?), I believe. And thank you Sarah and thank you Steve, and we got Rachel as well here on keyboards."

You can hear Jack practicing a bit.

PH: "Good evening. Never thought I'd see this day...it's nice to (?)... thanks for the feedback. Jack, are you ready?"


Previously unplayed since the Joy Division days, with Rowetta on vocals. Someone comments she sounds like Shirley Bassey, which hopefully was meant to be a compliment.

DP: "Thanks a lot...we gotta follow that shite."

(facetiously, of course)

Age Of Consent

DP: "I figured you're New Order fans...[something] Here here. I want to [hear?] today a New Order line(?)

Jack?: "How's it sound out there, is it loud enough?"

This one throws everyone for a loop...


DP: "There's one more for you lot...[can't make out rest]"


DP: "That's for drinking...take two...mate...I don't want to..." (can only make out snatches of what he's saying)

DP: "

What Do You Want From Me

DP: "...Fuckin' half hour..." (all I can make out)

Cries of "C'mon Pottsy, C'mon lad."

DP: "You don't belong to this...your head inside. That was a bit harsh, wasn't it?"


DP: "You want another one, you lot? Are you really, really sure? I think they want another one lads."


PH: "Listen, we haven't practiced any more. If you recall me tell..[?] so we're not committed(?) to do. Rowetta won't sing 'Insight' again. C'mon, tell her..."

Fans cheer for Pottsy to sing instead.

PH: "At least she's not afraid any more. Makes me feel old, that joke."

But Rowetta comes through, and this version is much better than their first attempt.

PH: "Thank you. About a [can't make out]. Thanks for Jack for sc... our fucking gig...hope you enjoyed it...and this fucking movie screen(?) Thank you very much, please."

MO: 21 MAR 07 Monaco - The Ritz Manchester

Thanks to TJ for providing the recording and corrections for this text.

Alas, only about 300 people turned up for this show.

Billed as a Monaco performance, this starts out with David Potts solo tracks "I'm The Greatest" and "Monkey In The Rain", both very good songs.

DP: "Cheers. I'd like to introduce you to my old mucker, Peter Hook. And Rachel here on keyboards."

[some cheering]

DP: "You can do better than that!"

The cheers get a bit louder, and fans start in with the NUORDAH NUORDAH, trying to get a rise out of Hooky, of course. Who, of course, responds in kind.

PH: "Grow up, shitheads!"

Happy Jack

DP: "It's called Happy Jack".

Not one they played the first time around. Solid.

PH: "Phil, where are you? Phil?"

DP: "Thank you. There's a few Neworderonliners in."


DP: "Are there Chelsea fans here?"

[no's and boos, but at least one person replies affirmatively]

DP: "God."

The dulcet synth drones marking the start of Sunrise then make their appearance. Pottsy is on vocals, at the very high end of his register it sounds like. At this point, Jack joins in on (second) bass.

PH: "Ah, Alex. Eh, I just want to say happy birthday to Simon and Siobhan."

punter: "Hooky!"

PH: "Wot?"

punter: "Hooky!" (again)

PH: "Wot?"

PH: "Great having Pottsy prompting me again."

(Pottsy was frantically gesturing and telling Hooky off-mic that he was singing the next one!)


PH: "350125 GO!"

Hooky's vocals...yikes...according to TJ, Hooky had mistakenly handed a fan in the front row part of his lyric sheets thinking it was a copy of the setlist, hence the ensuing difficulties.


DP: "I'd like to introduce the lovely Rowetta. Big cheers, come on!"


Rowetta: "Thank you."

DP: "Thank you."

punter: "Hooky!"

PH: "chuckles...Yeah?"

DP: "She don't need a mic...[mumble]"

Call out of "Ready"...

Monaco's What Do You Want From Me then follows. Looks like more Hooky mumbling through vocals.

Some feedback during the bridge.

DP: (at end) "Cheers"

PH: "Funny how I nearly managed to get every fucking word. Old age, at least I can blame that now."

Another punter actually yells out, "Get an autocue!"

Shine follows.

