Joy Division Live review Sounds 26/10/79
Live review by Des Moines

Joy Division

  It is Ian Curtis who symbolises Joy Division, even though one 
can hardly believe that he tries to. Curtis may project 
like an ambidextrous barman puging his physical hang-ups, but 
the 'gothic dance music' he orchestrates is well-understood by 
those who recognise their New Wave frontiersmen and know how to
dance the Joy Division!
  A theatrical sense of timing, controlled improvisation 
(allowing for apparently arbritary into-length), intelligent
decibel-variation and good ol' fashioned distortion (unintended
or otherwise) are the sum total of Joy Division's secret, as 
evinced on 'Disorder', 'Living In The Ice Age' and 'Shadowplay'
- the latter liberating the LA Woman (not to mention the 
Heineken) in Curtis.
  The anguished singer had achieved total physical self-
expression by the climax of 'She's Lost Control', and, evidently
having lost control, he was helped offstage at the conclusion of
a set which, for practical reasons, could not be extended.
  The Buzzcocks had to pretty hot to follow that, and a lot of
people thought they were.
					           DES MOINES	

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