DP?: "Cheers, cheers, thanks a lot."

DP: "How much have we made?"

punter: "Not a lot."

Dreams Never End

PH: "We've lost another compadre last night. Frank Collari, a very good friend of mine from New York died...of a heart attack, another fucking one. So I want to dedicate this song to him. He was the first DJ that came on tour with the band, which is us. Now they all fucking do it, don't they? So this is for you, Frank. Give my regards to...fucking 'ell, there's too many to name now, isn't there?"

Someone cries "Yo!"

The song breaks down as Hooky sings the wrong lyric!

PH: "It's that fucking second verse that , innit. How come you never spotted that, eh? So let me refer to me notes...Ah!"

DP: "So...so...let him get his glasses."

PH: "Cabaret. We fucking love it."

They start in again.

PH: "I forgot how frightening it was singing."

Blue Monday

DP: "Last one tonight, bit of a surprise this one. Prepare to be shocked."

This is Blue Monday, which oddly enough sounds like one of the NOOL CD cover versions, bit of a Sweet-like stomp to it, too. The band referred to their version as 'Blue Murder', amusingly.

DP: "Thank you."

MO: 26 MAY 97 Manchester University

Have these via neworderonline.com MP3s plus on CD, which sounds like a better source, but for all I know, the CD was mastered from MP3! More likely it was mastered from a tape of the FM broadcast. Also have an audience tape of this.

The tracks are faded out...so more likely there were more performed at the concert.


01 Happy Jack
02 What Do You Want From Me?
03 Sweet Lips
04 Buzz Gum
05 Shine
06 Billy Bones

Taken from FM broadcast. "Junk" and "Lonesome Tonight" (with Tim Burgess) were also played but don't appear on the FM version.

Happy Jack

announcer: "Hey, that was [band name] live at the [Home in ?] but now the finale to Music Live '97 in Manchester University, please welcome Monaco!" (this bit wasn't broadcast)

Punter shouts Hooky's name.

DP: "Cheers"

PH: "Thank you."

What Do You Want From Me

DP: "You might know this one. It's called 'Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter'." [reference to the Prodigy tune, of course, which was popular around the time']

PH: "Happy Birthday Jenks[sp]! Many of them, lad."

All vocals are quiet in the mix for this one.

Sweet Lips

PH: "Don't ask me, mate. I'm just delighted to be here".

Pottsy adds some funky wah-wah guitar.

PH: "Time for a little reflection, eh."

At the end Pottsy says something that could be "Cheers" that I can't make out.

Buzz Gum

PH: "You gave us the...[can't make out]...I dunno."


PH: "Thank you very much. This one's called Shine, which we'll do from time to time. So, sometimes we [can't make out], aren't we? But tonight we shine."

While Hooky is talking, Pottsy is tuning his guitar, making it a bit difficult to pick up the words.

Billy Bones

DP: "We'll slow it down a titch now, so you can all miss Flootch."

I think I need a native to intrepret what "Flootch" is.


PH: "Now it's that time already, ah..."

Quite a good version, shame it was left off the broadcast.

DP: (quietly) "Cheers..." [not 100% sure]

Hooky plays what sounds like the riff to "Anarchy in the UK" at the very end.

Lonesome Tonight

PH: "Well, it's payback time. This guy did us a favor, so hopefully we'll be doing him a favor."

Ian Burgess, of course, who giggles...

IB: "Sega, sega, sega" [wtf?]

IB: (at the 0:45 point) "C'mon...[can't make out rest]"

His vocals are patchy, and he clearly doesn't know half the vocals to the first verse. Ah well, the music is still worthwhile.

IB: "Cheers, you're fucking brilliant, man."

MO: 11 AUG 97 The Fillmore - San Francisco CA

Looks like GaoBest taped this.

GaoBest: "Maybe they'll do Dreams Never End."

More chatter from girls..."I never know what bands will..."

A soothing female voice comes over the PA:

"Hello, I'm glad to be with you in spending this time together..."

comment: "simulated female voice"

voice continues: "...to give yourself the full benefit of these meditations, make sure you won't be interrupted. Turn off your telephone, TV or radio. Put a do not disturb sign on your door."

female: "Keep your hands inside your..."

voice: "And...make yourself comfortable."

female: "And get pregnant."

voice: "Take off your shoes..."

guy: "Where's Hooky?"

voice: "Find a place where you can it where you sit with your back supported and your feet flat on your floor or lie down and loosen any tight clothes. Uncross your arms and legs so the energy can flow freely through your body. Allow your eyes to gently close."

voice: "Take a good deep cleansing breath in and slowly let the breath out."

guy: "Better not ph...Hooky."

As you exhale, give your body a moment (movement?) to relax."

gal: "Rock on!"

guy: "They say rock on Hooky here on out."

different guy: "Rock on Hooky" (in rock lamer voice)

female: "So it's Peter Hook? Is the bass player? Who's the singer?"

guy: "His name is Potts. Potts. P-O-T-T-S"

The voice suggests additional meditation-type things, and drones on as Hook, Potts, and company take the stage.

Happy Jack

Lots of audience reaction, including calls of "Hooky."

DP: "You doin' alright?"

PH: "Good evening. It's been real nice, hasn't it, you motherfuckers." [not completely sure on the phrasing of this]

DP: "Cheers."

PH: "You're very kind. Probably [word...] now Where are they? Where do we go from here? Let me see..."

Hard to make out the following lines:

DP: "Denny[?]...call it Denny's."

PH: "Devil [food?]."

What Do You Want From Me

PH: "'k you."

Sweet Lips

PH: "I like to dedicate this one to the most beautiful girl in the world, Rebecca, because she's got sweet lips. It's true."

GaoBest: "Where is she? All right, Rebecca!"

Folk laugh to see such a cheesily happy house tune from the gruff bassmeister.

PH: "All right!"

More cries for Hooky whilst Pottsy plays a melody on his guitar.

DP: "Okay."

Monaco next play Blue.

Billy Bones

PH: "Yeah. You're not too [?] yourselves, you know..."

[another one hard to make out]

DP: "Sorry..."

There's some silly teasing between the girls near the taper that make it hard to concentrate. :)


PH: "[clears his throat] Aye, aye everybody."

People cheer the "In my mind, I live in California" line.

Lots of screams, cheerings, and sounds of appreciation.

Buzz Gum is next.


PH: "Thank 'e. Ya, all right. Cheers. Well, we'll never know what to say at a time like this so while Pottsy's tuning up, I'll just say the next song is called Shine. Because hopefully your life at one point or another will shine...I hope."

Pottsy starts singing, "Shine On...Shine on..." and they proceed to "Shine".

PH: "You know, eh, [clears throat, laughing] [couple words I can't make out] is that love, did you well done."


PH: "Somebody asked us a song tonight that we can't play anyway. But the thing is, to my mind, you shouldn't dwell in the past, right? You should always move on, right?"

The audience reaction is "No!" It shouldn't need to be spelled out what he's talking about.

PH: "You got to, anyway, you got to, you got to let go of the past. Gotta get a move on...This song's for him...anyways. Here we go."

DP: "Cheers..."

Feedback builds...at this point I assume they leave the stage.

Edit/break between end of main set and encore. About two minutes of crowd cheering before Monaco come back on.

I guess somebody was wearing a shirt with the Phil Collins monstrosity, and Hooky noticed.

PH: "Genesis, ah, oh dear dear dear dear. You're all right lad. You're all right."


PH: "Well, forget what I said about living in the past. Fuck it, let's live in the past with one more, anyway. Thank you Pottsy, take it away."

Hooky does vocals...and does a great impression of a chimp at one point. This in feel is very much like Revenge's White Light White Heat cover.

At about 2:00 in Hooky mutters "a little bit quiet"..."well, anyway it's nice to be back. Before we go, I would just like to introduce you to everybody...This is Pete [mic gets bumped]...Pete's from Den...[?} forget...we live with our mates, we try to keep peace with our neighbors, it's very important...and even though he's a twat, give him a chance all right. On the drums we have Paul...very good. Now he's...now he's from Prestwood, not that I expect that means anything to you, but it means a lot to me, it means a hell of a lot to me, cause Prestwood was the place I was born. It's totally nite...[two words] twat? we're getting somewhere. I love him anyway)...and now we're here on guitar we have Davey Potts... [mumbles]...take it away!"

I'm lucky I made out as much as I did.

Hooky says something else at 4:17 or so, and closes out the set with a solo reminiscent of Ceremony.

Faded out as the PA music comes back on.

MO: 16 AUG 97 V Festival Chelmsford

The FM recording I have is missing the initial Happy Jack.

What Do You Want From Me follows.

Sweet Lips

DH: "This one's called Sweet Lips."

The bass sounds odd on this one.

Ends with Hooky shouting, "All right, All right!"


PH: "This one's called Blue."


Acoustic intro guitar and promiment layered female vocals makes for a very worthwhile rendition.

Shine follows, precluded by a bit of an agressive guitar riff.

Junk is the final cut, and sadly, on my copy, is cut during the first verse.

At about 1:45 in, Hooky delivers the following homily:

PH: "There you learn something every day. Just remember, however smart you're feeling, you do learn something new every day. Isn't that a wonderful thought? For each and every one of you. If you go home and tell that to your parents, they'll think you're really fucking smart."

MO: 12 SEP 97 Lomax - Liverpool

Odd-sounding tape, very cymbal and bass-heavy mix, with the sound nearly overloaded. A spectrograph shoes that this is heavily compressed.

Intro is the same as elsewhere, with the female meditiative voice droning on for about fifty seconds before it is faded out. But somebody says "twat" right before it starts, hah. Somebody talks about having drunk a pint of something or another.

DP: "All right."

PH: "Well, this is close, isn't it? I don't do that, it really fucking annoys me, all right? Start if you mean to go on, all right?"

Some git starts chanting for "Nuorder".

PH: "Aye, is that the famous Scouse humor is it?"

shouts: "Hooky! Play more bass! It's Manchester!"

PH: "Oh, I like Yorkshire too, you fuck."

PH: "I hated it the first time. Fuck you."

punter: "Hooky. Potts. They're from Manchester, lad? The Mancs? The fucking mancs."

PH: "I know we're Mancs and we're fucking proud of it."

Happy Jack is the first song.

Buzz Gum

DP: "One, two, three, four!"

DP: "Liverpool[?]"

The git starts shouting out "Nuorder" some more.

Hooky responds to a heckler, very likely the git shouting out for Hooky's old band.

PH: "We prefer lyrics."

PH: "You are such a fucking dick. I'm so glad you don't get fucked."

Punter replies "Nice one!"

Sweet Lips

PH: "Makes you feel glad to be alive, doesn't it?"

At the end some fool shouts out for "Blue Monday". People tell him to shut up.

DP: "We're gonna ban that, mate."

punter: "Get a life with section 118. Get a fooking life."


PH: "Told you were. Told you fucking hell. Yes, what do you want? Fucking table for one."

DP: "Cheers"

Same moron yells out for "Blue Monday" again. punter: "Someone kill him."

DP: "Already did (or 'needed')[?]. He's stupid."

Billy Bones

People chat over this number, wondering about the drum machines and going "da la la" along to the melody.

Yet another shout for "Blue Monday" from the same git. Talk about a punter with a death wish. "Fuckin shut up" somebody shouts back.


PH: "Okay, I thought better of it. You are?"

PH: [at about 4:12] "Here we gooo, yeah!"

And comes up with a fabulous bass solo to close this out.

DP: "Cheers" He strums the guitar, and there's two notes of of keyboard.

This time the heckler shouts out "Nuorder".

PH: "It's amazing how annoying it is, isn't it? Okay..."

punter: "Tell him to fuck off!"

PH: "Makes you feel like staying home all the time. You ever felt like that? Like fucking staying at home because the world's full of cunts."

What Do You Want From Me

The git's still shouting out "Nuorder"!

punter (this has got to be Alex): "Fook off, fucking nutcase."

The band ignore it.

PH: "You think you could, er, get this mikestand out?"

PH: "Mark...is very good."

"Nuorder, Nuorder"

punter/Alex: "Fooking twatter."


Distortion is more noticeable on this track.

DP: [at 2:03] "Turn the [something] up."


Hooky chortles at about 2:20 in this.

Hooky [at 2:55}: "Fookin' 'ell, I got it right!"

Click at about 3:21.

A couple of minutes where folks cheer out "Hooky", etc.

Pottsy plays the riff to Regret, to cheers.

Feels like a quiet night to me. Let's... [can't make out]

[talking to girl near the front]

PH: "No! I hardly know you."

PH: "It's times like this you really miss Pete Wylie. Know what I mean? "

PH: "Fucker."

Sedona closes out the set.

Pop at 3:11 on my source.

MO: 26 AUG 98 The Stage - Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Recording supplied by CP, done with Sony MZ-R35 / ECM 717.

There's about a minute of fiddling around and pre-gig backing music.

PH: "That's fucking weird, don't you think?"

Punter yells out, "C'mon, Hooky, give it to me!"

PH: "I'll try my best mate, you know I always do. So this one's for all the twats in the audience...that's the lot of you."

Monaco then open with Happy Jack, with a different, more expansive intro than on the LP.

PH: "It's so nice to see your smiling faces."

A female punter is yelling out something like, "21, you ought to be 21!"

PH: "You'll have to speak crip...[it's not 'louder'], I cannot hear you."

She shouts something else.

PH: "Still cannot hear you, darling."

Sweet Lips follows, and so does the shouting, a "Where's Ken" getting Hooky's attention.

PH: "Where's Ken? He's at the back, I'll lead you over there. Why do you want him? I don't..who...who should I say is calling, bigmouth. Some bigmouth twat wants you, Ken."

I'm ready!

Then follows an early version of Kashmere, the start sounds a bit shaky but by the chorus, all is good.

Then what sounds like a buzzing sound...and a fairly rare rendition of Blue follows.

DP: "Thank you."

Life Apart

This one's a new song, trying it out for some mates...believe that, believe anything.

DP: "Hang on."

Hooky repeats the "believe anything part".


End Of The World

PH: "This one's a new song, for your sins. Then again, we all have songs, don't we Andrew? And some of our sins are bigger than others, aren't they? Andy, if anybody wants to confess later, I'll be in my vestibule... here...changing room, vestibule. I forget you speak different up here, something like that, anyway..."

Someone in the vicinity says "I don't like too much attention...very functional... nothing in..." [can't make out rest]

What Do You Want From Me

PH: "I'm trying...it's very difficult in language. Now don't ask me if... It's very uncouth, which is very unlike you. Well, I told you down...We...[sucks in air]...Ah, tune this little knob here.

Hooky says at the end, "we're only human, aren't we?" (I think)


PH: "I'd like to dedicate this one to my best friend, Ken. He's got a very difficult meeting tomorrow with the taxman, because he's loaned money to some fat bastard...we don't give a fuck."

Some off mic shouts...

Then the long techno workout that is Junk.

At 1:30 Hooky says, "C'mon everybody..."

At 2:28 Hooky says, "I...after this song." can't quite make it out. Taper says something as well here.

I say the performance went down well, Monaco take a break before the encore. Somebody around the taper comments, "They usually don't do encores... just toying with us..." but Monaco do come back on.

PH: "Lovely, that. Thinks that we're the Doors...ah, this here's a new song, and some of these are fucking new, aren't they? We're trying to to help some friends of ours who couldn't be here tonight because they live in Miami, the lucky bastards. So as soon as Pottsy's ready, you're ready to shout out more expletives, aren't you. Yeah, it's fucking great...live in a tour(?) period, aren't you. Eh, Andy?"

Hooky mutters something else, briefly, before the song's start, something like "that's it"...

And what a song, You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees.

A few more comments made by people around the mic, not worth reproducing, before the house backing music comes on again.

TL: 06 FEB 2010 The Factory (FAC251) Manchester

NME review:

Recording courtesy of the indomitable Alex 'The Red' Stazsko.

Dark Star (Freebass)

Debut performance.

Howard Marks reads off the following poem:

Don't steal death's sting
Dark star, diva
Timely chatterlating temptress
Mother of the gods
Goddess of earth
Goddess of fertitlity
Favor me dark star diva, with the fruit of the forbidden tree. The galacity(?) of the gods
And the nectar of nirvana

Massage my mind
Let me hibernate, migrate,
Midsummer dream
Western wonderwall
Let me watch the sun
Circle the sun, dark star
Stone the sun, dark star
And standing still

Hooky or somebody then says a few things impossible to make out.

The vocals (by Gary Briggs) are very hard to make out here.

GB: "Thank you."

You Dont Know, another unreleased (as of this writing) Freebass song, follows.

Vocals mixed pretty low, only audible during the choruses, really.

PH: "That's Garry Briggs. Bass guitar [few words I can't make out] things ...fuck me, thanks Mani.

Old Leadfoot provides a cymbal crash.

PH: "Phil, this mic stand's...off-center..."

Dreams Never End and Ceremony follow.

PH: "Keep it quiet(?)...there's feedback there in the mic...Fucking weird having Tony staring at me in the back there though."

Sister and Brother

Debut of a previously unreleased New Order song.

PH: "This is a New Order song now, it's one we never played, but it's one of my favorites, so fuck it."

PH: (off-mic) "Hey boys, it's rock n' roll, mate..."


PH: "See, we'll going into technicalities, would you please stop fucking talking, I'm fucking breaking it. Cap it, wimpy bastard. Will you stop doing that? Okay, let's go!" [doubt I got that 100% right]

(at end)

PH: "Sapping the strength, and I need it, fucking hell. I like to dedicate that one to Pottsy, who's in the Peruvian jungle being accosted by men in toilets. He's enjoying his stay for three more weeks."

What Do You Want From Me

(at end)

PH: "How does that feel being...fucking...good times we spoke of...what... Well, you've had the beast, so let's have the beauty."

Gary steps off, and Rowetta steps on stage.


PH: "I like to thank this wonderful lady for helpming me out, fuckin'... Here we go, one two three four."


PH: "Keyboards are a bit louder than they started, thank you."


Hooky says something 2/3'rd through which I can nearly make out.

PH: "I can't be expected to revert to...at my age."

Pictures In My Mind

PH: "Eh, this is a weird one. This is a tape a kid gave me with a song that Joy Division never finished. Always blown when I tell everyone's but I... me and the lads have finished it off. This is the first time that this will have been played since 1978. This is the last Joy Division song.

That's not quite the story of how this got unearthed...but that's for another time. :-)

About halfway through...

PH: "Let me take the oppurtunity to say a few words...fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you." Not sure what's going on here.

Some talking off-mic...

It's my fucking club, I'll do what I want to so shut the fuck up."

Interzone follows, a pretty fierce version.

(at end)

PH: "And, uh, sitting right here, I last killed a fucking drummer, weak." [can't make this out fully]


Also pretty blazing, gets a hearty round of approval.


PH: "I love to hear the drummer in pain. C'mon let's hear the drummer get wicked!"

(at end)

PH: "Okay, I broke probably ten of my fingers on that one."


Scream at start. This one gets lots of applause.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

PH: "I swear fucking Tony is winking at me. Cheers, man. I want to say a big thank you for the boys who have stepped in at very short noice. And Mani, and Howard, and Gary, and I'm fucking delighted that Freebass have finally played together. [something] I want to talk Aaron for what he's done that he's fucking not slept for four days, the twat...so let's keep it down so he can have a sleep at the back here. I want to thank all the builders, all the bar staff, everybody, and last but not least, me."

Hooky yells out, "So long, [something]!...

A three-minute period between main set and encore, folks start shouting out for one more song.

??: "All right, can I just say, this is Colin's fault. [something] Never let your drummer show up. [Doesn't sound like Hooky here]

Blue Monday

Similar to the Monaco version of this track....